It’s rather sad to see folks, like Richard Spencer of the National Policy Center, finding themselves disappointed with Donald Trump. Those who saw through Trump’s facade during his remarkable rise in the election 2016 process have tried to alert the ‘alt-right’ to that very possibility. The alerts were met with ridicule or silence.

Still, all should not be lost for those whose racial consciousness has been stirred in this process. Trump’s betrayal to the Euro-American cause should be considered an eye-opener as to the level of deception ZOG (Zionist Occupying Government) is capable of committing. Euro-Americans would best serve their interests by chalking it up in the experience column, keeping a firm grasp on their renewed spirit…and not forgetting.

The National Policy Institute deserves continued support. Apparently, Twitter has seen fit to suspend the NPI accounts – with Trump’s blessing no doubt. Just as Trump ‘disavow[ed]’ and ‘condemn[ed]’ his supporters – so too should his supporters disavow and condemn him as well.

An alt-right leader said Tuesday he is “disappointed” in Donald Trump‘s choice to disavow the movement, the Associated Press reported.

Richard Spencer, National Policy Institute leader, said he gets where the president-elect is “coming from politically and practically.”Spencer told the AP he will “wait and see” what happens with the president-elect’s administration.

But Spencer said the alt-right movement is important to Trump, adding the president-elect needs people like him “to actualize the populism that fueled his campaign.”

Trump on Tuesday said he did not want to “energize” the alt-right movement. He also denounced the National Policy Institute conference held over the weekend where white nationalists celebrated his victory and used Nazi-era terms and salute.

“I disavow and condemn them,” Trump said at an on-the-record session with New York Times reporters and columnists when asked directly about the meeting.

Trump said if the group is energized, he wants to “look into it and find out why.”

Source: Alt-right leader says he’s ‘disappointed’ in Trump’s disavowal | TheHill