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This is for the Men:

Please protect your women and children. We need your protection. We are truly afraid to go outside. Protect them. Be there for them. Don’t let them go shopping alone when it’s dark. We are afraid. It is a cry for help. And you don’t do anything…

I beg you to protect the women and us girls. It is a cry for help which is ignored by everyone. I am really afraid…it is not normal what is happening at the moment. I hope I can achieve something with this video and that something will change soon. Because no one wants to live in such a world.

Please do something. Protect your women. Protect your children. Protect us…

This beautiful youth does not understand what is happening to her Homeland. She doesn’t understand why it is happening. She knows that Merkel is a destroyer – she doesn’t understand why Merkel is so.

She is an innocent without guile.

She pleads to the men. Where are the Men? That this child’s plea goes unanswered will be forever a shame for this generation. This child does understand that all of these horrors are leading to a war. She intuitively knows that the eternal Spirit of the Racial Will cannot stay tamed forever – she pleads for peaceful action (protest) now in order to avert the coming war.

She, and all others who seek peace, will be given none. The war is already on. It is only a matter of time before the Lion wakes from His slumber.

When human hearts break, and human souls despair, the great vanquishers of distress and care, of shame and misery, of intellectual unfreedom and physical duress look down upon them from the twilight of the past, and hold out their eternal hands to faint-hearted mortals. Woe to the people that is ashamed to grasp them. ~ The Führer