Editor’s Note: It’s quite telling that this perverse and horror filled content aimed directly at children on YouTube’s ‘Kids’ platform is allowed to continue – and probably left completely unexamined but for the concerns of parents and other responsible adults – yet YouTube management is quick to demonetize, block, and/or ban complete channels and videos based on historical content, scientific discussion, and anything related to White Identity.

Perverse horror and child exploitation is acceptable to the overlords – it is their main fetish. While the concerned parents and other adults sincerely hope to get to the bottom of all this, it’s questionable that they would be willing to do what would be necessary to squash the true source – that would take a dramatic change in thinking which most people are still too frightened to make.

elsagate mickey and minnie children's horror

If you have kids you may be a bit like my wife, she gives a tablet to my son and let him watch videos of his interest, I have told her time after time that after a few videos of auto play you may end in something very different of the original intended video.

Very recently I found out about elsagate, and to the best of my knowledge, this have not been discussed here in ATS, so I you a parent, or have a kid in charge, beware of what you may find in YouTube.

So to be short elsagate refers to a series of videos and channels that are appearing in YouTube directed at children on which popular cartoon characters, like frozen ’s Elsa, from where the name of the phenomena comes, do perverted sexual or violent things. So far the motivations of the perpetrators are not clear but it may be related to pedophile.

The perpetrators seem to be organized and they make their channels so the YouTube algorithms associate them to real channels that provide content for little children.

I don’t want to link any of those videos or channels but if you really want to look for it, it’s right there, on youtube, the most family friendly video service.

Access to any nursery rhyme or kids’ TV favourite characters with a quick search on YouTube or its safe child-friendly YouTube Kids platform is a boon to busy parents who want something safe for young children to watch. But ‘Elsagate’ is a sinister phenomenon that has surfaced – and all parents need to know about how children’s favourites are being subverted to bombard impressional youngsters with creepy content

Some people are just too sick

I just present this as a heads up for parents here and for you to be aware and speculate your best conspiracy theories about this sickness.

one of the videos i posted made a nice observation that some of this channels use expensive animation techniques and are of long duration, this videos are monetized and even as they display Disney characters, Disney does not take them down, hmmm

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