On December 18, the Trump administration released their National Security Strategy manifesto. While it contains modern considerations – for example the cyber-threats to infrastructure, intellectual property, the energy grid, and of course banking – there’s not much difference between this National Security Strategy and the neocon think tank, Project for a New American Century’s, 1997 Rebuilding America’s Defenses. The online document provided through the White House doesn’t mention the individuals involved with the development of this version, but seeing that it follows the same program it wouldn’t be surprising if the same elements were involved as well.

The basic theme is ‘full spectrum dominance’ – which isn’t unreasonable for any major power to pursue. As is noted in the document, this is simply the reality of the struggle for power as reflected in other States as well, i.e. China and Russia. In fact, the architects of this ‘strategy’ state very clearly that the hopes and wishes of the last century – the US ‘belief that support for China’s rise and..its integration into the post-war international order would liberalize China’ – are pretty much awash. ‘Contrary’ to the plan, China chose not to join the new ‘international order’. Neither did Russia…neither did Iran, or Syria, or Iraq (that last one isn’t mentioned in the document as the PNAC plan took care of that problem).

Any thinking person in the 21st century world would find no disagreement with the basic overt thesis of this manifesto – national security means economic security, which in turn means that the ability to compete with other nations relies upon a well trained civilian population,  and a strong military. That should sound good to any rational person. But a deeper consideration of the obvious presents something deeper that the average reader might not pick up.

This ‘full spectrum dominance’ means just that. With the intended governmental dominance of cyberspace in the name of national security, everyone – including American citizens – are put on alert…you are going to be watched and beware to those who challenge the ‘international order’. This is the most striking difference between the 2017 National Security Strategy and PNAC’s Rebuilding America’s Defenses. It is the open declaration of the proverbial ‘Big Brother’ era.

No doubt many astute readers of the Trump administration’s security manifesto will pick up on the obvious new world ‘international order’ context. FPP has delved into the ‘globalist’ empire here, and these same entities are written all over this document. What is truly audacious is the disingenuousness and outright hypocrisy written in the code which should be offensive to anyone familiar with world events.

Many of the problems cited in the document can be resolved quite congenially if the zionist/israeli situation were dealt with in Washington. For example, nearly every honest scholar will admit that the entire Muslim jihadist hatred for the United States stems from not only US CIA infringement on the sovereignty of several States in the Middle East – for example the overthrow of the popular democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, in 1953 – but also the unquestioning support of the apartheid land-grabbing institution in Palestine known as Israel.

Below are a number of quotes from this ‘National Security Strategy’ manifesto which reveal a lot, without saying anything:

From Trump’s prologue:

We will bring about the better future we seek for our people and the world, by confronting the challenges and dangers posed by those who seek to destabilize the world and threaten America’s people and interests.

…we will serve the American people and uphold their right to a government that prioritizes their security, their prosperity, and their interests. This National Security Strategy puts America First.

Israel’s constant assaults against the innocent people of Palestine and their continuing theft of land via the illegal settlements condemned by International Law – but tacitly supported by the US government – serves as a persistent cause of destabilization in the region. By extension, because the US basically finances these operations to the tune of billions of dollars per year through tax payer’s funds, the American people’s true interest in security is exposed to a high level of risk due to blowback.

It also cheats them out of an incredible amount of money which could be used for health, education, and other public interest items mentioned in the manifesto.

From the Introduction:

The United States was born of a desire for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—and a conviction that unaccountable political power is tyranny…All political power is ultimately delegated from, and accountable to, the people.

We protect American sovereignty by defending these institutions, traditions, and principles that have allowed us to live in freedom, to build the nation that we love.

Liberty and independence have given us the flourishing society Americans enjoy today—a vibrant and confident Nation, welcoming of disagreement and differences, but united by the bonds of history, culture, beliefs, and principles that define who we are.

We are proud of our roots and honor the wisdom of the past. We are committed to protecting the rights and dignity of every citizen.

Yes, you read that correctly – unaccountable political power is tyranny. The Federal Reserve is a cabal of private owned banks which is completely unaccountable to anyone in the government much less the citizenry. The power it wields over the people is absolute and affects every section of concerns in this National Security Strategy. It is owned and operated by the same ‘international order’ which is mentioned many times in the document. And it does not serve the interests of the American people – it is rather the very source of their enslavement.

Also, the freedom of speech, defending…traditions, the ‘welcoming of disagreement and differences’ commentary has to be some kind of black humor to those who wrote it – the governments acquiescence to the occurrences of outright racial hate aimed at the White populations who wish to participate in political defense of the very ‘history, culture, beliefs, and principles’ alluded to here can be considered as shameful at the least, reprehensible in the extreme. One need only consider the events which occurred during and after the weekend of 11 August 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia to recognize this for what it is: pure rhetoric and nothing more. And the entire charge against White Americans, via cowardly terrorists groups like the ADL, the SPLC, and antifa, are led and financed by jews hostile to any and all White history and culture.

