Information Clearing House posts a 24 March 2017 article written by self-described ‘Internationalist’ Andre Vltchek titled, ‘The West is Becoming Irrelevant, The World is Laughing’. Vltchek, after summarizing a litany of non-Western countries which have resisted the ‘sickness’ of the West – countries which sense a renewed enthusiasm for a future which involves the collapse of the ‘Imperialist World Order’ – sums his viewpoint up with these words:

Hundreds of millions of victims in all parts of the world are speaking for themselves.

The only rational issue here is this: how to stop this horror, as soon as possible? How to allow humanity to return to its natural development and evolution patterns?

I don’t believe in ‘punishments’ and ‘trials’ and other vehicles of intimidation and of spreading fear. I don’t care whether the West will ‘pay’ for all that it has done to the world. I only want it to be stopped, once and for all.

I work very hard for it to be stopped.

So are others.

And the world is watching, and all of a sudden enjoying what it sees.

Suddenly more and more people are daring to laugh at the global regime. Of course not in Paris, London or New York (here they are scared and obedient, even more than before). But outside, yes!

People on all continents want to see and hear about what ‘others do’, what ‘we do’, not what the Empire and its mental conditions are producing.

They are laughing and waiting impatiently for what a new day, a new year will bring. They are waiting for the true new beginning to arrive.

This is what Vltchek gets right. The present age of the ‘west’ is collapsing and those who understand, who have understood, its corrosive, immoral, and ruinous effects upon the world stage can only be pleased with this fact.

But Vltchek gets it wrong on several points.

To begin with, Vltchek presents a picture of Russia that is quite contrary to the facts. The bloodiest and most horrifying epoch in its history was not imposed upon it by the ‘West’ – the terrors of the communist revolution and its immediate aftermath were not borne by Western governments. The misery and terror imposed upon the Russian, as well as the neighboring countries, was indeed borne from an alien influence, but as will be seen it is the same alien influence that has dominated the western ‘World Order’ of the 20th century that Vltchek so despises.

It is estimated that the total number of deaths during the reign of the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union (1917-22) total a staggering 9,000,000 people. 50-20,000 were executed outright. 400,000 died in prisons or in revolts. These numbers are only estimates as many of the deaths of peasants and other individuals ‘off the grid’ were not counted as they were ‘invisibles’. More millions died even after the Bolshevik era had supposedly ended. During the Stalinist era (1924-53) an estimated 20,000,000 were massacred via forced famines, executions, and starvation and disease in concentration camps (gulags).

Vltchek wrote: ‘The greatest minds of Russia, China, Latin America and the rest of the world, are feverishly, day and night, trying to determine what really brought our world, our civilization, to this ludicrous downfall.’

‘The greatest minds’ know full well what did this thing – but they have been silenced for nearly two-hundred years. It is an answer that Vltchek chooses to ignore. He goes on:

To follow up the last chapter of the imperialist and turbo capitalist morass of the West is embarrassing and useless.

Both Europe and the United States are suffering from a series of devastating mental illnesses, as was defined by the great Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, right after WWII.

Getting too much involved in pathological behavior, constantly studying and analyzing it, could only break and deeply depress any healthy person’s mind.

Vltchek would like the truth of the downfall of the West to just go away…it’s too depressing. But the truth must be known because it defines today.

The truth is that ‘what really brought our world, our civilization, to this ludicrous downfall’ can be traced to a definite year – 1763. This is the year that a creature named by birth as Mayer Amschel Bauer created what would become known as ‘the House of Rothschild’. This alien to all things natural and beautiful named his house of pain the ‘Red Shield’. This beast born of greed discovered a way to bring down all that he despised – all that is truly Good and natural to the Earth. He devised the exaltation of mammon…MONEY. This demon discovered that financial loans to governments were far more profitable than loans to the everyman – these loans were secured by a nation’s taxes. Though numerous disinformationists have tried to argue against this fact, the maxim, ‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!’ originates with the philosophy of this wicked maker of the world scourge.

Gutle Rothschild (1836)
‘If my sons did not want wars, there would be none’ – Gutle Rothschild (1836), wife of Mayer Amschel, founder of the House of Rothschild banking cartel.

Forbes magazine has named this beast, Mayer Amschel Bauer, ‘a founding father of international finance’. From this wicked creature came five sons who would branch out to head banking dynasties in Austria, Italy, France, and England. These sons of the beast would become lenders to the kings of Europe. Over time they would finance both sides of Europe’s wars, then the many sides of world wars to the present day.

This ‘House of Rothschild’ is, and always has been, the dominant force behind world finance, globalism, and the anti-cultural force of mediocrity, cultural Marxism.

