More than any other issue facing the Peoples of European Blood it is that of the Arab question which has, in our time, confused them the most – and this is by design. To understand this issue is vital if the White Race is to come to Its senses and pursue a constructive policy for the preservation of Its Racial existence.

The horrors associated with the influx of Middle Eastern immigrants into the heart of Europe cannot be underscored enough – the rape, intimidations, and overall violence committed by the most unsavory elements of these immigrants would not be tolerated by any healthy nation. And therein lies an essential fact: the scenes of disgrace in these European countries are the inevitable result of a political system which has only opened a floodgate of sickness in the European Peoples’ minds. The ‘re-education’ of the European mind towards the un-natural concepts of liberal ‘democracy’ and ‘tolerance’ – which was forced upon it by the Jewish slave states post WWII – stripped the People of their natural Nature designed for their survival. In this sense, the European mind is sick to the point of near death.

Still, there are elements in each nation who are, by the force of Nature, waking up in the face of this destruction. The European Spirit is rising and a new hope is under way among the People for a movement designed for defense and survival.

How this invasion from the Middle East is dealt with is crucial for setting up a general defense which will form a base for European renewal – but this can only be done by understanding the nature and intent of this recent onslaught. For make no mistake about it, this onslaught is part of a conscious program by the mortal enemies of the European Soul.

In the short run, and as the most superficial address to this problem, it is obvious that the immediate answer for the People is to put into governments those of strong national character who will enforce laws which deal with the perpetrators of the most violent crimes in the most severe extent. Only by doing so will the message be declared to others that these acts of violence against the citizens of the nations will not be tolerated.

But this is only a small part of dealing with the Middle-Eastern immigrant and Muslim extremist problem. In order to really confront this situation the People need to understand its underlying cause(s). The first step is to recognize that this is an intended misdirection of the most heinous and warlike kind.

While the people of European stock struggle against this dangerous onslaught – both in Europe and the United States – those who have instigated and promoted it are allowed to continue the policies which have created it in the first place. We are referring here to that which even most of the racially conscious White folk fear to accuse: Israel and their Zionist stooges who are given power according to their loyalties. Loyalties which are put into the service of this international cabal.

The facts and figures discussing the pervasiveness of this criminal organization are widely disseminated and discussed by many conscious and enlightened sources – this blog included – but this is not the subject of this post. What is the subject is an understanding of the Middle Eastern problem.

The people of the West fail to grasp the realities which have caused the Middle Eastern influx, as well as the hostilities. They have also allowed themselves to accept the demonization of those in the Middle East who are more friend than enemy while embracing those elements who seek White European extermination.

Nations such as Iran, Syria, and the people of Palestine, are nations which seek what has been held sacred to all people since the start of civilizations thousands of years ago – that is self-determination. These are nations which have for decades only used military force when confronted with external attack. None have been engaged with wars of aggression for the sake of belligerent cause and/or gain. In the case of Iran, for example, the perception of the West – with the US and Great Britain in particular – as hostile enemies is not based upon some abstract hate of ‘freedom’ as so many Western propagandists have people believe. Iran’s antipathy towards the West is based on the very real history of Western interference and purposeful undermining of that country’s internal policies and self government – this interference was not for noble and just cause, but rather for control of natural resources and a neutralization of independence seeking policies.

It is no coincidence that those nations which seek/sought independence from the Western internationalist economic sphere of influence are those which the Jewish-led neo-cons placed upon their list for neutralization and destruction – Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Libya. Because the people in the West rely more on overt propaganda, rather than deeper knowledge through contemplative education, they have been led to believe the most pernicious falsehoods about these nations and their intent – they have been led to believe that these are our enemies while at the same time being led to believe that our mortal enemies are our friends.

This brings us to the issue of Muslim extremism.

Religious fanaticism has been used as a tool for political extremism for thousands of years. At one time it was used as a necessary force of various states – not the least of which was the Roman Church from its inception until the rise of independent thought and Nationalism in the 18th century. With the rise of rationalist thought in the West traditional religious fanaticism faded from the sphere of state politics. A new religion was put into its place – that of liberal democracy and capitalism. Since then, this new religion has asserted itself with more vigor and violence than the Roman Church would even conceive as possible. This soulless religion has created a nearly soulless West with its only purpose being material gain and personal pleasure. The people cannot fathom the passion of a spiritually religious fanaticism which is existentially based, therefore it appears helpless in fighting against one that is.

If the people of the West were to discover that they are currently in a fight for their very survival as a people they would realize, and pursue, actions and policies in direct proportion to the level of attack. This would require a new religious zeal contrary to individualistic pleasure and gain – a religious zeal for Race and Soil.

With all this said, it is important to point out that Muslim extremists are not fighting and committing acts of violence for any real-world endeavor. For the most part, the peons who carry out most of the violent acts of terrorism are usually mentally deficient and disturbed dupes who have a belief in rewards in the afterlife. These psychotic individuals are used by others who have very real-world agendas – it is no coincidence that when investigated nearly every act of violent terrorism has shown direct material connections with, or surveillance by, diverse intelligence agencies related to those places which were attacked.

The sinister truth is that Muslim extremism is not a tool of states such as Iran and Syria – Muslim extremists are being used as tools by the most nefarious elements who seek to maintain and control their form of religion and dominance. The people of the West are being attacked not by Middle-Eastern extremist elements, they are being attacked by the very internationalist forces whom the common people of the West look to for protection and leadership.

Terrorism is a tool used in the pursuit of perpetual war by a phantom enemy which cannot be seriously dealt with until it is openly recognized – by directing Our energies against the enemies of Our enemies, We of European Blood are being distracted from pursuing Our defense against those who truly seek our enslavement and ultimately Our demise.

The immigration onslaught cannot be put to a halt until the true cause is erased. Dealing with the depraved acts of sub-human scum is simply an act of determined law enforcement. Dealing with the reasons why they are in Our midst requires dealing with those who have instigated this barrage of human refuse. This requires a non-objective recognition that the mortal enemy of Our People is the same enemy that for centuries has already been in Our midst seeking to undermine and destroy Our ways of life and existence.

That dark and mortal enemy is the international Jew and its race-traitorous materialist slaves.