This post is in reply to the BBC documentary entitled, Racism A History. The video is hosted on YouTube on the channel, BlackPower101 – the channel titles it, ‘This Is Why We Call White People A Race Of Devils’. The documentary primarily focuses on what is termed the ‘colonial genocides’ of the indigenous peoples during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is a damning critique on the evolution of social Darwinism, or, ‘scientific racism’. The makers of this documentary present these atrocities as though they are part and parcel of European people in general – hence the sub-title from BlackPower101. While it is clear to most thinking people watching this film that these atrocities were the result of a collusion between the rich and powerful and establishment scientists and philosophers of the period, the common people who had no hand in it are made guilty by association.

It is films like this that create and encourage the ignorant racial hatred of people like BlackPower101. Rather than attempt to address that issue in a defensive way, I instead choose to offer an alternative. It is an alternative which allows for the present day reality that racism is indeed alive and well and part of the social landscape. The irony is that while most Europeans have evolved beyond the thinking of the tiny minority who controlled the power which led to such atrocities 100-200 years ago, race hate persists in today’s world – particularly in the West in the non-European people –  and it is encouraged by media such as this film. Since that is the chosen path for those who embrace it, I present this proposal.

So, where do we go from here?

The idea of integration is obviously a wrong idea – cultures should be left to cultures. Africa should be African. Asia should be Asian, Europe should be European. In cases like the Australia, the Middle East, Russia, South America, and the States, they could be ethnically determined. In the case of the U.S. for example, there should be Asian states, Black states, Latino states, and White states – each state would be responsible for each group, the only obligation to each other would be in common defense. Native Americans should be allowed to live anywhere they choose and they should maintain the lands they now possess. And, there could be one state for those who choose a multi-cultural environment. The different states could interact in commerce and trade. Each state would be responsible for the education of their youth, creating useful enterprises for their well being, the maintenance of their infrastructures, utilities, etc. Each state would provide tourism facilities – hotels, parks, amusements – if they so choose. Each state would provide their own public safety (i.e. police) and government or leadership as they understand that to be. Each state would develop and maintain industry – if they so choose. Basically, each state would be free to live in the way they choose and determine their own collective futures.

This seems to be the only way to address the social problems between people today – it’s obvious that here in the states there is a clash of cultures. Black people feel oppressed and resent White identity. White people are getting increasingly resentful towards a system which takes more and more away from the fruits of their labors in order to support others who only resent them more. Latinos work hard to make their way but are given little respect. Asians quietly mind their business and care for each other but are increasingly finding themselves caught in the crossfire from the multi-cultural milieu.

With each group given their own place in the sun, they will be allowed to make their own destinies without oppression, without dispossession, with communal respect, with dignity.

The past can’t be changed, but there’s nothing that says the future is set in stone. This idea is extreme, but isn’t the world of today so extreme that the whole thing is heading towards catastrophe on a grand scale? Isn’t it time that we consider once again the self-determination of people? And isn’t that what all the arguing is about?

Source: Racial Independence, or, Give Them What They Want – VOXBOX: Clips and Comments