It appears that it’s ‘deep state’ week for the political pundit circles and RT’s Finian Cunningham wades into the waters with a post titled, ‘Deep State’ wins… Trump is being tamed to toe the line.

Here’s Cunningham’s take:

Donald Trump “finally concedes” Russia hacked the election, crowed the US media following his first news conference this week. That seeming turnaround by Trump signals ‘the Donald’ is being tamed to toe the “official” Washington line.

That line centers on the US pushing a belligerent policy toward Russia.

Notably, too, on the same day, Trump’s pick for the next Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, adopted a remarkably antagonistic view of Russia under pressure from hostile senators during his Congressional confirmation grilling…

Together, the shift by Trump and his incoming cabinet toward a more frosty stance on Russia signals that a coercive taming process is underway by the Washington establishment, with sinister implications for supposed US democracy.

This is truly remarkable stuff. It’s remarkable because one could actually believe that politicos like Cunningham didn’t see this shift in Trump from ‘populist’ ‘outsider’ to ‘deep state’ stooge coming. In October of 2016, this post pointed out Trump’s questionable loyalties to the values that are so important to the so-called ‘alt-right’. It didn’t take Trump long to ‘condemn‘ this group of avid supporters after his ‘election’.

In October 2016, after relating who the powers are that hide behind the term ‘globalists’, this Fearless Freedom Press post pointed out:

If you ponder the reality of their power you just might realize that it doesn’t matter which candidate ‘wins’ in the November election – both Clinton and Trump are beholden to them. In many ways, the Globalists have already won. They won’t be taken down until the world decides that they are no longer afraid to call them out – and admit who ‘they’ really are.

Whether they are called ‘oligarchs‘, ‘globalists’, ‘ruling elite’, the ‘shadow government’, or the ‘deep state’ – ‘they’ are who they are. And they control things. Shortly after the November 2016 presidential election, West Point graduate and former US Army officer, Joachim Hagopian, wrote a blog post titled, President Trump: The Anti-Globalist USA Champion or just another Con Man Riding a Trojan Horse?  Aware and politically savvy thinkers have seen Trump’s about-face on nearly every issue coming down main street – and they will continue to parade their way along for all to see.

The obvious question regarding the kind of commentary that Finigan Cunningham presents at the top of this post is, is Cunningham really that dense for not having expected Trump’s turn-around, or is he simply being disingenuous in his approach?

Cunningham made this observation:

It’s a truism that US presidential winners are, in reality, determined by elite corporate power, the ‘Deep State’ military-intelligence apparatus, and their controlled news media conglomerates.

But then he goes on to say:

In Donald Trump’s case, the outcome appeared to be an exception to the rule. So, post-election, ‘the Donald’ is being ‘processed’ to produce the desired ‘result.’

I’m going with disingenuous.

There is and never was a need to ‘process’ Trump – he is, and has been, on the same page as his masters. It didn’t take Trump long after his ‘election’ to extend an invite to his new partner in crime, as well as meet with his new boss to collect his marching orders. Nor did it take long for his new masters to call in the first of an undoubtedly long list of paybacks – Trump, while still only president-elect, being eager to answer the call in an attempt to undermine the sitting president’s foreign policy decision.

Of course, the major media outlets and punditry won’t point this out – it is after all verboten. Instead, what the public will be given is a feigned outrage and/or sympathetic excuses for Donald Trump’s willing complicity in the doings of the ‘deep state’.