The United States government has actually put zionist israel’s interests over and beyond these ‘principles’ time and time again – thoughtful and conscientious author, Stephen Lendman – a Jew himself – eloquently wrote about the disgraceful 2016 Anti-Semetism Act stating:

Unanimous Senate passage of the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act is a bone to Israel and AIPAC…

The measure has nothing to do with addressing a growing number of “religiously motivated hate crimes” – everything to do with targeting vitally needed Israeli criticism and BDS support, especially on college campuses.

It disgracefully conflates justifiable criticism of Israel with attempts to “delegitimize” its status as a Jewish state, along with wanting it held accountable for crimes of war, against humanity and other human rights abuses.

The measure requires the Department of Education to redefine Title VI rules of alleged discrimination violations – to suppress pro-Palestinian activism on college campuses.

Is it anti-Semitic to criticize Israeli ruthlessness? At its core, Zionism is fundamentally racist, extremist, undemocratic and militant.

The Senate rushed this bill through at the end of the 2016 session – due to that reason alone it did not go to the House. Since then, when it is brought to the American people’s attention and explained, the polls show strong opposition to this bill. Despite this, the zionist controlled media continue to press for it using the same ‘holocaust’ rhetoric to garner sympathy for the cause – in a 16 April 2017 article posted at The Hill ‘nazi symbolism’ was highlighted to make it even more urgent. An entire data base has been created which documents a plethora of fake hate crimes – and ‘white supremacists/neo-nazis’ aren’t on the list as perpetrators.

While the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act is stalled in Washington, the zionists have managed to get the laws passed through twenty-two state legislatures – so far – below the national radar. Unqualified Trump appointed UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, was given the post as a reward for her efforts in becoming the first to successfully impose this subterfuge as governor in the sate of South Carolina. She continues as the voice of Israel in her duties at the UN.

In A Competitive World:

China and Russia challenge American power, influence, and interests, attempting to erode American security and prosperity. They are determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence. At the same time, the dictatorships of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran are determined to destabilize regions, threaten Americans and our allies, and brutalize their own people. Transnational threat groups, from jihadist terrorists to transnational criminal organizations, are actively trying to harm Americans. While these challenges differ in nature and magnitude, they are fundamentally contests between those who value human dignity and freedom and those who oppress individuals and enforce uniformity.

By all the criteria mentioned regarding these other States which are seen as threats to national security, Israel should be high on the list as well. Particularly those items highlighted in bold. And while the zionists don’t ‘brutalize their own people’, they certainly brutalize hundreds of innocent Palestinians each year. Also, as discussed above, their agents in the United States are perfectly comfortable in ‘oppressing individuals and enforcing uniformity’ to their wishes via the owned agents of AIPAC in Washington and the states.

In PILLAR I – Defend Against Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD):

The Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons against its own citizens undermines international norms against these heinous weapons, which may encourage more actors to pursue and use them. ISIS has used chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria.

This is a flat out lie that should offend anyone who pays attention – despite the official line of the zionist controlled media machine in the US, the Syrian regime did not use chemical weapons against its own citizens in 2013 nor did it do so in 2017. And as for ISIS, there is a very convincing amount of growing evidence that this is but one more US-Israeli tool in the shed. (see here and here)

From Dismantle Transnational Criminal Organizations:

These organizations weaken our allies and partners too, by corrupting and undermining democratic institutions. TCOs are motivated by profit, power, and political influence.

…some state adversaries use TCOs as instruments of national power, offering them territorial sanctuary where they are free to conduct unattributable cyber intrusions, sabotage, theft, and political subversion.

Zionist influence in the United States is notoriously corrupting and undermining democratic institutions – particularly in Washington. Just last week the Trump team declared that the US embassy would be moved to Jerusalem as this is the ‘will of the people’ – this was never put to the American people but the US ambassador to the UN, Trump appointee Nikki Haley, declared this was so because it was decided by a vote in congress – a vote most Americans never even knew about. This declaration regarding the US embassy has triggered violence in numerous areas of the Middle East and beyond – it is inciting more hostility towards the US, hence endangering the security and safety of every American man, woman, and child. And it wasn’t necessary.

It’s almost as if the US – via the Trump administration – is absolutely gearing up for a greater Middle East conflict. This becomes apparent when one considers the first US military base established in israel in September of this year – the operations of which Trump has ceded to ‘Israeli military directives’.

As for offering territorial sanctuary to criminal elements, Israel has been notorious in giving sanctuary to any subversive running from the law in diverse countries if they merely identify themselves as jewish.

Israel with their MOSSAD is actually one great big ‘transnational criminal organization’.

