It’s a word people use in polite company to describe a pompous individual possessing self-importance to a fault. There are individuals who can be described in this way, then there are groups. No group can match the Israeli Jews in this regard.

Most people know this is a fact, but they excuse it because the average person has been trained to believe that the Jews deserve a break – after all, they are oh so persecuted you know.

Well it’s time that that this compassion break gets released from its hold. And here’s why:

On 8 August 2017, the Jewish ‘news’ organization, HAARETZ , published an online article by Isaeli Jew, Ofri Ilany titled,The Swiss Alps Seem Quaint Until You Learn the Truth About Their Residents. Although Ilany positions himself on the ‘left’ side of the political spectrum, this article betrays the general contempt that Jewish ideologues have for European tradition and culture. In other writings Ilany argues for Israel open borders and other liberal policies, yet he fantasizes about being up there with the ‘Israeli elite’ and hangin’ with the secret police. He has a very conflicted mentality where in his external world he sides with leftist arguments, but in his fantasy world he describes an ongoing dialog between himself and the heroes of the ‘right’ whom he extols as honorable opponents. In other words – he cannot escape the inner urge towards Jewish supremacism. In the article which shall be analyzed below, that inner urge possesses him and reveals its contemptable nature that even he cannot fight. This is what he is, and his liberal facade cannot hide it.

A goat sitting on a rock in Switzerland. This is the image used as part of the header on JTB Photo/Getty Images
A goat sitting on a rock in Switzerland. This is the image used as part of the header on JTB Photo/Getty Images

This piece is nothing less than an open assault and subtle declaration for war against a part of the world which is one of the last remaining places still preserving its beauty and traditions. And it is this fact that precisely explains why the assault is being made.

The subtitle of this screed reads:

It turns out that the more pastoral a place looks, the more it’s swarming with racists and nationalists

Ilany begins this hit piece describing how ‘homogeneous’ and ‘uniform’ the world is. But then, oh, he finds himself in Switzerland and what a different world Switzerland is.

It’s nice here. Waterfalls gushing from the mountains, huge goats grazing on expanses of grass. It seems to me that I even saw a female goose-herder, like in the tales of the Brothers Grimm. Tourism, too, seems a bit outmoded here: hotels with reception-desk clerks attired in faded brown-and-white vests. At dusk, the all-male orchestra positions itself next to the hotel entrance and plays French horns. How pastoral everything is in Switzerland! Pastoral and idyllic, with simple, good people, uncorrupted by the modern world.

All is good in this fair land. By all impressions this Israeli Jew is being treated well – the people are ‘simple’ and ‘good’.

But then he picks up a newspaper and the world changes forever:

…in Kandersteg, the region I have been staying in, 48 percent of the votes in the last federal elections went to the right-wing, nationalist Swiss People’s Party.

With astonishing presumptuousness he whines:

What a pity that newspapers exist. If I hadn’t read them, I’d probably have thought that the residents of Kandersteg are pleasant, humanitarian types. All those rosy-cheeked village girls serving rosti, all those solidly built goat milkers. But it turns out that the more pastoral a place looks, the more it’s swarming with racists and nationalists. The more like a postcard it appears, the more politically benighted it is. The purer the sausage, the more authoritarian the personality structure. Best not to think about what the little goose girl would have been doing had she lived 75 years ago.

This piece of excrement has suddenly covered these ‘simple’ and ‘good’ people of Kandersteg with the dark pall invention that the Jews have used for over 100 years – these People who had been treating him with respect and dignity are no longer the ‘pleasant, humanitarian types’ he thought they might have been before. He connects the image of a ‘little goose girl’ with the subliminal image of ‘goose’ stepping evil Nazis.

Why? Because they have National Pride – and with the Jewish supremacists, that dignity must only be preserved for themselves.

The following paragraph is where nothing but pure evil steps in. While you read these words it would be good to pay attention to what this vile individual is actually saying.

In contrast to Germany and Austria, Switzerland was not destroyed by bombing in World War II. Whereas the other German-speaking countries rebuilt themselves after the war, based on universalist ideas, Switzerland wallows in a mystique of continuity. The houses in the country look like old German houses, possibly what you’d see in Heidelberg or Freiburg. But many of them have small signs on them with a verse from the Scriptures and the year of their construction – 1512, 1561, 1570. They were built before the Cold War, World War II, World War I, the Franco-Prussian War, the Napoleonic wars, the Seven Years’ War, the Thirty Years’ War. Before the whole of German history, in essence. Through all those years the residents continued to make their cheeses. But all that only makes the local culture parochial and cantankerous.

‘Switzerland was not destroyed by bombing in World War II’ – reads as if to say, ‘damn it, we missed one!’ The ‘universalist ideas’ didn’t get through to these people – read that to mean, ‘why, these people haven’t been Marx-ified!’ They ‘wallow’ in a ‘mystique of continuity’ – read: ‘They have a spiritual connection with their past.’

'Homosexuality is part of Jewish tradition' - Ofri Ilany
‘Homosexuality is part of Jewish tradition’ – Ofri Ilany. Ilany proposes that Israel embrace a ‘bi-national bi-sexual’ attitude which will condition the people to then become more open to a two-state solution. He identifies Palestinian oppression with gay oppression. (image via Haaretz)

Again, where he began this hit piece by extolling the virtues of the beauty of the lands and the people, now he makes the snide condescending remark: ‘But all that only makes the local culture parochial and cantankerous.’ As if this creature of Zion is a paragon of ‘culture’ who can decide such things.

