US President Donald Trump is finding himself in an unenviable position. He currently must begin to make his own choices on where he wishes to lead the United States of America.

During his campaign for the presidency his message of ‘Make America Great Again’ resonated with many hard working traditionalist Americans who long for a return to the days of a ‘good day’s pay for a good day’s work’, as well as a return to decency and a civil society. These are the ‘average’ Americans who typically don’t get involved in the ugly world of partisan backbiting and the false dichotomy of the US two party system – all they want is to lead good and productive lives.

These traditionalists who voted Trump into office were not the cadre of goofs led by the blogger and wanna-be king-maker Steve Bannon. Bannon – whom many claim is the ‘former chief at Breitbart News’ but is in fact still fully in control of that ‘news’ source – became the figurehead of what has become known as the ‘alt-right’. In essence, the young people who formed the vanguard of the ‘alt-right’ existed long before the catchphrase or the Trump candidacy. They were young people who were in fact traditionalists themselves and they were sick and tired of the revolting liberal ‘politically correct’ society in which they’ve been forced to live. For this segment of American society the Trump message allowed them to coalesce into a cohesive group and focus their energies in a powerful and constructive way. The ‘alt-right’ weren’t invented by Bannon – they were merely used by him and his masters.

Back on 14 November 2016, Fearless Freedom posted an entry titled, Giving The Zionists A Chuckle: How @realJeffreyLord Exposes The Hoax. The following statement was made:

A number of blowhards in the media are treating the announcement of Steve Bannon as Trump’s ‘chief strategist’ as though this is some sort of sign of a racist fascist state in the making. Never mind that Bannon is a total fraud who manipulated the so-called ‘alt-right’ like a master puppeteer – that’s a topic for another conversation though.

Well the conversation has come.

Herbert Raymond 'H. R.' McMaster and President Donald Trump
Herbert Raymond ‘H. R.’ McMaster and President Donald Trump

Today, 8 August 2017, one of the morning’s most circulated headlines comes from AP. It reads:

Top Trump aides clashing over direction of US foreign policy

The article is perhaps the most telling and important revelation about what is occurring in the Trump White House.

A long-simmering dispute between two top White House aides has boiled into a public battle over the direction of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, with a cadre of conservative groups pushing for the ouster of national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

In recent days, conservative groups and a website tied to Trump adviser Steve Bannon have targeted McMaster as insufficiently supportive of Israel and insufficiently tough toward Iran. They’ve expressed outrage about the firings of several aides regarded as sympathetic to their views. An online campaign — under the hashtag #FireMcMaster — prompted Trump to declare his support for his adviser.

Read that and let it sink in.

This distinguished Army General, loved by all who served under him, is being attacked because he is ‘insufficiently supportive of Israel’. This man who knows better than any blogger ‘chief ‘what is at stake and what are the true situations on the ground in Iran is being attacked for his stance on one of the most sensitive points of US foreign policy in the Middle East.

The following paragraph in the article unwittingly reveals the game being played by Bannon and his masters:

The dispute reflects the tensions at the heart of Trump’s foreign policy coalition. McMaster is one of several powerful generals in Trump’s orbit who hail from the Republican foreign policy establishment. But Trump is equally sympathetic to the views of firebrands like Bannon, who are trying to push the party in a new, isolationist direction embodied by his “America First” doctrine.

McMaster is portrayed as someone who hails ‘from the Republican foreign policy establishment’ – read ‘establishment’ to infer everyone who stands in the way of the new regime. Bannon is portrayed as a ‘firebrand’ who seeks to pursue the ‘new, isolationist direction embodied by [Trump’s] “America First” doctrine’.

Anyone who possesses half a brain can clearly see the contradiction in the two noted paragraphs. First McMaster is assaulted for not being interventionist enough, then he is portrayed as being contrary to the ‘isolationist direction’ of Trump’s ‘America First’ doctrine.

The following paragraph should raise eyebrows everywhere:

McMaster and Bannon have clashed loudly and repeatedly during recent White House discussions over Afghanistan war strategy, according to four administration officials and outside advisers.

This little man blogger who never stepped a foot into a military situation is clashing with an Army General who has won praise in every military circle for his innovation and strategic brilliance. As a matter of fact, were all the military generals as brilliant as McMaster the results in Afghanistan and Iraq might have been far different than what we see today.

This non-interventionist fraud is furthered in the following paragraph:

The former chief of Breitbart News, who wants Trump to upend the Washington foreign policy establishment, has bitterly argued against further U.S. entanglement in global conflicts and believes McMaster is adhering to holdover Obama administration policies.

Can this fraud be made any clearer? Bannon and his masters are against ‘U.S. entanglement in global conflicts’ unless it pertains to the Israeli agenda in the Middle East.

And here is where the crux of the matter becomes even more clear:

Breitbart, which holds significant influence in Trump’s White House, has promoted a series of anti-McMaster headlines on its website. The Zionist Organization of America on Monday announced it has undertaken a review of McMaster’s views on Israel. Dozens of conservative and alt-right social media stars have hammered the national security adviser on Twitter.

Once again, Bannon and his masters are using the ‘alt-right’ as an assault weapon. How tragic it is that these young traditionalists are being manipulated into supporting an agenda so contrary to what they seek and desire: AMERICA FIRST.

On 22 August 2016, reported on an article posted at New Observer online which revealed the true roots of Breitbart ‘news’ – that original article seems to have disappeared from the New Observer website.

Breitbart News was “founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel,” that organization’s Jewish CEO Larry Solov has announced.

In November 2015, Solov also penned an article on Breitbart News in which he revealed that the idea to create the news service had been “conceived in Israel.”

Breitbart & Netanyahoo pictured at table in Jerusalem.
Under a photograph of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sitting at a table with Andrew Breitbart himself and Solov, the article said that “a lot of people don’t realize this but Breitbart News Network really got its start in Jerusalem,” and that the intention of the site was always to be ‘unapologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel.’

This brings us back to the start of this entry.

The AP article notes that Trump is remaining true to the embattled General. It also noted:

Months earlier, Trump…defended his adviser, taking a printout of a story suggesting he might fire McMaster and scrawling on it with a Sharpie pen, “This is bull—-. You’re doing a great job,” along with his signature. He had it delivered to McMaster, according to someone who speaks regularly with officials in the Trump administration.

This just might be the defining moment of Donald Trump’s Presidency. He is faced with opposing forces within his camp. He is now in a position where he cannot rely upon ‘advisors’ but only what is in his mind and heart.

Will he bow to a blogger who serves a master not at all interested in putting America First – or will he side with those traditionalists who seek nothing less? His constituency is relying on his making the wiser choice.