So it didn’t take very long.

In a 16 November post published here at Fearless Freedom Press, mention was made about Donald Trump’s seemingly fortuitous meeting with Henry Kissinger:

When Trump met with Henry Kissinger in May of 2016, any astute person should have raised an eyebrow – Trump’s unbelievable thrust to dominance in the Republican party after that, and his remarkable win (according to all ‘predictions’), should raise even more eyebrows.

As it turned out, the day after that post was published the Official President-elect page posted a news release announcing Trump’s first post-election meeting with his old friend Kissinger:

(New York, NY) – President-elect Donald J. Trump today met with Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in his office in New York.

President-elect Trump and Dr. Kissinger have known each other for years and had a great meeting. They discussed China, Russia, Iran, the EU and other events and issues around the world.

“I have tremendous respect for Dr. Kissinger and appreciate him sharing his thoughts with me,” said President-elect Trump.

Looks like Kissinger wasted no time in passing on to Trump his marching orders related to ‘China, Russia, Iran, the EU and other events and issues around the world.’

Those ‘globalists‘ sure don’t hesitate on calling in a favor.