Just when you think you’ve heard it all, along comes something so truly bizarre that you just have to surrender to the thought that the insanity of this age will have no bounds.

On 9 August 2017, an entry was posted here on FFP titled, Europa – The Last Battle: WWII Never Ended But This Is How It Began. It started with this comment:

It’s been 72 years since the end of the Second Great War – a conflagration that erupted the world into a chaos that continues to this day. Europa still must fight for Her survival.

The focus of that post centered on the monstrous suffering and destruction inflicted upon National Socialist Germany by those whom ‘history’ depicts as the ‘good guys’ in the conflict. As pointed out in the title of that entry, and the comment which followed, the monstrosity that reared it’s head with that war has never ended its assault. We can discuss how the West and the Peoples of Europe have found themselves completely under attack both from without and from within by those who seek their physical demise – but right now let’s focus upon the effects all of this has had  upon the minds of the White Race.

In the United States, the past week’s racist assaults against the history, traditions, and the People of European Ancestry has graphically shown just how much the years of mental manipulation have damaged the White American psyche.  Those on the ‘left’ have no identity to speak of. Those on the ‘right’, for the most part, cannot even properly identify the cause of this demise. They refuse to recognize that the very same element which led their grandfathers to destroy the one Nation which sought to halt the bolshevik beast, is also the same element which has unleashed today’s assault by the same ideological beast. Everyone condemns the ‘nazis’.

All of this is really quite pathetic – and infuriating – but this is the obvious. What is not so obvious can be illustrated with the strange case of the bizarre mentioned at the top of this post:

The case of John de Nugent.

A troubled 10 year old John de Nugent
A troubled 10 year old John de Nugent (image via John de Nugent)

An entry at Metapedia gives a run down on de Nugent’s official history: From being born into a founding family of Rhode Island, to signing on with the ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’, to his disillusionment with the sect after the failure of the ‘end of the world’ in 1975, followed by a stint with the US Marine Corp Reserves and a transfer to the Virginia National Guard, then through his meanderings and involvements with nearly every White identity group that has come upon the US horizon since 1978. Reading this Metapedia entry can lead one to think that perhaps there was a method to all the nomadic madness – after all, John de Nugent is a University magna cum laude graduate.

What this entry does not point out is that this man suffers from the same identity crisis as those from the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ previously mentioned above – except with a very odd twist. While he passionately argues for the cause of White identity – which is in itself a natural position to take – his own identity as an individual has been sorely disturbed.

When looking at the front of the John de Nugent web page one will find articles dealing with a number of topics often discussed on other White identity sites. While they are a bit on the crude side, they do have valid points. But then something starts to creep in that would, for most curious readers, de-ligitimize every meaningful argument. And this is where the harm lies – by associating these points with the man, the following bizarre point could well leave all the rest appear off the wall as well, while much of it is not.

One of the entries which appears by its title to be one of the most curious – What is the meaning of Virtus? and I write Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia regarding my last life – brings the reader into the truly weird world of de Nugent’s mind.

At the top of this entry on de Nugent’s site is a Photoshoppped pic that jumps right out at the reader – it’s a black and white of de Nugent, his otherwise blond hair has been darkened and the famous Hitler mustache has been sloppily added above his lip. Below is a strange comment and below that is a blurred photo of Adolf Hitler looking in the same direction as de Nugent in the top pic. At first glance one might assume that this is being done sort of tongue-in-cheek. But it gets very odd after this.

As one scrolls down the page one sees various status entries from social media, links to various articles, assorted comments and images, then another pic of de Nugent in profile and another pic of Hitler looking in the same direction. This is now starting to get a bit more clear.

I recently wrote to Jim Tucker, MD, head of the now 51-year-old scientific reincarnation research project at the University of Virginia, a fine public university founded by Thomas Jefferson, a school from which my younger daughter Erika graduated with a double major in nursing and art.

Following the above paragraph de Nugent proceeds to tell his readers all about his take on The Führer, Adolf Hitler. How he did much good, but how he also led the German People to destruction. And then he drops this bombshell:

Therefore, those who accuse me of megalomania or even ”blasphemy” (a revealing word about THEIR delusion) are thus way, WAY off the mark.

