H.G. Wells 'New World Order' Quote

“The hostile reaction to the cult of the Chosen People is spreading about the entire world today. In the past the Jews have been subjected to much resentful treatment and much atrocious cruelty and injustice, now here, now there, but there has never been such a worldwide — I will not use the word ‘anti-Semitism’ because of the Arab — I will say anti-Judaism. Now, because of the physical unification of the world, the resentment against the theory and practice of a ‘Chosen People’ is much quicker and more contagious than it used to be; it is becoming worldwide and simultaneous. The idea is becoming everywhere more and more intolerable than it has ever been before.

The cultivated, exaggerated, national egotism of the Chosen People has never been so conspicuous as it has been in the present century and particularly since 1918.

. . .

Today, when the whole world is being subtly pervaded with anti-Jewish feeling, and when the restraints upon the predatory and persecuting impulses in the human animal are being rapidly weakened, these implacable nationalists are still conspicuously seeking suitable regions where they can go on being a people by themselves, where, pursuing an ancient and irrational ritual so far as it suits them, they can sustain a solidarity foreign and uncongenial to all the people about them.

No country wants them on such conditions. Why should any country want these inassimilable aliens bent on preserving their distinctness? Palestine is an object lesson. Until they are prepared to assimilate and abandon the Chosen People idea altogether, their troubles are bound to intensify. No one can help them while even a die-hard minority — a minority that the general body of them does not disavow, a nucleus about which habit and association and sentiment gather very readily and to which it is easy for lost sheep to return — prefers these exasperating pretensions of a special right and claim to becoming frankly and of their own accord common citizens of the world.”

~ H.G. Wells – The New World Order (1940)

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It wasn’t just National Socialist Germany who saw the pernicious nature of the uppity jews during the turn of the 19th/20th centuries – many thoughtful people were seeing the rise of the belligerent zionists and how their outspoken plans threatened peace in the coming century and beyond. None of this was new.

The video below – What World-Famous Men Said About the Jews – is based on the book of compiled quotations by Dr. E. R. Fields in 1964. Recorded commentaries by men and women from as early as the first century B.C., from diverse lands and cultures – from Cicero to Jesus the Nazarene to Thomas Jefferson to Henry Ford to Malcolm X – these have voiced the same concerns and outrage regarding the ‘chosen’. Jews have been evicted from at least 160 nations in recorded history. One must ask oneself, could all of these thinking people of diverse lands, cultures, ethnicities, and times simply harbor an irrational hate, or does this animosity originate via the jewish type itself? Fields’ statistics presented early in the video are even more extreme today.

The leadership of National Socialist Germany wanted to forge a new society built upon dignity, honor, integrity, responsibility, tradition, and family values – there is no place for these things in a society dominated by the international jew. When these scoundrels were faced with the fact that their manipulative ways would not be tolerated in this new society, they declared war upon Germany even before Adolf Hitler ascended to power. The destruction of Germany by the jewish slave states has led to the destruction of all that was once good and noble of the West.

The West has seen what becomes of civilization when jews control entertainment, education, the press, law, finance, commerce, and governments – it’s ugly, perverse, inhumanly degrading, violent, unjust, and UN-civilized. Over 160 nations in the past knew that in order to preserve what is right and good this element had to be subdued – in a world which values money over all else, it seems that beauty and dignity no longer stand a chance.