One has to wonder how much does it take to convince European Americans that they are literally under attack – not just their history, but their very be-ing?

The ‘leftist’ assault which began in Charlottesville has been so encouraged by the Zionist controlled ‘mainstream media’ and the corporate thugs who control ‘social networks’ like Twitter and Facebook, as well as the centrally decisive internet giant Google, that the assault against all things White appears to have no shame – or limit.

Consider the following:

Buzzfeed assault on Disney

Huff post assault upon Thanksgiving

And these are just two of the most – what should be – outrageous examples being shot around the Zionist controlled media.

The most telling bit of this can be encapsulated in the following pic – the instigators, navigators, and financiers of the entire project of European destruction and genocide no longer even feel it necessary to hide in the shadows. Their creatures on the march can boldly make their claim with no pretense of innocence.

Jews make their works overt.

A political cartoonist who identifies himself only as Joshua created the image below. No telling how long he will be allowed to circulate his work on the Zionist controlled media like Twitter – or how long it will be tolerated by the Google monster – but it is a message to Men of the White Race.

Fighting Valor of Our Ancestors- Artist:Joshua
Fighting Valor of Our Ancestors- Artist: Joshua

If all is not to be lost for Our People and most importantly for Our Children’s future, the Men of European extraction have no choice but to rise in Our Defense. We have not asked for this war – We have given and given of Our Wealth, Our Knowledge, Our Creative Gifts, Our Civilization…and We have been betrayed. We have been nothing less than gracious with all things Our Ancestors have built.

Those who know and understand the Greater Spiritual meaning of the White Race know and understand that this assault upon Our Kind will indeed come to an end – and it will end badly for those who seek Our demise. This end will be Absolute – but this is an esoteric knowledge which goes far beyond that which is apparent in the exoteric drama being played out.

What is important is that the European Peoples have a choice – to whom will they choose to serve: the infernal Beast which seeks Our demise, or the Spirit of Our Ancestors Which has given Us All Good Things.

We are becoming outnumbered now – what each one does will determine where their Souls will be after all is said and done.