You see, John de Nugent is trying to sell the idea that he is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

By demeaning this most singular Man of the 20th century – and many centuries before that – de Nugent insinuates that as the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler he has come in this lifetime to right the ‘flaws’ of ‘his soul’ and ‘iron out his own various issues’. He has the audacity to write:

But people, including WNs, want and crave in their escapist fantasy some sort of god-messiah, a savior, an immaculate, perfect, all-wsie aand all-powerful superhero, and they do tend to, and WANT to, see Adolf Hitler that way …

This little man is so lost in his own ‘escapist fantasy’ he doesn’t even realize how far gone he is.

There is no doubt that Adolf Hitler is still revered to this day despite all attempts to change that by his hateful enemy, the Jew – and all the kosher slaves committed to their filthy cause. There are indeed those who long for a Leader like Hitler to once again arise to truly make right all the wrongs the world has suffered since his exit. Hitler was indeed an immaculate superhero who by his wisdom saved Germany from utter humiliation and despair – only to have all those good works destroyed by envious and hateful beasts. And this delusional mental midget dares to claim that he is himself a re-embodiment of that Great Soul…?

He throws Joan of Arc into his mix and then does something most people would find reprehensible: he presents Waffen-SS general Leon Degrelle into the mix as a witness to the insinuated mediocrity of Adolf Hitler. He tells the readers to purchase his translation of Degrelle’s, Born in Versailles, in order to read all about how this loving and faithful follower of Adolf Hitler tears down the myth. If that is done in that book, one should seriously consider it a fake – or a very bad translation. Consider Degrelle’s words in this post at FFP – and the video from which they come – and decide for yourself if this Man could possibly denigrate the Great Works of Adolf Hitler and the Man Himself.

Consider the arrogant audacity of this delusional man in this quote:

Without Versailles, without the Great Depression, without the hunger and poverty, and the terrifying rise of the Communist Party of Germany, all things that brought Germans to their breaking point, proven by a wave of suicides in the year 1932 just before he was appointed as chancellor, Adolf Hitler would have stayed an unknown, frustrated, ignored  Munich watercolor painter.

No one on Earth can imagine what anything would be like without any of those horrible things mentioned. This stupid and ridiculous person doesn’t even realize that by changing all of those things for the desperate people of Germany – in six years time – only advances the argument that Adolf Hitler was far more than an ‘unknown, frustrated, ignored Munich watercolor painter’.  Nugent has no grasp of concepts such as ‘destiny’ or ‘purpose’ because he has none. He must live vicariously in the shadow of Someone else who actually DID.

At this point Nugent then goes on to reveal his email to Dr. Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies. Here are the highlights:

This email may be one of the more extraordinary you ever receive, and it is fine if you initially tend to think I might be as a person with delusions of grandeur or another malady, because doubtless such folks do contact you.

So I will present my case factually.

In any case, I can say that for me, ”I know what I know.” I have known what I am laying out below since age five, and it is a very dangerous but liberating truth for me.

I have actually waited from June 2015-November 2016 for Donald Trump to win the presidency, and now I am beginning to make my own moves.

And as I make my moves, ”the other side” is taking countermeasures.

Why am I telling you all this, Dr. Tucker?

1) I respect your work and find it extremely important. I believe in karma, I want everyone to, and I am convinced that to mislead you, or waste your valuable time, would be a grave sin. (It is also a dangerous thing for me to do to identify with this hated person, and more on that below.)

2) I am creating a new Aryan religion, since I cannot come to power legally and democratically as in 99% white Germany in 1933.  I think it is important that the white masses grasp that they will be judged on how they led their lives. And the founder of a new religion must also have a certain status to confer on himself and his teachings initial credence — the argument from authority —  and to create interest in his message.

It is quite an adjustment for me to go from secular politician and war commander to a high priest, so to speak. I hate escapist religions, and New Agey fuzzy thinking, and tolerance of what is wrong.

