The face of hate is coming to the fore – and its skin is not White.

For nearly a century White Americans have been fooled into believing that by sharing their hard earned wealth with the ‘oppressed’ black tribes that a world could be built where ‘a man wasn’t judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.’ White Americans have afforded blacks free health care, better schools, jobs they were less qualified for, University degrees they were not qualified for, financial support for the necessities of life. Whites have given, and given, and given to these tribes – some to the point of losing it all.

For nearly a century White Americans believed they could build a better world by their generosity to the ‘less fortunate’ black race – while all the time surrendering everything their Kin had held dear for generations. The White people of the US have had their culture of noble family values, dignity and respect, beauty and spirituality, stolen away from them – not realizing that all the time their generosity made no difference in the minds of these tribes…their hatred for Those they envied simmered within.

They contained this hatred because they knew that their standard of living depended on it. Although given every opportunity to succeed, the black tribes would go as far as they were capable of going. Some excelled by the use of their individual talents and skills, some did the best they could – like most Whites have done given the economic system in America that favors the wealthy over the working people – but most blacks simply rejected trying to make their way in this complex society all together.

They created lives dependent on a system designed to support them even if they could not, or would not, make their own way.

And this is the cause within themselves that has triggered the ugly and  malicious reaction to a declared Donald Trump victory in the 2016 presidential election.

They are enraged that the possibility now exists where White generosity may now involve actual work – that the black tribe might have to actually contribute to society as a whole. The black beasts who have taken it upon themselves to viciously attack and beat on White citizens are the street element – but the so-called ‘educated’ members of the tribes, instead of responsibly supporting the rule of law, openly support these wicked acts of violence and criminality.

Consider the video below from Mark Dice:

This ignorant black woman is so well programmed by her mental masters that she doesn’t even realize that her knee-jerk thoughts are actually making the point against her’s. She states, ‘hate crimes and protesting are not the same thing.’ Indeed! They are not. Mark Dice is being disingenuous when he states that these are hate crimes ‘being perpetuated against someone because of their political beliefs.’

They are hate crimes being perpetuated against someone because of their race.

The programmed black automaton rattles off her memorized definition of ‘hate’ crime, she states, ‘A hate crime is a crime committed against somebody because of their religion, because of what they look like, because of their sexual orientation’ – she doesn’t even realize that right in the middle of her definition lies the exact reason behind these bestial attacks upon White people – ‘what they look like’…they look like they’re White.

This black moron is trying to defend black violence as ‘protest’ while at the same time declaring that hate crimes cannot be ‘normalized’. When she is confronted with a description of the type of violence the more intelligent commentators were discussing – an incident in which ‘a poor White guy was dragged out of a car and beaten…’ – the black ugly really comes out…

‘Oh my goodness, poor White people…please, oh my, stop.’

When she grabs a hold of herself and settles down is the point where she realizes that she’s exposed her true self.

White Americans need to see this with clear and open eyes – not the rose colored glasses that they’ve been fooled into wearing. The black tribes are not grateful for your sacrifices and generosity – they resent you and they are furious with the thought that you might no longer feed them with your generosity.

Of course, this is all being played out while those who pull the strings laugh as they sip their champagne. Those who are running the show, and those who are presenting it to the American public, have intended this to happen. Trump is no champion for White interests – he is a Zionist puppet who is merely attempting to pay off his debt to the bankers on Wall Street who have propped up his irresponsible ventures for the whole of his career.

When Trump met with Henry Kissinger in May of 2016, any astute person should have raised an eyebrow – Trump’s unbelievable thrust to dominance in the Republican party after that, and his remarkable win (according to all ‘predictions’), should raise even more eyebrows.

‘In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.’ – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Whether the White people of the US like it or not, whether they recognize it or choose to stay blind, we are being thrown into a war we did not ask for nor do we deserve. The question is, will Euro-Americans stand in their own self-defense, or will they naively continue to believe that we can all just get along?

As for myself, I cannot rely on a happy belief that good triumphs over evil without a fight – and I will defend myself against any attacks on my person. Love does not conquer hate, hate must be met with the same sense of ruthlessness that the attacker hurls towards you. And I am completely willing to do so.