Those who would like to rewrite history confuse the likes of Vltchek and his ilk. For example: the rebellion of the North American British colonies beginning in 1764 was a rebellion against finance capital, not a declaration of ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’ as those of the ‘red shield’ argue today. The Currency Act of 1764, which prohibited the colonies from issuing debt free currency as legal tender, instigated the rebellion which escalated with the 1773 Boston Massacre – a rebellion against British instigated and ‘Red Shield’ imposed trade regulations and taxes – and the Boston Tea Party revolt against British state sponsored monopolies. In 1776 the leaders of the revolt against the ‘red shield’ slaves of Britain declared their independence and voiced their ideal that government is instituted to serve the people, not control them. But this ideal meant nothing to the financiers – as was and is always the case, the money-lenders hedged their bets, the American revolution was financed by one from the same tribe as the beast of the ‘red shield’, Haym Solomon. The American revolutionaries won the battle but lost the war. Though the Americans won an independence from Britain they now became beholden to a new despot. This became clear in 1791 when the slave to the New York money-lenders, Alexander Hamilton, won his argument for a central bank controlled by none other than those of the ‘red shield’. The enemy of this beast, Thomas Jefferson, warned to no avail, ‘…banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.’ Ever since, the story of the West as told from the perspective of the United States has been one of chaos and destruction – a continuous stream of greed and degradation of all that is good and noble.

The disaster of ‘red shield’ destruction in the United States is documented well in the video below:

The story is repeated with the noble man, Napoleon. This was a man who made an expedition to Egypt in 1798 – he arrived not as a conqueror but as a liberator. A man who respected that nation’s religion and culture and was thus respected by its spiritual leader, Muhammad Ali. Napoleon ended the Jacobin’s blood lusting ‘red terror’ in his native France. He restored honor and peace and the people loved him. He attempted to make peace with both Britain (1802 – the Treaty of Amiens) and Russia (1807). Despite all of these noble achievements he possessed the one tragic flaw against the forever enemies of the West – he sought to bring into the European fold that people who had forever been separate, the Jews. Napoleon attempted to assimilate these people into the life of the state – as farmers, as craftsmen, as producers of culture. Instead of welcoming this open gesture of good will the leaders of the tribe condemned this man as a tyrant. Napoleon also did as Thomas Jefferson failed to do – he cancelled all debts to the Jewish money-lenders in 1808. The ‘red shield’ declared this declaration as ‘The Infamous Decree’. Using their power of the purse and their cunning the House of Rothschild manipulated both Britain and Russia to break their alliances of peace with Napoleon’s France and create an alliance against their former friend. Facing no other choice, Napoleon was forced into a preemptive campaign beginning in 1811. Despite numerous heroic victories Napoleon and his men fell to defeat at Waterloo in 1815.

The video below traces the so-called Rothschild ‘myth’ which sprouted post Waterloo – presented are facts, hardly to be considered myths.

Still, Napoleon left a legacy that would rise up against the same enemy of justice and peace. Through the 1814-1815 Congress of Vienna came the consolidation of 360 small Germanic states – the German Reich was born.

In the course of time the banking empires of international finance would set their sights on Russia – financing the bloody Bolshevik revolution which caused the deaths of some 9,000,000 eastern Europeans and a reign of terror which caused the deaths of some 20,000,000 more between the years of 1917-1953. Vltchek, being a self-proclaimed ‘internationalist’, would like people to believe that this was the work of the evil ‘west’ – it was in fact financed and, for the most part, implemented by the same tribe found behind every and all destructions of those visionaries of the West who made the valiant attempt to secure the good and noble values of the past in order to procure a good and noble future.

The 'holocaust' doctrine pronounced by the founder of communism, Jewish born, Karl Marx
The ‘holocaust’ doctrine pronounced by the founder of communism, Jewish born, Karl Marx
One photographic representation of victims of the 1921 famine in Russia - a forced famine implimented by predominently Jewish-led Bolshevik 'Cheka' - The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage.
One photographic representation of victims of the 1921 famine in Russia – a forced famine implemented by the predominantly Jewish-led Bolshevik ‘Cheka’: ‘The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage’.

The most infamous scandal of the 20th century that breaths its treacherous breath to this day is the malignant lies uttered against National Socialist Germany. Contrary to the fabricated history written by the so-called victors, the people of this Great State were good and noble people. Through the leadership of Adolf Hitler National Socialist Germany broke the yolk of international finance and corruption. Despite having been brought low through the treachery that was the Versailles Treaty these noble souls raised themselves up and in a matter of just a few years they stunned the world with their prosperity and renewed magnificence. While the ‘red shield’ slave states remained wallowing in their ‘Great Depression’ Germany’s economy thrived – through a barter system real goods became the basis of trade with foreign nations instead of finance capital and stock market speculation. National Socialist Germany was the first in the west to end child labor, institute safety laws and protections for workers, demand respect for women in the workplace and maternity rights, laws against inhumane treatment of animals, environmental protections, and so many more social and political achievements that the world is just now beginning to recognize as necessary elements for a sound society. Richard Tedor details the extraordinary accomplishments of this unjustly maligned State in his deeply researched and documented book, Hitler’s Revolution.