And for me to come forward now as being the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler represents a huge risk.

But this is one that I am taking consciously. I know I risk ridicule, even suspicions I might be mentally ill, and worse, the suggestion that I best be confined against my will (which has however never happen to me since age ten… see below…. and this confinement shall never, ever occur again).

Of course I can expect real dread and loathing from those who suspect I might be right about all this Hitler incarnation stuff, and I know how many hate, fear and revile the man that I was, Jews and Gentiles.

But also Adolf Hitler was one of the most powerful leaders in human history, and for millions, even now, one of the most beloved.

Now, addressing psychological issues:

I have never been confined against my will, Dr. Tucker, and have no mental illnesses.

I was tested for IQ using the Stanford Binet-Wechsler test and it revealed a 140 math IQ and a 150 verbal IQ. I graduated with high honors in 1981 from Georgetown with a BS degree in German and French.

I ran away from home in Rumford, Rhode Island at ten, and after I returned (we soon after left for a pleasant vacation to see the 1964 New York World’s Fair), our house was burned down in our absence, IMO by professionals with the regime that actually rules this country.

I know now that I was in the MK-ULTRA program for children of the elite, and that I defeated its purpose of breaking my will and remolding me,.but not without suffering severe psychological wounds. In fact, I had violent nightmares from five to 49.

I did six months of standard therapy for all this in 2003-04 (at age 49) for severe abuse experienced as a child (with a UC Berkeley-educated woman with a PhD in psychotherapy), and then in 2005-06 I did a year of cognitive behavioral therapy (with a Jewish therapist, btw, in Washington DC; it was a free service and he was quite good).

Actually all my nightmares ceased instantly (and this is noteworthy for, IMO, a cathartic effect) at the the moment I called the United Way of Rhode Island Adult Sexual Abuse Victim hotline and basically screamed and sobbed over a one-minute period.

I then apologized to the (very professional and skilled) female hotline worker, then regained my composure. I have had not one nightmare since that day in 2003, after hundreds before that day and call.

This was no ordinary abuse, Dr. Tucker; this was scientific child torture, designed to create a mind-control subject who will grow up to be a puppet leader.

One can’t really be sure where Nugent’s fantasy world begins – what is factual in the above tale and what is fable. One can’t really be sure if this is all just an opportunistic ploy to call attention to himself as he starts to ‘make his move’ as ‘high priest’ of his new ‘Aryan religion’.

What does seem clear from reading the Metapedia entry, as well as this strange – and intellectually offensive – post at the John de Nugent site is this: Nugent came from a troubled home. Seeking a sense of belonging and some kind of purpose he fell in with a mind altering group – Jehovah’s Witnesses. After his disappointment with that he went from group to group seeking an identity. Though he had the capacity to become an educated adult, he had a very hurt and troubled mentality. The coup de grâce may have occurred when he sought help through psychotherapy. No doubt going to a Jewish Freudian mental witch doctor could only have sent any instability that he had way over into the lands of make-believe.

Whatever the case, the strange case of John de Nugent merely plays into the hands of those he ineffectively argues against. He’s merely one more ‘white supremacist’ fruitcake making all the defenders of Our People look the same.

And here is where we get back to the main point.

The mental damage done to White identity has affected the Folk in every walk of life and every persuasion. By losing Our connections with Our Ancestral Heritage – Our Traditions, Our Beliefs, Our entire Way of Life – each one is losing that singular identity that makes Us Whole. The Peoples of European stock don’t need a new religion – we need to go back to what brought us to greatness from the start.

There is a reason why everything that renewed Germany under the Leadership of Adolf Hitler had to be destroyed – National Socialist Germany was marvelously modern, but it was also composed of a People who had rediscovered the Ancient Faith of their Ancestors. Only by doing this will the West regain what is being lost. There are a number of Folk who are doing just that – they are reclaiming themselves and their Futures which extend beyond this collapsing world. It can only be hoped that more people read this message of hope and strength than the ones coming from the oddly twisted folk like John de Nugent.