Opinion: Time given to important information should not be spent wasted on ‘New World Older’ freak-shows like The Alex Jones Show. It should be spent speaking about important information itself.

Yet, there are times when something has to be said about entertainers like Alex Jones – because, while Alex Jones himself is not important, there is something else that happens to be occurring that is significant.

Some people remember the children’s television show Howdy Doody – Buffalo Bob Smith and his sidekick marionette entertained young and old alike for twelve years. The show was revolutionary in children’s entertainment as well as pioneering in color television. The Howdy Doody show was shown on the NBC television network – NBC was owned by RCA. For the executives at RCA, Howdy Doody wasn’t just a playful bit of children and family faire – it was a way to sell televisions. And they did very well in that regard. While the children laughed at the content the parents were compelled by the more subliminal messages to go check out that RCA.

Relevance: Those same techniques are used in today’s mainstream communication channels.

The public are presented with the entertainment on face value, while at the same time they are being sold a bill of goods. Many in the public are aware of this. They’ve come to expect commercialism in everything. But what occurs with entertainment like that presented by Alex Jones isn’t only crass commercialization – the producers of this material aren’t just selling you a pair of shoes, they are selling you a worldview.

Originally the set for the Howdy Doody show was to be a circus tent, that idea was scrapped for a town in the old west. The Alex Jones Show began as a circus – the producers have changed the set and moved it smack-dab in the middle of the wild, wild west. As the marionette Howdy Doody’s popularity began to rise an entire merchandising cottage industry arose as well. One can only imagine the amount of profits the Alex Jones franchise of products and endorsements must have raked in since 1996.

Jones: Buy my stuff!

A lot of people don’t know that the original Howdy Doody marionette was taken from the show by his creator after a major disagreement about an inequitable exchange from the merchandising profits. After this occurrence a new Howdy Doody was introduced – the show’s producers decided that it was time for a makeover anyway. Continuing with the analogy one can’t help but be reminded of the entertainer Rush Limbaugh who served the same purpose in provocative media as Alex Jones. With the revelations about his jet-set drug-filled travels, Limbaugh began to fade into limbo as Jones became the new face of faux outrage.

The Limbuagh-Jones Clown

Important note: There is a nefarious cabal which controls many areas of life significant to the health and well-being of the individual. This cabal isn’t a friend to the public-at-large. Disinformation is utilized by this cabal in order to misdirect attention from itself towards either other smaller players, or mere inventions. The most effective disinformation is the type that includes some truths which disguise the lies and the deception. Information dispersed through this cabal’s agents are half-truths (at best). The Alex Jones outfit is nearly expert at this form of propaganda entertainment. The operative term for the ‘enemy’ in the Alex Jones lexicon is the ‘New World Order’. While revealing true activities deserving of outrage which are conducted by this cabal, Jones also colors these points with an opinion often saddled with distortions and untruths – thereby deflecting the listeners’ minds from the truths which would expose the real nature of the beast.

This brings us to the video for consideration at this time.

Alex Jones is a real piece of work. He has been chosen for his role as conspiracy-obfuscator-in-chief because he lacks any sense of integrity which might lead him to the least little twinge of conscience. It surely isn’t due to his acting skills which are patently absurd, as one can see in the following video. The more gullible listeners/viewers confuse his arrogant bravado for sincerity – hence they are drawn into believing that Jones speaks the truth.

And this is where the ‘something else’ takes place – the worldview presented by the producers of the Alex Jones deception is then embraced by the unsuspecting audience. This brings it into a different sphere and it ceases to be entertainment – it becomes mind warping programming affecting the worlds of all who begin to believe it.

The following clip is a montage of Alex Jones acting on behalf of the true masters of the cabal. There is not enough space to illustrate with facts the outright fabrications, distortions, and lies therein made by this clownish entertainer, but a few points must be shown in order to expose whom it is that he is working for.

The montage begins with Jones faux outrage over the fact that many of his listeners/viewers are catching on to his agenda. They are increasingly questioning and criticizing his non-critical stance regarding – and outright shilling for – the criminal ‘state’ of Israel. He attempts to address his changes in his opinions regarding Middle East politics. As usual he presents himself as a knowledgeable scholar – a student of ‘Machiavelli and systems’, a study on the ‘amount of oil in the Golan Heights’. For the average listener/viewer this is impressive – surely he must know of which he speaks.

