Something absolutely significant is happening via the Donald Trump presidency – and it’s a real turning point for the meaning of that office.

On 15 August, President Trump chose to speak on the side of Truth – this did not matter to those whose agenda is contrary to that. There was no time-out for thoughtful contemplation about the facts that the President put forward. There has been nothing civil about anything that has occurred in public political discussion since the Charlottesville weekend.

The irony of it all is that the most civil of any political voice involved is the one who would have been pegged to be the least civil of all – Donald Trump himself. During his campaign Trump could be the most abrasive, and often offensive, candidate in the race. But my how things have turned around.

Trump has attempted to represent ALL of the people in this fiasco – he has tried to be the President. He has tried to bring reason into the debate and has attempted to point out that the conflict within American society is not about ‘hate’ – that there is enough of that going around on all sides. The conflict in American society is that one side has been over-represented as the ‘peaceful’ side, while the other has been demonized as wicked and evil simply because they desire a place in that society.

By pointing out the fact that so-called ‘alt-left’ pretty much instigated the violence which led to one death and other injuries – the president himself has come under attack without any justifiable reason except that he dared to tell the truth. He didn’t go along with the ‘program’.

But this in itself is not what is truly significant – this would actually be expected in the culturally Marxist society in which we live. What is significant is the reaction from not only the so-called ‘conservatives’ in the Republican party, but also the reaction of the ‘corporate’ bosses in the US.

American In Distress

Republicans in congress which include the likes of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, as well as former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, have all seen fit to throw President Trump – and his constituency – under the bus. And here is one major reason why:

On 16 August AP revealed that the corporate bosses were one by one abandoning ties with the White House in response to the President’s decision to be the President – to represent ALL the people of the US. As a reaction to this, Trump announced that he had disbanded both the Manufacturing Council and the Strategy & Policy Forum.

It’s been pointed out here at FFP that Trump’s ‘advisors’ have been – for the most part – only enemies of the state who have sought to control the president and his agenda. They are in horror that Trump has decided to be his own man and not let his presidency be decided by ruthless deception.

An interesting blurb in the AP story should be noted:

Though the policy influence of such advisory groups is sometimes questionable, simply meeting with Trump with TV cameras going is valuable face-time for the executives — and for the president.

While the policy influence of such advisory groups may be questionable – the policy influence of the corporate rats who own congress is all but questionable. Thus we see members of Trump’s own party shoving aside any sense of decorum, abandoning their President in preference to the money-bags who are more important than the people they should be serving.

This is what is so significant – this is why the Trump presidency has already done a great service to all Americans who should care. Perhaps unwittingly, Donald Trump has revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt, who and what drives the political machine in Washington. The internationalist cabal that drives the liberal hate machine has shown its ugly face to all. And so have the faux ‘conservatives’ who are nothing more than deceptive shills who support the same agenda they’ve pretended to oppose all these years.

It’s going to take impeccable skill for Trump to recruit a team of allies who will assist him in his work to serve all Americans – right now, it’s an obviously formidable task. His allies in Washington, as well as the business community, are scarce. One hopes that he will not cave to the pressure and surrender his new-found independent voice just to get along.

Never in American history has such a thing occurred – where a President has faced a coup against himself in the very halls of Washington government in combination with the internationalist corporate boardrooms. The Zionist overlords have never had it so good.

Simply because a President chose the side of Truth.

This is significant – it reveals the ugly and sorry state of the United States’ government beyond any reasonable doubt. One can only hope that President Trump doesn’t face the same fate of the last President who attempted to make right a whole bunch of wrong.