Israeli-leaks - Brought to you by Mossad

Editor’s Note: One might wonder:

So, with all this, people have been saying for years that the Clintons are just Zionist puppets and they do the will of Israel, and their actions do seem to play that route. But here we have Wikileaks releasing this information on it’s supposedly Israeli proxy. Why is Wikileaks attacking [the] Clintons that we had always thought was just another puppet for Israel?

On 23 December 2016, Fearless Freedom discussed the drama surrounding the UN Security Resolution which demanded that Israel ‘immediately and completely cease all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem’ and said the establishment of settlements by Israel has ‘no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law’. The resolution itself was not the controversy – dozens like it have been put forward in the UN. What was controversial was the White House decision to abstain.

While not voting for or against the resolution, the Obama White House chose to take a neutral stance on the issue. This is a major break in the long-standing posture of past presidents who routinely vetoed every other Security Council measure (and there have been many) which addressed the ongoing inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people and the unprovoked violence done by Israel against its neighbors. President Obama has held to the rational thinking that the illegal settlements have been a major sticking point in going forward in a peaceful solution of the Palestinian/Israel conflict. His decision to instruct the US ambassador to the UN to abstain in this vote is perhaps the most profoundly meaningful act in his promise of ‘hope and change’ – unfortunately it comes at the end of his term of office.

At 39:22 in, the following video covers the above question in noting that former president Obama and his executive never played the cooperative servants to Israel that those in the past had been. One could easily venture to say that, in simple terms, Hillary Clinton was made an example of to all future Democrats, as well as any others seeking national office – ‘we know all your secrets, we make and break anyone we choose no matter who they might think they are’.

This 1-hour video is a compilation of works which touch on the subject of the Julian Assange/Wikileaks/Israel connections and intent. It’s well worth a viewing for any and all who seek to understand how agencies like Wikileaks, in the guise of ‘freedom fighters’, merely serve the interests of those who dominate all major information distributors – and by so doing dominate the minds and lives of peoples everywhere.

Below the Wikileaks Fully Exposed (IsraeliLeaks) video the reader will find the original video, Wikileaks Is A Zionist Operation produced by Jonathan Azaziah and Daniel Walker. That too is worth a viewing as it hits a lot harder that the clip in Wikileaks Fully Exposed.

Have you ever wondered how an organization such as Wikileaks could operate for so long with seeming impunity?

Source: IsraeliLeaks: Julian Assange and Wikileaks Exposed at Renegade Tribune