Paul Krugman grew up in the Jewish enclave of Merrick, New York. He’s your typical east-coast Ivy League snob whose main claim to academic fame is his ridiculously naive, or perhaps simply disingenuous, contributions to ‘New Trade Theory’.  NTT provided the globalists with an economic theoretical rationale that supported the ‘free-trade’ movement and the agreements which have led to the devastation of American industry, ever stagnant wages for working folk, and disastrous trade deficits. Never mind that people less connected, and less ‘educated’, argued against the premises of Krugman’s fantasy and have proven to be more prescient than the ‘professor’ –  Krugman was still granted the Nobel prize in economics in 2008 despite the fact that his predictive model has proven to be flawed on nearly every level.

But like so many other Jews who try to pass themselves off as ‘scientists’, Krugman’s interest isn’t so much about the pursuit of value-free inquiry into the facts, it’s always about twisting facts in the pursuit of an agenda. This is evident in Krugman’s newer role as social/political critic. Since his economic theory has been blown to hell he spends less time trying to ridicule his critics and more time insinuating his worthless opinions into the social and political realms of conversation.

The New York Times posts this bit from Krugman in their ‘What Happened On Election Night’ piece:

We thought that the great majority of Americans valued democratic norms and the rule of law.

It turns out that we were wrong. There turn out to be a huge number of people — white people, living mainly in rural areas — who don’t share at all our idea of what America is about. For them, it is about blood and soil, about traditional patriarchy and racial hierarchy. And there were many other people who might not share those anti-democratic values, but who nonetheless were willing to vote for anyone bearing the Republican label.

The level of hubris is breathtaking. This insolent piece of excrement is implying here that ‘white people, living mainly in rural areas’ do not value ‘democratic norms and the rule of law’ because they chose to exercise their democratic right and vote for the candidate of their choice – an act which is in complete accordance with the rule of law.

This east-coast liberal scum finds offense in traditional rural values – traditional American values.  And this is typical of these Jewish New York self-described ‘intellectuals’ – they have since the late 19th century looked upon the rural White American with a condescending disdain. And how can it be otherwise?

The rural White American is like an alien being to them – the rural White Americans till the soil, raise the crops, grow the livestock, feed the world. They live with honor and integrity. They don’t manipulate people, and their lifestyles are humble and unpretentious.

Yes it’s about Blood and Soil!

When Krugman uses the word ‘we’ in this hit piece he might as well be saying, ‘we Jews, and all of those we thought we trained so well.’

Yes, there are those who don’t share their idea of what ‘America is all about…!’

There are still those whose idea of America involves ‘a good day’s pay for a good day’s work’, a civil society based on mutual respect and cooperation, dignity, morality, justice, self sufficiency, and most of all…peace.

All of the things stolen from America with the rise of the bankster mafia class and the cultural Marxists.

The final paragraph is quite telling:

I don’t know how we go forward from here. Is America a failed state and society? It looks truly possible. I guess we have to pick ourselves up and try to find a way forward, but this has been a night of terrible revelations, and I don’t think it’s self-indulgent to feel quite a lot of despair.

For Krugman, the revelation that there are White Americans who still hold to the values of their forefathers is a symbol of America as a ‘failed state and society.’ In reality, it is a sign of an incomplete Zionist takeover of America – and you can bet that there will be a new approach in the tribe’s agenda on their ‘way forward’ with regard to the good rural White Folk.

Krugman’s comment is despicable – and it’s just as worthless as his failed economic theories.