Legendary Belgian freedom fighter Leon Degrelle declared:

Hitler was a man of the people, a man who succeeded in wiping out unemployment, a feat unsurpassed to this day. Within two years he gave work to six million Germans and got rid of rampant poverty. In five years the German worker doubled his income without inflation. Hundreds of thousands of beautiful homes were built for workers at minimal cost. Each home had a garden to grow flowers and vegetables. All the factories were provided with sport fields, swimming pools, and decent and attractive work areas.

For the first time, German workers had paid vacations. The Communists and capitalists had never offered paid vacations; this was Hitler’s creation. He organized the famous ‘Strength Through Joy’ programs, which meant that workers could, at affordable prices, board passenger ships and visit scenic foreign lands.

All these social improvements did not please the establishment. Big business tycoons and international bankers were worried. But Hitler stood up to them. Business could make profits, but only if people were paid decently and allowed to live and work in dignity. People, not profits, came first.

This was only one of Hitler’s reforms. He initiated hundreds of others. He literally rebuilt Germany. In a few years more than five thousand miles of freeways were built. For the worker the affordable Volkswagen was created. Any worker could get this car for payment over time of five marks a week. It was unprecedented. Thanks to the freeways, workers for the first time could visit any part of Germany whenever they liked. The same programs applied to the farmers and the middle class…

It had always been Hitler’s policy to oppose the ideology of class war with an ideology of class cooperation.

Hitler had observed that Marxist class war had not brought prosperity to the Russian people. Russian workers were poorly clothed, badly housed, and poorly fed. Goods are always in short supply, and even in Moscow housing was nightmarish. For Hitler the failure of class war clearly made class cooperation the only just alternative. To make it work Hitler saw to it that one class would not be allowed to abuse the other.

It is a fact that the newly rich classes emerging from the industrial revolution had enormously abused their privileges, and it was for this reason that the National Socialists were socialists.

National Socialism was a popular movement in the truest sense. The great majority of National Socialists were blue collar workers. Seventy percent of the Hitler Youth were children of blue collar workers. Hitler won elections because the great mass of workers was solidly behind him. Many wondered why the six million Communists who had voted against Hitler turned their back on Communism after he came to power in 1933. There is only one reason: they witnessed and experienced the benefits of class cooperation. Some say they were forced to change; it is not true. Like other loyal Germans they fought four years on the Russian front with distinction.

The workers never abandoned Hitler, but the upper classes did. Hitler spelled out his formula of class cooperation as the answer to Communism with these words: ‘Class cooperation means that capitalists will never again treat the workers as mere economic components. Money is but one part of our economic life. The workers are not just machines to whom one throws a pay packet every week. The real wealth of Germany is its workers.’

Hitler replaced gold with work as the foundation of the economy. National Socialism was the exact opposite of Communism. Extraordinary achievements followed Hitler’s election.

We always hear about Hitler and the camps, Hitler and the Jews, but we never hear about his immense social work. It was in large measure because of that social work that the international bankers and their servile press generated so much hatred against Hitler. It was obvious that a genuinely popular movement like National Socialism would collide with the selfish interests of high finance. Hitler made clear that the control of money did not convey the right of rapacious exploitation of an entire country, because there are also people living in the country, millions of them, and these people have the right to live with dignity and without want. What Hitler said and practiced won over the German youth. It was this social revolution that the SS felt compelled to secure throughout Germany, and, if need be, to defend with their lives if needed…

Third Reich racialism has been deliberately distorted. It was never an anti-‘other’ racialism. It was a pro-German racialism. It was concerned with making the German race strong and healthy in every way. Hitler was not interested in having millions of degenerates. Today one finds rampant alcohol and drug addiction everywhere. Hitler cared that German families be healthy, and cared that they raise healthy children for the renewal of a healthy nation. German racialism meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture. It was a striving for excellence, a noble idea. National Socialist racialism was not against other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its own race, and wished that all other races would do the same for themselves.

That was demonstrated when the Waffen SS enlarged its ranks to include 60,000 Muslims. The Waffen SS respected their way of life, their customs, and their religious beliefs. Each Muslim SS battalion had an imam, and each company had a mullah. It was our common wish that their qualities found their highest expression. That was our racialism. I was present when each of my Muslim comrades received a New Year’s gift from Hitler. It was a pendant with a small Koran. Hitler was honoring them with this small symbolic gift, one that honored an important aspect of their lives and traditions. National Socialist racialism was loyal to the German race and totally respected all other races.

At this point, one hears: ‘What about the anti-Jewish racism?’ One can answer: ‘What about Jewish anti-Gentilism?’