But consider what he says in only the first few minutes:

9/11 was done to go after radical Wahhabi-ist Islam’s enemies…I was against it because it was part of the destabilization program for the clash of civilizations that we’re now seeing phase two of…I tried to stop their big project in the Middle East of removing secular pro-Western leaders…globalists don’t want that now, that’s an old Eisenhower program, that’s now been the program since the 80s.

He then goes on to emphasize the nuclear capacities of both Israel and Russia – this is not done in order to emphasize the dangers of these provocative nations’ Earth-threatening capacities, it is done in order to present it as a matter of fact which the world will just have to accept and live with. A fact which preempts all criticism of the policies pursued by these provocative nations – primarily Israel. Jones is doing nothing more than promoting Israel’s ‘Sampson Option’ – a threat of annihilation to the world if the world challenges its ‘program’ geared toward establishing ‘Greater Israel’.

But this is just the most glaring point of Jones’ disingenuous diatribe regarding his position on the Middle East – what is more subtle and insulting to anyone who is truly informed regarding these issues is what he further states with pompous arrogance.

…just like all the neo-cons…

Jones refers to the ‘globalist’ ‘program’ that high-jacked American foreign policy since the 80s. The same elements which created this ‘program’ were in fact the same elements that created the ‘neo-con’ think tanks which fully articulated their plans for the Middle East in the policy paper, A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. The creators of this strategy went on to form the neo-con ‘think tank’, The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), which dominated the Bush White House and set the course for the ‘clash of civilizations’ – what Jones does NOT point out is that the ‘Clean Break’ paper, as well as PNAC, were the inventions of several prominent Zionist Jews and Israel firsters in both the US and Israel. The ‘Clean Break’ study was led by Richard Perle in service to Benjamin Netanyahu, PNAC was dominated by William Kristol and Robert Kagan also in service to Israel.

Jones does not point this out because he is not supposed to. He presents the ‘globalists’ as a type of dark phantom that lurks about in the shadow world of the ‘New World Order’ – too obscure to define because they hide behind the cloistered world of the ruling ‘elite’. But they are easy to reveal in the light of day – if one has the desire to do so. Alex Jones does not.

Regarding Jones’ discussion on the Golan Heights oil controversy – one can only be astonished by the level of ridiculous disingenuous arrogance. It is apparent even in the tone of his voice that he knows he’s attempting to sell a bill of rotten goods. He presents this oil reserve as ‘negligible’, he points out that there are ‘a bunch of laws against drilling in the Mediterranean’ and he says in a mocking tone, ‘of course there’s a bunch of corporate people on boards…’ If this isn’t one of the most blatant proofs of Jones’ role as shill for the very ‘order’ he claims to oppose nothing will convince the gullible. While he could have pointed out that these ‘boards’ are dominated by Zionist Israel firsters who care nothing about international law, nor the sovereignty of nations, as well as the fact that this corporate element is in the process of illegally appropriating these reserves, he does not – because he is not supposed to.

All of this dulls in comparison to what comes next in this montage – Jones discussion of Trump and Israel.

That Donald Trump is a Zionist shill has already been exposed in the most glaring way. What Jones does with the Trump/Israel narrative is nothing short of reprehensible.

Super Zionist Trump

…oh sure he’s supporting settlements in some areas, because Israel’s growing. That’s what Israel’s doing. And Israel’s under attack and the two state solution was always a fraud. Trump’s just being honest about it. Israel’s going to expand out to the edge of its borders. And if the Arabs are dumb enough to attack them again they’re going to expand past that!

Can there be a more Zionist declaration that this. Going into the details of exactly why this statement is so reprehensible would fill an entire expose on Israeli expansion and how it has instigated the entire destabilization of the Middle East. Of course the ‘two state solution’ is a fraud – it is a fraud because Israel has never meant to come to the negotiating table in good faith. This aberration has only used the ‘two state solution’ as a bargaining chip while it continues its appropriation of lands belonging to other peoples already decided by international law. But it doesn’t stop there with Jones.

After he declares that Israel is being ‘double-crossed’ by the ‘globalists’ – remember who the ‘globalists’ really are – he states that the double-cross on the ‘whole deal’ is ‘radical jihadis’. There is the strawman. There is the ‘program’. Deflect the listeners’/viewers’ attention from the source of the problem, and direct it towards the element created for that very purpose. Volumes of evidence has been presented by sources around the world which show that the most violent ‘jihadist’ groups all have their origins in CIA/MOSSAD operations. Jones doesn’t point this out – because he is not supposed to.

