Charlottesville Torch Ceremony

The remarkable march and rally of Young Traditionalists this weekend in Charlottesville, Virgina, may or may not be the spark of a greater movement for Euro-American consciousness – but it has certainly raised the Flag.

The opinions and commentaries about the events are many – just two points to be made about that here:

First, these Young Traditionalists called for this action as a response to the elimination of historic monuments reflecting American history which are occurring at a shameful pace. This was also a response to the relentless assault against Euro-American culture in general, as well as the People. There is no mention of this in the mainstream media commentary. It’s not something that the Zionist media wish to bring up in the conversation.

Second is a point about the media itself. For years those on the ‘right’ have turned to FOX news as, what they believe(d), was/is the alt-news service presenting a ‘Fair and Balanced’ reporting of opinion and information. For years some of us have been attempting to point out that FOX News is nothing more than one-half of the divide then conquer scheme – a scheme devised to distract the ‘right’ and sell them a bill of goods regarding the two-party facade. They present a false front promoting chosen candidates as an alternative to the ‘left’ when in fact these candidates are just as beholden to the hidden powers as are those opposite the ‘right’.

Well, after FOX News coverage of the events in Charlottesville many on the ‘right’ are beginning to see the light. Social media was abuzz with supporters of the #UniteTheRight movement outraged by the unanimous condemnation and defamation of their cause by FOX News and their commentators.

Perhaps they’ll go back to supporting this farce, but for one day they saw the truth about this network – when it comes to Euro-Americans and what really matters to them, Rupert Murdoch and crew will throw them to the dogs. Zionists have no use for Race conscious Euro-Americans, but they sure have a use for the gullible ones when it comes time for the ‘election’ spectacle.

With all that said, we’ll get to the real point of this post.

Philadelphia folk singer Paddy Tarleton came up with what is perhaps the first ever Charlottesville folk anthem called, Charlottesville Ballad (War Is Coming). It’s written in the classic folk ballad tradition as a reflection of a viewpoint regarding a social/political event.

Since time immemorial these kinds of songs have been written and many of them – whether one agrees with the position or not – have become classics as records of historical importance. Only in today’s world where communications are dominated by a single entity could such a piece of tradition be thrown into the wind.

This is what has happened to Tarleton’s YouTube upload of the Charlottesville Ballad.

The video has been removed with the declaration that it ‘violat[es] YouTube’s policy on hate speech’.

Never mind the numerous vile, vulgar, and truly hateful videos on YouTube which demean, defame, and even call for an all-out assault against White People – including the encouragement to rape and kill – which are never touched by YouTube censors. Let’s just censor a ballad reflecting a rebellious attitude in the Euro-American movement for the preservation of their People.

As with all folk music of this type it speaks of violence – but it is this rebellious speech which the founding father’s of the United States sought to protect when placing free speech at the top of the list in the Bill of Rights. This ballad doesn’t call for rape and murder – it sings of opposing forces in a clash of ideas. It is political speech.

Completely expecting this to come, the video was downloaded with the intent to post it here in the event. Without further ado it is presented below.