Zeiger at the Daily Stormer makes some good points regarding New York Times columnist, Brett Stephens’ typically Jewish op-ed editorial, Only Mass Deportation Can Save America (see link below) – but one can take this on a different angle.

If we consider the actual statistics related to the Stephens’ ‘point after point’ – crime, educational achievement, religious piety, business creation, out-of-wedlock births – it is primarily the black population who are ‘failing our country.’

Those in the White population who have succumbed to being examples of these statistics have not done so because of any innate predisposition to do so – they have been victims of a social/political system designed to do just that. Since the 1950s every White institution has been purposefully distorted or outright destroyed by Jewish-led cultural Marxists with the intent to subvert the otherwise historical achievements of Euro-Americans.

Do click the link below to check out the statistical data presented by the Daily Stormer. It reveals the facts that Stephens leaves out.

As a final note – every ‘point’ discussed by Stephens as a problem area has become so because of Jewish influence in one way or another. Be it the degrading and degenerate influence of film and television and entertainment at-large, the dumbing down of educational standards, the dispossession of Whites in the business and employment sector via ‘affirmative action’, the breakdown of the American family via cultural Marxism, the loss of religious values via the same, etc., etc. – these have all been the result of Jewish intrigue.

In that regard, perhaps it is the Stephens (((type))) that should be deported once-and-for-all if the US is to turn the tide towards a more sound and prosperous nation that it was once meant to be.

Source: NYT: Deport All White People – Brown Immigrants are Better Anyway – Daily Stormer