There is a social/political reality occurring in the West that many wish to ignore as they occupy themselves with petty amusements and the simple daily cares of work, family, and friends. This is innocent and understandable as it is the basis for all Good People’s desires from Life. But there is a storm brewing – that in many respects has already hit the shores – which seeks to obliterate all of those things held so dear.

The governments of the West have gone full speed ahead with the agenda so many have warned about since the late 19th century – the agenda to destroy the Strength and Dignity of the White Race as a sacrifice to the internationalist syndicate that seeks nothing less than world domination. This syndicate is led, and financed, by that group which always worshiped money as the supreme value on Earth – and it is from obtaining the control of the world’s money supply that they are now able to go forward in their plan of destroying the only force which challenged their creed of greed.

The values once considered Sacred to the White Peoples of the West – Honor and Loyalty – were all that stood in the way of this demonic clique’s dominion. We are speaking here of that which few dare to speak in fear of being defamed and ostracized – we are speaking of the international jew.

While they sit in their luxury condos, homes, and mansions they have unleashed the hordes into the streets – eastern and african ‘immigrants’ in Europe, marxist bolsheviks and assorted leftist’s – who have no identity to speak of – in the US. Those who are expected to ‘serve and protect’ the innocent people on the streets are standing by while vile cowards rape, beat, and murder outnumbered and isolated members of the White Race. Courts absolve those few arrested for outright terroristic acts of any guilt and release them back onto the streets, emboldening them for the next round of violence. Governments, both local and national, encourage this violence with statements of support in the guise of upholding a stance against ‘hate’.

The people on the ‘right’ continue to believe that somehow some mystical magical dawning will occur in the minds of the governments who have betrayed them – they think petitions sent to the White House, placards with slogans held before their parliaments, internet memes and arguments made on social media, etc., will awaken someone somewhere who will stand in their defense.

But this is not going happen.

White Americans, and White Europeans, need to stop waiting for the governments to come to their assistance. It’s the governments themselves – under the dominance of the international jew – which have created & allowed this assault upon Our Peoples. The White Race needs to once again assert Its own Will in Its own defense.

White Man Awaken

Below is a video created and narrated by John Allsup at YouTube. Allsup speaks as a man who still holds dear the idea of civil relationships between people – and it is with a sad reluctance that he comes to the conclusion that this is no longer a tenable option for those who are under this relentless attack. He speaks in general terms of the ‘globalist, rootless elite’. Once again the outright calling out of those who are really in charge is evaded.

Allsup’s final message is this:

We need to unleash the police to deal with this problem and restore law and order in this country – and if they won’t…? Keep hitting the gym. Keep lifting. Keep training martial arts. Prepare yourself. Because when it’s you they’re coming for, radical big brained centrism is gonna save ya.

As you watch the mobs of golem relentlessly attack the sorely outnumbered White Folk in this video ask yourself – is Allsup’s message enough?

Without a collective Will – and a collective recognition as to how this problem is asserting itself and who is behind it – the White Race will fall and fall ever deeper into the jewish abyss of destruction.