Before moving on to read the outrageous details reported by The Realist Report regarding this ‘bill’ which serves no interest to the American people and the purpose of the government, let us consider a proposal.

Since the last part of the 20th century numerous thoughtful and intelligent historians and scientists have brought forth not just legitimate historical documentation, but scientific evidence as well, which not only contradicts many of the claims made in the ‘holocaust’ narrative, but outright proves them to be false and literally contrived whole-cloth. These scholars and scientists have been defamed and their lives ruined because they sought to obtain the facts and share them with the world. A number of them have been jailed as if they have committed a heinous crime. The most horrendous recent example is the 6 month jail sentence of the 88 year-old German grandmother Ursula Haverbeck (as reported in the Realist Report post) – and while she is neither an accredited scholar or a degreed scientist, her common sense reasoning shows her to be quite capable of seeing a fraud when there is one.

The proposal is this: Let’s settle this argument once and for all – let’s bring the argument to the people of the world up front. Let both sides present their ‘proofs’. Let both sides reveal to the world their ‘facts’ – allow this to be presented via satellite television around the globe. This could be held as a public court hearing overseen by judges from the World Court. None of the evidence can be denied for presentation before-hand. Experts on both sides will be the presenters of the arguments.

Let the world see the evidence and allow them to finally make up their own minds as to what version of history withstands the tests of reason and evidence.

I have no doubt that in the end those who deserve restitution will not be the millions of jews who have benefited from this heinous extortion racket worth untold billions in money and gold, but rather, it will be the German people who have been swindled for decades out of wealth, property, and even their own identity as a people.

This outrage has gone on for too long. This action by the US Senate serves no purpose to the American people – it merely serves as a visible proof that this ‘government’ is not interested in the real issues that matter to the citizenry, but is more interested in serving their masters who use this government as their battering ram across the globe in their dirty scheme to rob the nations of their wealth and their dignity.

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Ursula Haverbeck, the courageous and honorable German truth-teller and patriot who has been tyrannical persecuted and harassed by German authorities for simply raising questions and expressing her views about WWII, once stated that the fake “Holocaust” narrative “is the biggest and most persistent lie in history.”

Of course, she’s absolutely correct. But, the fake “Holocaust” narrative is not only the biggest and most persistent lie in history – it’s also the biggest financial and sympathy racket in history, as we were reminded once again.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reported yesterday:

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The Senate unanimously passed a bill to help Holocaust survivors and the families of victims obtain restitution or the return of Holocaust-era assets.

The Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today, or JUST Act, which was introduced in February by Sens. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., and Marco Rubio, R-Fla., received unanimous approval on Tuesday.

The measure requires the State Department to report on the progress of certain European countries toward the return of or restitution for wrongfully confiscated or transferred Holocaust-era assets, including property, art and other movable property. It also requires a report specifically on progress on the resolution of claims for U.S. citizen Holocaust survivors and family members.

The World Jewish Restitution Organization praised the bill’s passage, urging that it be signed into law this year.

“Through this legislation, the United States will help survivors achieve a small measure of justice for the wrongful seizure of their property during the Holocaust,” the organization’s chair of operations, Gideon Taylor, said Tuesday in a statement. “Now is the time – while the remaining survivors are alive – for countries to provide restitution.”

The JUST Act is designed to build on the international Terezin Declaration on Holocaust Era Assets and Related Issues of 2009, which affirms the protection of property rights and recognizes the importance of restituting or compensating Holocaust-related confiscations.

Several nations that endorsed the Terezin Declaration have not fully addressed the restitution of Jewish communal, private and heirless property, co-sponsors Baldwin and Rubio have said.

A companion bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in February by Reps. Joseph Crowley, D-N.Y., and Christopher Smith, R-N.J.

The fake “Holocaust” narrative is a never-ending scam advancing so many agendas vital to the organized Jewish community. It truly is the bedrock of the entire New World Order agenda, and effectively functions as an unending sympathy and financial racket that organized Jewry can continually point to and demand more “reparations”, more sympathy, more special treatment, more government (i.e., hard-working tax-payer) money for an event that was literally fabricated by the Jewish media and Allied powers in an effort to demonize National Socialist Germany.

What an absolute disgrace we allow these filthy, disgusting liars to dictate our reality and wield this much political power so shamelessly and brazenly.

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