There seems to be no end to Jewish hypocrisy when it comes to cultural and ethnic, as well as political, issues. The weaponization of immigration has already been discussed in a previous post. This post will refer to Jewish hypocrisy related to organizational structures designed in the pursuit of group self interest.

Most American adults who pay any attention to political discourse are very much aware of the fact that interest groups have become a way of life in the milieu of government. Nearly every political hack running for national office has declared their allegiance to pursuing policies that will weaken the grips of these groups on the government – the idea being that those left out of the process of government, because they may not be part of these influential groups, will somehow have a more fair representation. These politicians also claim that they oppose the monetary influence in government from these groups – the idea being that the temptation of monetary gain corrupts the process of honest government.

When voters hear these pledges to clean up the corrupting influence of powerful interest groups in the national government they intuitively, without really thinking about it, find themselves persuaded to support the candidate who appears to be most sincere. In the presidential election of 2016, this became a lynch point in the Trump campaign against Hillary Clinton as the Wikileaks campaign against her produced a never ending stream of interest group influence.

The problem is, interest groups are an intrinsic part of a democratic form of government. That is why, no matter which candidate makes the promise to bring it to an end – whether the promise is sincere or not – if a democratic form of government is to be maintained, interest group politics will always be a part of the milieu of government. All a sincere politician can actually promise is an attempt to even the playing field. And herein lies the point of this post.

Below is a tweet posted by Democracy Now from 14 November 2016:

The quote comes from Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Since 1971, the SPLC as been used as a front pretending to be a bulwark against ‘hate’ and ‘racism’ while in actual fact it’s been an organization actively pursuing their own kind of hate – a hatred for anything considered traditional in American culture. On the SPLC site among their list of ‘active hate groups’ for 2015 are included groups identified as, Anti-LGBT, anti-Immigrant, and radical traditionalist Catholic groups. Note, nowhere included on the list are Jewish ‘hate’ groups, i.e. the Jewish Defense League. Instead, the JDL is given a different categorization as ‘extremist’ – and the SPLC goes out of their way to justify their extremism:

The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is a radical organization that preaches a violent form of anti-Arab, Jewish nationalism. Its late founder, Rabbi Meir Kahane, claimed that Jews face fierce anti-Semitism domestically and abroad and must protect themselves by any means necessary.

In fact, the list of ‘active hate groups’ include nearly every organization is the US which pursue an agenda that supports the self-preserving interests of their own group – while the list notes dozens of Euro-American interest groups, it also includes groups which represent black self-interest.

In 2014, a mini-propaganda war occurred in the online press regarding the SPLC. Judicial Watch, Washington Examiner, and Brietbart, among others, reported that the FBI had removed the SPLC from their Hate Crimes resource list on the official website. Leftist Media Matters had to go on the record declaring that, ‘No, The FBI Hasn’t Ditched The Southern Poverty Law Center’ – the author of the post points out that the SPLC is still represented on the website included in the FBI outreach groups. Never mind that being an ‘outreach’ group is quite different than a ‘resource’.

The FBI had been reacting to requests made surrounding an incident which occurred in 2012 when a deranged self-described gay-marriage activist, Floyd Lee Corkins, entered the Washington, DC, office building of the conservative Family Research Council with a 9mm SIG Sauer pistol and 100 rounds of ammunition – his confessed intent was to murder as many FRC members as possible and ‘smear’ 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces as a political statement. Corkins shot an armed guard who, despite his injuries, managed to keep Corkins at bey until the arrival of the police. In their investigation the FBI discovered that Corkins had accumulated the intelligence for his operation from the SPLC site – in particular, a map which featured the FRC office building. In a letter, dated 10 February 2014, the Family Research Council made a coherent appeal to the FBI to remove the SPLC from their resource list charging that:

The SPLC has used its website to inflame public sentiment against those who disagree with some of the group’s goals, resulting in tragic consequences…In a chilling interrogation video released by the FBI and played in court, Corkins said he picked his targets by relying on the SPLC website’s Hate Map…Thus, the FBI now directs the public to trust a group whose website played a significant part in bringing about an act of domestic terrorism.

Our concerns about SPLC blacklisting of organizations such as FRC, American Family Association, and Traditional Values Coalition simply because of their support for natural marriage are similar to the concerns over SPLC tactics expressed by academic experts. Laird Wilcox, one of America’s foremost scholars on political extremism, has said of the SPLC: “What they do is a kind of bullying and stalking.” He has provided an extended critique of the SPLC’s hate group data. Wilcox argues, based on his efforts to duplicate SPLC data, that it is utterly unreliable – if not fictional in large part.

With all this said, we now get to the point of this post – the quote made by SPLC member, Richard Cohen. His quote implies that because the ‘alt-right’ represents white interests that there is something intrinsically wrong with that. In a political system in which interest groups coalesce in pursuit of self-interest it is completely natural for European-Americans to form a coalition in pursuit of their own self-interests – The Jewish populations have done it for decades with the most powerful group represented by AIPAC, and the most deceptive being the SPLC.

What Richard Cohen and his fellow Jewish compatriots fear at this moment in US history, is that Euro-Americans are themselves becoming aware of an ethnic consciousness that the Jewish groups have persistently tried to quash through their programs involving multi-multiculturalism, immigration, and the take down of traditional Euro-American cultural values. In all the leftist/Marxist programs, the Jewish perpetrators have foisted the ‘universal brotherhood of man’ unto all other cultures but their own – preserving instead their particular ethnic loyalties amidst the destruction of all others.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

The ‘alt-right’, and any other Euro-American interest group, should not attempt to somehow apologize for their group self-interest as Cohen suggests. It is their right to advocate for their interests just as much as it’s been for the 1.4% US population of American Jews.