In Promote American Resilience:

A democracy is only as resilient as its people. An informed and engaged citizenry is the fundamental requirement for a free and resilient nation. For generations, our society has protected free press, free speech, and free thought. Today, actors such as Russia are using information tools in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of democracies. Adversaries target media, political processes, financial networks, and personal data.

No external threat can be allowed to shake our shared commitment to our values, undermine our system of government, or divide our Nation.

This should be obvious on its face. Replace Russia with jewish zionists and you’ll find an exact match not in another country, but rather snuggled comfortably right in the US itself. And there is no greater force which divides our nation than that element. Examples can be seen here, here, and here.


Working with our allies and partners, the United States led the creation of a group of financial institutions and other economic forums that established equitable rules and built instruments to stabilize the international economy and remove the points of friction that had contributed to two world wars.

Yeah, ‘equitable rules’ and ‘instruments to stabilize the international economy’ – lending funds to poor nations (with interest) and destroying them if they decided to act as sovereign nations regarding their resources and cultures is just one example of the ‘international order’s’ equability. And yes, the banksters removed the only point of friction for them – they destroyed the one Western Nation that developed its own financial system which worked quite well without them, National Socialist Germany. But nothing ‘contributed to two world wars’ like the same international financial elements that instigated them in the first place – the same elements who run the ‘international order’ whose interests this National Security Strategy represents.

Again, the policies of this international order of banksters threaten national security more than protects it. Every conflict the US has found itself in since from the early 20th century until today is due to this very ‘group of financial institutions and other economic forums.’

The United States helped expand the liberal economic trading system to countries that did not share our values, in the hopes that these states would liberalize their economic and political practices and provide commensurate benefits to the United States. Experience shows that these countries distorted and undermined key economic institutions without undertaking significant reform of their economies or politics. They espouse free trade rhetoric and exploit its benefits, but only adhere selectively to the rules and agreements

Read: The US attempted to offer a carrot with a stick. The carrot was taken, but they didn’t eat it the way we wanted, they thought of things their own way, those ingrates didn’t let us take over, they only wanted to take the money and follow their own ways – so let’s have to use the stick. Damn it, it’s our way or no way!

That’s not ‘national security’ – that’s bullying and making enemies.

In Rejuventate the Domestic Economy – Priority Actions:

REDUCE THE DEBT THROUGH FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: The national debt, now over $20 trillion, presents a grave threat to America’s long-term prosperity and, by extension, our national security. By restraining Federal spending, making government more efficient, and by modernizing our tax system and making our businesses globally competitive, our economy will grow and make the existing debt more serviceable.

Basically – more of the same. The obvious answer to the national debt is to reinstate the original idea written in the US Constitution which made it the law of the land that only the government would be allowed to coin the currency – without interest. The vast amount of the $20 trillion is interest which is being charged to the American people by unaccountable private banks – the so-called Federal Reserve – who manipulate the currency whenever it strikes them in the morning.

This also relates to China and national security as China is currently paying the interest on the debt that the bankrupt US government cannot. And make no doubt about it – don’t fall for the illusion, even though taxpayers are hemorrhaging money constantly into the government coffers for the ‘budgets’, that money does not belong to the government – the government has no money. It’s all owned by those private banks owned and operated by that wonderful ‘international order’.

And let’s not forget the billions of American taxpayer’s dollars surrendered to israel each year – the current amount singing to the tune of $38 billion over the next several years. This to a foreign regime which hauls in a $9 billion trade surplus every year. As Trump’s regime calls for the American people to the sacrifice of their wealth only to ramp up an expanding military and global business, billions of dollars are handed over to a regime which offers their ‘citizens’ better health and civic amenities than citizens in the US could possibly imagine. A regime which is better off financially than the US itself.

This theme could go on to cover the rest of the Trump administration’s National Security Strategy but the picture is already quite clear: There is nothing new under the sun. You’re meeting the new boss who’s the same as the old boss. The whole sixty-eight page manifesto is simply the same neocon playbook only written for a new century.

Already mesmerized Trump supporters are raving that ‘his’ administration is finally putting the security of the US and the American people first. They revel in the fact that ‘climate change’ is no longer mentioned as a national security threat, yet they do not see that this entire document is a ramp-up to the greater present threats of international conflict – conflicts which are not in the interests of the American people, but rather in the interests of that same ‘international order’ that they often loudly oppose.

Infuriatingly this is a case of: ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’  The American conservatives are just as much thralls to the government hoax as are the liberals whom the conservatives like to ridicule. Both fail to strike at the root because they are controlled by it. On September 11, 2001 the United States experienced the bitter taste of the neocon fruit. One can only wonder how much more bitter it will be in the near future. Perhaps the American people won’t be given a chance to lament, ‘Fool me three times, shame on both of us.’