It’s been 72 years since the end of the Second Great War – a conflagration that erupted the world into a chaos that continues to this day. Europa still must fight for Her survival. The tragedy is, it never had to happen – and this didn’t have to be the result.

Many people still believe that it was instigated by Adolf Hitler and his desire to dominate the world. This falsity is slowly but surely being exposed for the fabrication that it is.

'We Defeated the Wring Enemy' General George S. Patton
(Image via Historical Tribune)

YouTube channel Europa Tv features an excellent documentary series titled, Europa – The Last Battle by filmmaker Tobias Bratt. The series will be in ten parts with Part Six being the latest. It presents the true historical events that lead to this world catastrophe, as well as some of the immediate aftermath. The horrors that the German people endured are unspeakable – but they must be told for the sake of justice.

The video below is Part 6. It begins with the Soviet aggression in the East which led to the inevitable clash between the Bolsheviks and National Socialist Germany. It ends with the unmitigated evil unleashed upon the unprotected German civilians by the United States and Great Britain with what has become known as the ‘terror bombings’. These ‘incendiary raids’ left an estimated 3 million dead – 500,000 of them children – up to 10 million wounded, and up to 25 million homeless.

Lest anyone think or claim that Germany ‘brought this upon itself’ it is highly recommended that the series be viewed in its entirety. The facts stand on their own, yet if one doubts any of it they can be researched and proven to be true.

Click here to access the entire series so far.