Recently I viewed and commented on a YouTube video posted on Six Million Dollar Gas Bill titled, We Don’t Have to Hate Each Other to Love Our Race – Muhammad Ali BBC:

My Comment:

‘Who wants to spot up yourself and kill your race? You’re a hater of your people if you don’t want to stay who you are. You’re ashamed what God made you…God didn’t make no mistakes when He made us all like we were…’ – the simple truth…

This comment followed from user EXTERMINATORUL DEborati:

opposition X – Woman of Mystery, non Whites are not made by God, they are garbage. God made Aryan Race!!! 14/88

This is my reply. It is posted here at FFP as it illustrates the basic philosophy and point related to all the other posts published at this site:

This is for a different conversation: a theological one which discusses the definition of ‘God’ and the subject of origins. Of course We of AryanKind have quite different origins than all other races – it is apparent in everything which separates us: intelligence, creativity, invention, the capacity to build, etc. etc.. All these things of which we are losing more and more of as we interbreed with non-White stock. Our ancestral religion speaks of the AllFather – the first of Our Kind, i.e. Wotan. Yet Wotan was born from the pure breath of the Eternal which cannot be classified.

What I agree with in what Muhammad Ali is saying is in relation to the generalized concept of ‘God’ – Ali’s ‘God’ is not my ‘God’, yet he speaks of an origin. Ali’s peoples origin is not the same as my People’s origin – yet we are both visible in Nature and it is Nature which determines what and who we are in physical manifestation. In this sense, Nature does not make mistakes.

Ali knew that we are intrinsically different as to race – he was basically saying that we should hold true to our kind. He wasn’t claiming that ‘we are all the same’ as is the gospel in this sick and twisted world we live in today. In many ways, Ali tried to raise his race up, as did Malcolm X – and that is for the black race to consider. Adolf Hitler wanted to raise the Aryan Race up – and was doing quite well – but the ignorance of the jewish slave states denied our People that great opportunity, and we suffer more for that defeat than any other race in the world.

The black people have been led astray and many of them are incapable of understanding just how much, and through whom, this has happened. Their violence and anger can be savage, as that is in their nature – still, there are good black folk who want to grow in this world. Your anger is absolutely justified, but it blinds you to the greater picture.

As we of AryanKind come from a Greater Source we should reflect the Wisdom of our Ancestors…and take the fight, direct our energies, to that which is the source of this world’s troubles. Hating foul blacks who harm our Kind, seeking to exact justice – but understanding the difference between enemy and victim. The goal of our Will To Power should be the reinstatement of Nature’s order – if that is done ALL races will find happiness in being ‘what God made us’.