Judea Declares War on Germany - London's 'Daily Express' - 24 March 1933
The front page of London’s ‘Daily Express’ newspaper – 24 March 1933. Hitler became Chancellor of the Reich in January of that year – the only Jews endangered in Germany at the time were subversives who threatened the public peace, and the interests of business and finance who dominated the failed economy.
Jewish propagandist, Emil Ludwig Cohn, stated in Los Angeles in 1934, ‘Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on him, not this year, but
soon.’ He included this quote in his book, ‘The New Holy Alliance’.
The fate of the German people was sealed years before any National Socialist policies were ever implemented.

It has been the misfortune of the Jewish race that it could never get along with any other race. It is an unusual historical fact and phenomenon. I say this without passion: When one studies the history of the Jewish people and their behavior across the centuries, one observes that always — at all times, and at all places — they have been hated. They were hated in ancient Egypt. They were hated in ancient Greece. They were hated in Roman times to such a degree that 3,000 of them were deported to Sardinia. (That was the first forced deportation of Jews.) They were hated in Spain, in France, in England (where they were banned for centuries), and in Germany. The conscientious Jewish author Bernard Lazare wrote a very interesting book on Anti-Semitism, in which he wrote: ‘We Jews should ask ourselves a question: Why are we always hated everywhere? It is not because of our persecutors, all of different times and places. It is because there is something within us that is very unlikeable.’ What is unlikeable is that the Jews have always wanted to live as a privileged class, divinely-chosen and beyond scrutiny. This attitude has made them unlikeable everywhere.

The Jewish race is therefore a unique case. Hitler had no intention of destroying it. He wanted the Jews to find their own identity in their own environment, but not to the detriment of others. The fight — if we can call it that — of National Socialism against the Jews was purely limited to one objective: that the Jews leave Germany in peace. It was planned to give them a country of their own, outside Germany. Madagascar was contemplated, but the plans were dropped when the United States entered the war. In the meanwhile, Hitler thought of letting the Jews live in their own traditional ghettos. They would have their own administration, they would run their own affairs, and would live as they wanted to live. They had their own police, their own tramways, their own flag, and their own factories which, incidentally, were built by the German government. With regard to other races, they were all welcome in Germany as guests, but not as privileged occupants.

For Degrelle’s full presentation of facts click here.

Adolf Hitler, like Napoleon, sought peace with both Britain and Russia (Soviet Union) – only to find the rejection by both. Truthful historians today recognize the fact that rather than Hitler and National Socialist Germany being the instigators of the Second World War, that it was the connivances of Britain’s Winston Churchill and the United State’s Franklin Roosevelt (under the command of the agents of the ‘red shield’) who actually shoulder the blame. Benton L. Bradberry’s impeccably researched work, The Myth of German Villainy exposes the details of this point.

When Vltchek declares, ‘(b)oth Europe and the United States are suffering from a series of devastating mental illnesses’ he is basically arguing the same point that Hitler and the National Socialists argued beginning in 1929. Jewish controlled international finance drives Western power. Jewish financiers control the incestuously greedy sold-out politicians of the Western governments. The people of the West have been brought low by the dazzle of ‘things’ and entertainments that only appeal to the lowest and basest instincts. They’ve surrendered any sense of nobility and dignity by accepting the Marxist cultural doctrine that imposes a level playing field where all are to be considered ‘equal’ – discouraging and condemning those who seek to excel, to achieve greater heights, thereby creating a society of mediocrity and dreamless soulless drones. Vltchek writes about the the post WWII people of Germany who seemed to be walking in a daze – if the world knew the truth of the absolute terrors and tortures those noble people were forced to endure as the Allied powers committed their horrific war crimes against them, Vltchek and the rest would completely understand the vacant stares. The German people’s minds and Spirits have been in a vice ever since – their nightmare never ends.

Vltchek wonders ‘(h)ow to allow humanity to return to its natural development and evolution patterns’ he can find the answer in National Socialism – this was the complete intent and design. Those of the West who know and believe in the higher ideals of Life look and yearn for the fall of alien master’s yoke from their necks as well. These are the heroic Spirits who have not surrendered to the decadent lie that is called Western ‘civilization’.

There is a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler which is traced by historian David Irving to a document found in German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop’s possessions which reads, ‘You will see…My spirit will rise from the grave. One day the world will see that I was right.’ Whether or not Andre Vltchek cares to admit it, whether he understands it or not, his editorial is but a vindication of that quote. But it is not so much the West that is in collapse – it is the collapse of the illusionary house of cards built by the high priests of war, greed, immorality, and international finance. A house of cards begun by a Jew who chose to cover his crimes, and those of his posterity, with a shield the color of blood.

What Vltchek describes is the world waking up to the fact that Hitler was right.