The Zionist controlled media has presented a lot of accounts and opinions about this weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Virgina – but one would be hard pressed to find any coming from those who attempted to peacefully assemble in a lawful demonstration of social/political solidarity.

There is one point which is clear according to all accounts coming from this group: the violence which erupted between the demonstrators who legally arranged their gathering and the anti-White low-life who sought to disrupt that peaceful assembly was purposefully instigated by state actions.

The various Euro-American groups, who had gathered together without any provocative actions, first had their permit for assembly revoked by city authorities after that assembly had already begun, then the police herded them in such a way that a clash would be nothing but inevitable. It is clear, political entities of the city/state arranged the setting for violence which ensued.

The mayor of Charlottesville, Michael Signer, can be credited as the instigator in chief of the entire process which led up to this weekend’s events. It was Signer who initiated the ‘Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials and Public Spaces’ which was designed to re-write the history of the city by the renaming of public spaces and removing the statues of historical figures Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson and Robert E. Lee. While the committee narrowly voted to let the statues remain due to financial considerations, it was decided to ‘recontextualize’ the parks where they were located by renaming them in such as way as to denigrate these American historical figures memories.

It should be noted that Signer was also part of the leftist cabal which tried to upend the results of the 2017 presidential election by pushing for an electoral college coup against then President Elect Trump – in a TIME magazine online article published on 17 November 2016 he declared that the term ‘President Elect’ is ‘actually legally meaningless’. In an almost breathless point of supreme irony he wrote, ‘Demagogues tend to turn democracy against itself’ – perhaps he’s too ignorant to realize that this was exactly what he and his cohorts were trying to do.

In the same TIME article, Signer wrote:

I define demagogues as meeting four criteria: first, they posture as a mirror of the masses, attacking elites. Second, they trigger great waves of emotion. Third, they use that emotion for political benefit. Fourth, they threaten or break established rules of governance.

This is precisely what Signer himself accomplished this weekend.

Signer has been relentless in his attacks upon the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s presidency – is it any wonder that he initiated the operations which led to the inevitable clash between the opposing parties in Charlottesville? By allowing the extremists on the left to attack and provoke the otherwise peaceful Young Traditionalists who were exercising their right to publicly assemble, as well as voice their political voice, this piece of excrement overtly ‘threaten(ed) and [broke]’ all civil and ‘established rules of governance.’

He incited violence that led to the death of one, and the injuries of a number of others.

And, as usual, it must be pointed out that Michael Signer is, as to be expected, a member of that same tribe that has for a very long time used deception and social manipulations in their war against the People they despise the most: Proud People of the European Traditions.

There’s talk of groups involved with the assembly looking into a lawsuit aimed at a redress for these grievances. One can only agree that this is an appropriate course to take when all the facts are considered.

Below is an entry posted at the Daily Stormer that gives a side of the story which the Zionist controlled media chooses to ignore.


Small portion of the Alt-Right army that descended on Charlottesville yesterday.
This was only a small portion of the Alt-Right army that descended on Charlottesville yesterday.

Myself, Azzmador, Zeiger and Ben Garland personally attended the #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday. All of us were on the ground at Lee Park.

It was a pleasure personally meeting many of you in person. You should feel proud to be part of this history making event. We have just sent shock waves through the entire political system.

I wanted to give everyone my first hand account of what I saw while everything is still fresh.

Standard Bearers

The one thing I will say is that everything I’m seeing reported in the Jewish media about what happened yesterday is a lie. There’s nobody giving an accurate account. All I’ve seen is an endless parade of non-Whites and Jews spewing nonsense. I’ve yet to see a single person on any of the big cable news channels interview a single person from our side.

Here’s a quick summary of what they’re reporting.

  • They’re falsely blaming all the violence on White supremacists and Neo-Nazis linked to the Alt-Right movement.
  • There are major political and cultural figures blaming all the violence on the Alt-Right with no proof.
  • MSNBC even tried to infer that White supremacists may have tried to shoot down a state police helicopter that crashed miles away from the city center.

The propaganda is retard tier stuff.

Here’s what really happened.

At around 9 AM many of us began assembling at McIntire Park which is a short distance away from Lee Park. This was the place where the city originally wanted us to hold the rally. There’s much more open space there versus Lee Park which is a relatively small and enclosed area in the city center.

The rally organizers had a convoy of vans transporting groups of people close to Lee Park. The vans took big groups of us within a few blocks of our destination and we walked in from there.

As we walked to the park we were confronted by all sorts of degenerates. At first it was mostly just boomer cuckolds, middle aged cat ladies and some random faggots. The crazier anti-fascist types were closer to the park itself.

The police directed our people to enter the park in such a way where we would have to walk close to the anti-fascists. At first most of us were able to get into the park without a whole lot of trouble. The anti-fascists were just yelling and making obscene gestures at us.

As more of our people began to filter in, the anti-fascists began to throw stuff at us. They threw urine, actual shit, water bottles and anything else they could find. They even used pepper spray and mace.

They also tried to block us from getting into the park. This led to clashes between our groups and the anti-fascists outside of the park. In response to what was happening, the police began lobbing tear gas into the crowds.

What’s important to note is that our group was merely trying to peacefully assemble at a place where we had a permit to lawfully do so. All the violence originated from the anti-fascist side. We were merely defending ourselves from getting attacked as we tried to enter the park!

It seemed as if the police forced these early confrontations by herding us close to one another in order to justify shutting everything down. As the clashes got more intense they announced that due to a “state of emergency” they were declaring the gathering an “unlawful assembly” and threatened to arrest anybody remaining at Lee Park.

Waiting just 100 feet away was a small army of riot police who were waiting to converge on our rally.

Small army of riot police.

It was a completely insane situation.

It left us with two choices. We could either stay and get arrested to make a political statement or we could reassemble at McIntire Park and try to hold the rally there.

At this point, a large group of us proceeded back to McIntire Park as it was obvious the police were getting ready to converge on the park. Some select people stayed behind to get arrested intentionally.

When we finally arrived back at McIntire Park, we got word that the “state of emergency” applied to all assemblies and that the police were preparing to shut down any gathering throughout the city.

Later on, police arrived and forced people to vacate.

That was the end of that.

The “state of emergency” resulted in many businesses closing early. I tried to get a coffee at a local McDonald’s at around 7 PM only to find out that they had already closed.

What’s important to note about what happened today is that there did not appear to be huge numbers opposing us. The anti-fascist groups had nothing to do with shutting us down. It was the power of the state that was used to infringe on our First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble. They flat out refused to honor this even with a lawful permit.

There will need to be many lawsuits filed as a result of this.

I don’t think any of us right now can predict what the actual fallout will be. Suffice to say, it will be extraordinary.

#UniteTheRight will go down as a truly historic event. The record will show that the government illegally shut down our gathering because they feared our political ideas. They were stupid to do this as this is only going to bring more people to our side. This was a major victory for us.

I salute each and every one of you who attended the rally. #UniteTheRight has proven that we are a formidable political force not to be taken lightly.

11 August 2017 Night Torch Walk

Source: Daily Stormer