Today blogger Incog Man asks the question: Why Did Roy Moore Lose in Alabama?

He writes:

Why did Judge Roy Moore lose in Alabama and why are White people at each other’s throats constantly these days?

This is beyond any unknown electioneering fraud (very possible) and the obvious black vote who always vote for their own racial interests. Imagine if Whites did the same?

And concludes:

It’s time for another revolution in America. No doubt about it. Before Whites are totally turned into a pissed on minority. Pretty much that way now. It’s only going to get worse and worse for us Whites.

Indeed – Incog Man is correct. One can only wonder how long it will be until concerned White Americans make this realization as well. Voting will NOT change what is happening to our people.

My comment left at Incog Man’s post:

The fact is, de-mock-racy will not work for White Americans because it is a complete fraud used only to silence the ever-growing discontent in the masses. When people think that they have a say in what the government does, they are led to believe that the ‘system’ is legitimate. So they go to the polls believing that they can do something to change that which enrages them.

The White in America are the biggest losers of this corrupt system at the moment – yet they still think something can work, some candidate will make a difference…that voting matters. But it cannot work in its favor no matter the candidate because de-mock-racy by its nature is mob rule and concerned Whites are not part of the mob. Only when the other parts of the mob realize that they’re screwed as well will there be a rejection of this political farce of a system.

The hard truth is, if White America is going to save anything precious to them – including any kind of worthwhile national/social life – White America will have to seek alternatives to this system now. Be it self-sustaining homesteads/communities, or outright rebellion. Whatever the choice it will not be easy – it would take actual WORK – and that is pathetically exactly what most White Americans DON’T want to do. They are comfortable with their conveniences, their slavery to the zionist overlords with their 9-5s – they complain to no end on blogs, in social media, they make memes and chat on boards, but they do not want to do the real work of preserving a safe-haven for themselves or their children.

It is indeed the age of the Kali-Yuga.