Ilany then goes on to hit on Kandersteg’s adjacent canton, Valais:

The situation is even grimmer in the adjacent canton, Valais. Here the local leaders actively encourage the inhabitants to wear traditional attire in public, in order to preserve the ancient cultural heritage (and that, of course, also brings tourists to the district).

It is a grim thing for these people to wear traditional attire in public – it preserves the ancient cultural heritage. Again, this dignity must only be preserved for his ridiculous kind. And of course, the Jew can only assume that this is done in order to draw tourists to the district – why else would people feel inclined to do this if not for the sake of making money?

But a hit piece like this has to have some blood in it to really convince the reader that these traditional and proud European People are nothing more than savages. This HAARETZ ‘contributor’ attempts to do this in the classic manner of the tribe – with all the key words of the Jew.

At the same time, the political mood in this mountainous district to the south is notably isolationist.

As usual, this isolationism is accompanied by hostility toward everything perceived as foreign. But because Valais has almost no immigrants, local politicians direct their aggression at a different victim: wild animals.

The wolf population in the region began to grow in the 1990s, thanks to laws intended to protect wild animals. For the locals, the wolves are “foreign interlopers” that were brought by the bleeding hearts from the big cities. “The people in Valais view the wolves as foreign intervention, an alien entity,”…Nationalist politicians slyly encourage citizens to break the law and shoot the wolves, as an expression of autonomy and what they see as a healthy popular sentiment. Villagers who have shot wolves have gained the status of heroes, like Elor Azaria, the “Hebron shooter.”

One should note the deceptive manner in which this is being presented. What is happening here is an argument meant to work on the subconscious: These people are ‘isolationists’, they have ‘almost no immigrants’, because they don’t have any scapegoats they naturally have to take out their in-born ‘aggression’ on a different kind of ‘victim’.

This is simply a vile demonization of a people. It is the same argument that the New York Jew, Theodore Kaufman, used in his 1940 hit piece, Germany Must Perish, in which he espoused the virtues of sterilizing the German people into extinction in order to save the world from their in-bred proclivity to aggression and victimization. An idea, by the way, that Time magazine called, ‘sensational’, and the New York Times called, ‘A plan for permanent peace among civilized nations.’

Rather than speak with a local who practices the hunt and find out from him what is the meaning to their tradition, this outsider instead presents a quote from an unidentified ‘local conservation activist’ cited in the German paper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Note all of the trigger words which are so often used in the Jewish lexicon of deceit: hostility, foreign, aggression, animals, shooter, victim.

Then, to make his attack more relevant to the outside world, Ilany associates the hunt with the movement to ban the building of minarets on mosques in Switzerland. A campaign which, ‘drew the support of right-wing parties in Austria and Germany, which are also inciting against their own, local wolves.’

In the analogy, ‘local wolves’ are the innocent victim Muslims chosen only because the ‘right’ must inevitably release that in-bred ‘aggression’ on one ‘victim’ or another.

The hit piece is summarized under the title, The price of conservation.

Swiss xenophobia is one of the phenomena that pull the rug out from under the learned explanations for the rise of the far right in Europe.

He goes on to expound on the fact that economics and foreign immigration aren’t problems in Switzerland after all – thus they cannot be used to explain the rise of national pride and traditionalism.

It turns out that among the causes of the right-wing surge, we have to number also narrow-mindedness and plain conservatism. And those traits are closely connected with the effort to preserve the local heritage.

Before moving on it has to be pointed out that this ‘writer’ is a member of a tribe which has, since its inception, doggedly protected its own traditions and ‘culture’ – even when living in lands which were never their own. He is also writing for an Israeli news service – a news service in a country dominated by the ‘far right’. Remember that when reading further.

But preserving a heritage comes with a price. Politically, opposition to globalization often assumes an ugly form: xenophobia and electoral support for nationalist parties. Right-wing parties fawn over ostensibly delightful traditions such as local beer and a rural way of life.

The desire to “preserve cultural heritage” dovetails clearly with enmity toward Muslims.

Then we get to the crux of the matter: ‘The European problem’:

[T]he problem with Europe is…that it’s not changing enough.

All the movements to preserve the baguette, to eradicate smartphones and to lead a “slow life” are generally another name for xenophobic and antipathetic politics. The Europeans view themselves as animals of the wild in need of conservation, for protection in the face of globalization. But very often it’s hard to say who’s becoming extinct and who’s causing the extinction.

Let those words sink in.

It is not at all ‘hard to say who’s becoming extinct and who’s causing the extinction.’

This entire screed written by this arrogant and presumptuous agent of hate is nothing less than a deceptive piece of propaganda meant to incite hostility and outrage towards a People whom the ‘writer’ finds insufficiently ‘globalized’. A peaceful people who maintain strong ties to their Traditions, their Ancestors, and the Earth.

Nothing about this creature’s visit to Switzerland warranted this verbal assault and defamation – nothing but the fact that by reading a newspaper he discovered that the People support a politics that reflect their National Pride and Traditions.

By comparing the European People with ‘animals of the wild’ this beast reveals his own Talmudic worldview. He is reprehensible and an enemy to all things Decent and Pure. Whether he admits it to himself or not.

Incidentally, Ofri Ilany, fashions himself as a ‘scholar’ of German history with a Phd from Tel Aviv University. He refers to himself as a ‘humanist’ and a philosophical opponent to Israeli top thug, Benjamin Natanyahoo. Ilany has written papers with titles that include, “Is Judah indeed the Teutonic Fatherland?” The Debate over the Hebrew Legacy at the Turn of the 18th Century, Ziona and Teutona: The Hebrew Model and the Emergence of German National Culture, and The Jews as Educators of Humanity – a Christian-Philosemitic Grand Narrative of Jewish Modernity?.

Nuff said.