And now we come to the peak of Jones’ arrogant, disingenuous, and reprehensible nature when it comes to his bill of goods. Apologies to the thoughtful and intelligent readers for quoting this offensive nonsense at length – but it must be done in order to expose exactly why the Jones entertainment franchise goes beyond the pale in the realm of commercial conspiracy production.

Lovers of Truth, brace yourselves:

I know all about the Israel lobby…getting deep in bed with the Christian Evangelical movement…and pushing an Israel first system here in the United States the last fifty years. I know alllll about people like Pastor Hagee basically saying you’re going to hell if you don’t support Israel. I know allll about the Christian Zionists and all the rest of it. And I’ve got some issues with that…

Here is another strawman – the ‘Christian Evangelicals’ ‘deep in bed’ with the Israel lobby. It is not the Christian Evangelicals who are ‘deep in bed’ with the Israel lobby that are the greatest concern. It is those elements in government and in important social institutions that are ‘deep in bed’ with the Israel lobby that should be recognized as the most detrimental to the interests of the US and peace in the Middle East – as well as the whole of the West.

But separately I’ve seen the Jihadists and the Saudi Arabian money become so powerful in their influencing of Hollywood and the popular culture, that they’ve basically gained the upper hand even against the Zionism, and the different varieties of Zionism that exist.

Yes, Jones actually said that. Now take a breath, what comes next is simply…well, just take a breath.

Palestinians are kind of the Californians of the Middle East. They’re not even Californians they’re not even Palestinians. They’re just people kicked out of all the other Arab nations that have run there to be part of a cause, part of a fight…some of them had grandparents who were in Jerusalem and they had basically a religious war with the Jews who moved back into the area…and it’s just a load of crap.

Let that sink in – or don’t if you value your right mind. The insult to historical truth regarding the centuries of the Palestinian people’s existence is hard to bear, the analogy of them being ‘people kicked out of all the other Arab nations’ would be laughable if it wasn’t so dark – it is NOT the Palestinians who have been kicked out of all other nations. It is the Jew who possesses a long and well documented history of being kicked out of every nation it’s ever stepped into with its usurious and manipulative foot. That is, until the ‘elders of Zion’ managed to insinuate themselves into the power structures of the US and Great Britain through the Banking cartels represented in the fraudulent ‘central bank’ system.

This is factual history that Jones does not discuss – because he is not supposed to.

One could feel nauseated with the following declaration:

I’ve got so much integrity that I will just cover the facts as I see ’em, and that’s why I’m so hated by the white supremacists, by the leftist Israel lobby, by the Palestinians, by the radical Muslims, all of them…

Jones has learned to play the hated victim well from his manipulative masters – he is above reproach, it’s everyone else who is envious of his unshakable ‘integrity’.

After the following bit, and a few more words, we will end the present analysis and leave it to the reader to decide if he or she wants to view the video in its entirety. Nothing else really needs to be said as it only continues with more outlandish affronts to the intelligence – and the integrity – of most individuals who possess a healthy mind and the ability to reason.

What would happen if the Jews pulled out of Israel today – and left? Within a year there’d be nothing but people murdering and killing each other and blowing each other up and fighting because that’s what the Middle East does. You don’t build stuff. You don’t develop things. You don’t have a culture that’s based on renaissance, it’s all based on conquest…

Yes, this creature who claims to be full of ‘integrity’, this scholar of ‘Machiavelli and systems’, this self-styled representative of wisdom and truth who claims to know ‘allll about’ everything actually spoke those words. A listener/viewer unfamiliar with the rich history of cultures in the Middle East would be left to think that before the creation of the ‘modern state’ of Israel there was nothing but a vast uncultivated wasteland just waiting to be settled by the peaceful and industrious Zionist Jew.

By extension that wasteland continues to this day, according to the Zionist worldview that Jones and company wish to insinuate into the unsuspecting minds of the public.

This is not simply programming designed to sell televisions through a comical marionette with a cowboy sidekick from the wild west – this is programming designed to sell a distorted and damaging worldview through a not-so-comical marionette who pretends to be a sheriff in the quickly eroding tragedy that is the West.

Don’t be fooled – Alex Jones is a Zionist shill.