On 31 July 2017 Fearless Freedom Press published an entry regarding the Alex Jones deception as he shills for the Zionist Jews who are intent on remaining the dominant force in the West – a force which is destroying the Lands of the European Peoples, as well as the Middle East.

Well he’s at again, in full force, moving in with his take on the Charlottesville chaos that erupted this weekend. And it’s not just his take – it’s the same take the Zionists have been using since the late 19th century.

On 13 August 2017 Jones posted a video on his YouTube channel which should simply infuriate any of the Good Euro-Americans who assembled in Charlottesville in an  attempt to stand up for Their Rights as a People.

He repetitively portrays the Euro-Americans as ‘haters’ of ‘people who are not White’, as well as ‘idiots’. He runs a video quote of Trump’s address to the media where the Zionist puppet president ‘condemn[s]…this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides…’ – Trump equating the peaceful Euro-Americans who legally assembled with the truly hateful instigators of the violence.

Euro-Americans need to see this for what it is.

Neither Trump nor Jones have dared to point out that the Euro-Americans who gathered together peacefully did so not to show ‘hate’, but to show Racial Solidarity for the ‘egregious’ attack upon Our People and Our Culture for decades. The only hate and violence which occurred on the weekend of 11 August 2017 came as a result of the actions allowed by the state from those who despise Our Euro-American people.

Proud & White...with a backbone
This should be the message of every Euro-American Male who stood for their Cause in Charlottesville.

Of course those Euro-Americans who fought back would do so – but Jones and his masters don’t want that.

This snake in the grass states with his usual arrogant bravado:

Americans are sick and tired of spin – they’re tired of one-sided reporting.

Is he so comfortable in his deception that he doesn’t think thinking people will see that this is exactly what Jones himself is doing? Or is he simply stupid? Actually, he is a bit of both – but more than anything else, he is a programmed Zionist mind-slave.

This Zionist shill brags about how he’s protested Aryan Nations and the KKK going back decades ago. He shows himself at a peaceful KKK assembly with his pathetic little bullhorn shouting down the message which the Knights try to speak to any who might listen.

The message that White Americans are under attack and need to start to defend themselves against it.

And here it is today, doing the same using Charlottesville.

As usual he takes a bit of truth which might appeal to the Euro-Americans and twists it for his own agenda.

The video shows the outright hatred and malice of antifa cowards in their black masks and their assaults against the otherwise peaceful Euro-Americans – and when the Men of the Right fight back Jones defames them as ‘morons’. He does something so deceptive that most viewers won’t even pick it up.

He declares that most Whites aren’t racist, they aren’t in the Klan. He mentions the injustices which have been perpetrated against White Culture for decades. He gives the impression that he cares about these things by giving them lip service.

And what is Jones’ answer to these affronts to White People and their culture…?

We should go ‘beyond tolerance and love each other.’ He tells the viewers that they should ‘listen to…Martin Luther King…’

You know what, let’s NOT listen to Martin Luther King – that’s how we got here in the first place.

Jones tries to distract his viewers from this very real issue by deflecting it and arguing that this is a ‘globalist’ – once again – plan to take away our ‘freedom of speech’. It’s a plot to use  ‘haters’ against themselves in order to incite the government to act against allll the non-haters by depriving them their rights. He never once mentions that this is what the Jew Mayor, Signer, attempted to do when he tried to revoke the permit for the Young Traditionalist’s legal assembly.

Jones is a snake in the grass – the Good Euro-Americans who gathered together in Charlottesville did NOT do so out of ‘hate’ – they did it out of LOVE FOR THEIR PEOPLE and THEIR TRADITIONS.

By Jones doing what he’s doing – condemning the groups who have tried to stop this attack against White for years – he’s serving the Zionist agenda in an attempt to feminize and pacify White Men from fighting for Their People in the US. Jones is nothing more than a despicable parrot for the Zionist overlords that have been ruining the US for decades.

He’s scum.

There has been some interesting insight regarding Charlottesville – useful critiques – which point out that there are Zionist infiltrators involved with a number of the groups on the right. These infiltrators use their positions to lead these groups into an inevitable situation which allows the demonization of White Nationalists and other Euro-American interest groups en total. Kyle Hunt at Renegade Tribune articulates this critique quite well in this post.

But it should be pointed out that without an organized association of Euro-American Men, ready to fight for the cause of Race and Culture, nothing will stop the onslaught which will only escalate from here. The days of a belief that Euro-Americans  have the same rights of free speech and legal assembly as the non-Whites and the racial-traitors appear to be over – they cannot be used in the public square as a way to call attention to Our grievances.

The Torch March was marvelous. Kyle Hunt suggests in his article ‘…hit-and-run flash demonstrations and localized activism’ as an alternative to the announced rally. This is wise counsel.

What is NOT wise is to allow Zionist shills like Alex Jones to weaken the Euro-American resolve to continue the Fight for this imminently Just Cause.