This will perhaps become a regular feature here at FFP: Blogs often use DISQUS for the comments section of posts. I often find comments ‘detected as spam’ when they have a less than agreeable stance to that made in the posts – these comments are never seen by the readers of the blogs. In order to allow these thoughts to have some airing they will be posted here on FFP.

Whenever someone writes that Western civilization is nothing but injustice and oppression, they’re using technology we invented to complain about us. – Return of Kings

Below is a comment original posted on Amerika blog in reference to the entry, European Genetics Reveal The Differences Between European Ethnic Groups. The reader can click the title to read the post in its entirety.

‘Race’ and ‘ethnicity’ are of course going to demonstrate diversity – when most intelligent people refer to the White Race they are referring to a Cultural Stratum – more easily understood as Western Civilization or Western Culture. In this there is obvious ‘ethnic’ diversity, but the thing that unites the Western Peoples is their Creative and Traditional Higher Cultures unmatched anywhere else in the world. It is a spirit, a creative impulse, if you will. This goes beyond the mundane understanding of ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity”.

Of course, there is also a traditional hierarchy – natural. No one from the ‘far-right’ argues about any sort of ‘equality’ within the White Race. Mr. Stevens insinuates that this concept of diversity within ‘ethnic’ groups is somehow contrary to ‘nationalism’ – frankly it’s astonishingly ignorant to state that ‘nationalists’ seek some sort of ‘ethno-Bolshevism to make us all equal-within-a-race.’

Stevens entire argument is absurd on its face. He understands nothing of what is it that makes the White Race singular from any other ‘ethnic’ group in the world.