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Nothing in the world is comparable to the Grand Nobility impressed in this image…it is the essence of the true Spirituality of the West.

Below is a comment original posted on Thermidor blog in reference to the entry, The Devils is in the Details. The reader can click the title to read the post in its entirety.

This entire diatribe is based on a false premise – that ‘truth’ can only be obtained by the middle-eastern concept of ‘christ’ alone. This ‘christ’ is an appropriation and corruption of the Western Krist which was a part of the Peoples’ consciousness for millennia before the advent of the Jesus myth.

‘Truth’ for the Western Peoples must first be discovered through a return to That which fills Its Spirit with the presence of the Known God – that which is not apart from Us but rather That which fills Us with all those things that make Us unique to the world: creativity, intelligence, morality…order. These are the principles that carried the Peoples of the West forward from per-historic times until the more recent calamitous times of ‘modern’ history.

This concept of ‘original sin’ – that Man is born ‘bad’ and must somehow be ‘redeemed’ – was not, is not, natural to our people. It is an alien creed foisted upon us by an alien culture. Western peoples, before this alien creed, understood that we are part of the Eternal Spirit of Creation – that we are part of God, not separate. We are Nature’s Nobility – hence we must reflect that. We are not separate FROM God, we are extensions OF God. This KNOWLEDGE, this Nobility has been stolen from our peoples.

Our Peoples had a beautiful faith, beautiful Spirituality before christianity – as a matter of fact, christianity could never have taken hold in the West as it did if Rome had not appropriated our traditions into its rites and customs. Every christian custom known in the Church originated from ‘pagan’ customs which were celebrated for thousands of years before. This alien ‘faith’ tore us away from the True Faith of Our fathers – and we see the results in our societies today. Marxism/communism didn’t originate with Karl Marx and Lenin – it originated with ‘saint’ Paul.

It is an affront to Truth itself to claim that ‘truth’ can only be found through ‘Christ’…only when the peoples of the West rediscover Krist in its original manifestation will the West rediscover that Truth which will bring renewal of the truly Universal Principles of Creation back into the hearts and souls of Our People.