There is no word in the Western world more feared than the word ‘anti-semite’ – anyone who is labelled as such risks losing their livelihood, friends, family, and any social standing he or she might have made throughout an otherwise normal and productive life. The Jew has forced the gullible West to believe that jewish actions, no matter how reprehensible – are beyond reproach.

Here’s a refreshing idea: why not begin to refer the Jew in the same regard – except instead of ‘semite’ we replace the word with ‘gentile’…? After all, jew supremacists really have a very dark hate, contempt, and unseemly opinion about the Gentiles. The long history of Jewish ghettos speaks for itself – contrary to popular belief, these ghettos were devised by the jews themselves in order to remain removed and isolated from any possibility of assimilation into the host countries.

In order to illustrate the jew anti-gentilism consider the following:

Straight Talk About The Jews

Let the jews answer some of these questions themselves:

Midrasch Talpioth p225-L

Judaic Talmudic Supremacy

Begin - the terrorist

The following comes from one of the chief rabbis of israel who was regarded as ‘the most important living halakhic authority’ until his death in 2013:

Ovadia Yosef anti-gentile hatred

This should give the reader an answer to a lot of – if not all – the questions asked with the top graphic. As you can see, this anti-Gentilism is way over-the-top racial supremacist. As a matter of fact, it makes anything Adolf Hitler ever wrote about the jew sound like nothing more than simple political argument – which it was.

Isn’t it about time that the victimized Gentiles start to call their enslavement what it really is? It’s nothing less than outright full-blown Anti-Gentilism.