The athlete plans to expand the program to cities across the country.

“We’re here today to fight back and give you all lessons to combat the oppressive issues that our people face on a daily basis. We’re here to give you tools to help you succeed,” he told the attendees, according to the Daily News. “We’re going to give you knowledge on policing history, what the systems of policing in America were based on, and we’re also going to teach you skills to make sure you always make it home safely.”

Source: Colin Kaepernick Just Started A Black Panther-Inspired Youth Camp


Is it too early to ask – when does Kaepernick start teaching the children the Black Panther philosophy, ‘The only good pig is a dead pig?’ Because, you know, the Black Panthers were really such a great influence in police/citizen relations.

During the 10-year period, 1960–1969, there were 561 law enforcement officers feloniously murdered while protecting life and property. In 1969, the last year for which complete statistics are available, there were 35,202 assaults on police officers, 11,949 resulting in injury. Eighty-six police officers, a 34-percent increase over 1968, were killed. While there are no complete statistics for 1970, the trend, if anything, would appear to be increasing. News accounts have alleged that certain of these killings and assaults have resulted from Panther activities. Statements by Panther leaders and remarks in their newspaper would seem to leave little doubt that the Panthers attempt to encourage physical attacks on police.
– via History Matters