In a previous entry a conversation on social media site Gab was mentioned regarding the original pre-christian European spirituality as opposed to semitic christianity. Noted was the astonishing belief of the christian user that everything we believe today regarding the spiritual beliefs and histories of the pre-christian people of what is now Europe, is nothing more than ‘modern inventions’. Also noted was this christian’s slander that those who seek to defend the Old Ways do nothing more than insult the European men of the last 2000 years. That this christian is incapable of understanding the difference between that which is innate in Race, and that which is imposed, can be attributed to the mind-warping effects of her ‘faith’ itself.

As was pointed out, the several centuries of European conquest and growth following the imposition of the semitic religion did not occur because of this alien faith, but in spite of it. This would have occurred whether or not the religion of the meek had infiltrated European man’s sphere of beliefs – and it probably would have continued unabated were it not for the corrosion of the European spirit through hundreds of years of the effeminate religion of the meek. It would have happened because it is in the nature of the Race itself – the will to explore, to invent, to create…to conquer, did not just appear in our People with the advent of this semitic christ. It is an intrinsic part of who and what we are as a Race.

The question of whether or not White racial loyalists should be involved with an internal argument between those of the Old Spirituality and those of the christian faith has come up many times between the folk. The argument is to the effect that ‘what separates us keeps us apart.’ The point makes a lot of sense – the actual position of the ancestors regarding spiritual beliefs was ‘to each his own’.’ And while each klan had it personal celebrations and rituals, as the circles extended outward the shared core beliefs made the growth of a common spirituality natural and without conflict. The traditional European peoples were not evangelists – they didn’t go about about preaching their gods. This wasn’t even necessary because of those shared core beliefs. They also believed that the powers of their gods were self-evident and didn’t need mortal man to impose Nature’s Laws. It wasn’t until Rome’s infection with the Middle Eastern religion that religion ever imposed itself upon the people of Europe by the sword.

So religious tolerance within the white community makes sense – it makes sense, that is, to the traditionalists who by their nature live that primal spirituality that is alive in all things, and not just written in codified didactic texts written by those who think they know better. But because of the belligerent nature of the white christians towards the traditionalists and their beliefs, ‘tolerance’ no longer serves it’s purpose. As a matter of fact, traditionalists can chalk this experience down to yet another lesson in deception. The majority of white christians care nothing about that which unites us, they are merely disgruntled more by the loss of their material possessions – and their willingly surrendered loss of power – than they are in preserving that which is most precious to the Aryan Man: the sanctity of our Racial Soul and Spirit.

The degree in which these types have been infected with the semitic poison is evident in their hypocrisy and their vile attacks and slanders aimed at the peoples of the Old Ways. The hatred of Rome which led to the attempted destruction of everything sacred to our people is still alive in their twisted hearts and minds. If one didn’t know any better, one would think that many of their insults came from the mouths of the jews themselves. Consider this comment from a man who declares himself a christian and a follower of the semitic ‘christ’:

fash mcqueen filth

Does this not appear as though they were words taken straight out of the talmud?

Next consider this declaration by the same individual who appears oblivious to the obvious irony in his own words:

comment re bible

If this ignoramus knew anything about the very ‘book’ treasured by his fellow christians, he’d know that in actual fact the Bible is a compilation of ‘books’ written over the course of hundreds of years by various authors – authors whose true identities are unknown to this day, particularly those of the Old Testament, but also a few in the New.  The Bible in it’s present form was determined after the Roman Church’s councils of Hippo (393) and Carthage (397, 419) when the ‘sacred cannon’ of the New Testament was decided upon by the leading bishops. These bishops decided which of the numerous christian texts floating around at the time were to be accepted as ‘inspired’ and ‘canonical’, ‘quasi-canonical’, or not canonical at all. It was a case of pick-and-choose – those that went along with the program were passed along to the ‘faithful’, those which did not were either thought to be destroyed or hidden deep in the church archives.

The 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Qumran caves shed a whole lot more light upon the actual origins of christian thought because they were written earlier than those ‘books’ we’ve come to know today. The overlap between these works – which are not identified as ‘christian’ – and those which are recognized as such today is irrefutable evidence that the origin of ‘christian’ thought derived from a shared jewish philosophy at the time. It was the jewish zealot Paul who decided to turn this philosophy toward the West and present it as the all-consuming religion of ‘redemption’.

So when this foul mouthed semite-worshipper tries to make his case for the ‘Bible’ as an ‘historical document’ which is either ‘true of false’, it’s helpful to realize he is doing what so many uneducated and, quite frankly, ignorant people do – he is presenting a logical fallacy. A technique used so often by the jew when confronted with a problem that he or she can’t solve without the use of such things.

The jew-originated ‘bible’ is just as valid as the Norse Edda is in terms of a spiritual mythos. The Edda can actually be seen as superior because it was written based upon the primal belief systems of the peoples who embraced the concepts. Scholars of ancient history recognize that many of the Hebrew texts in the Old Testament are merely bastardizations and corruptions of beliefs from peoples more ancient than ‘the tribe’ of ‘israel’. And understanding that this is composed of second or even third-hand accounts of things usurped from other people’s mythos – by a tribe known for its way of corruption and deception – it is quite easy to question the veracity of this ‘historical document’.

As a matter of fact, we get back to this ridiculous accusation that those who criticize the effects of this damaging semitic faith are somehow denigrating 2000 years of European history – and the men and women who lived it.

christian attack

This ignoble and foul creature does more in ‘helping the kikes’ attack christianity than he even comprehends. He also denigrates the great Men of Western Civilization who built a world based upon the principles of dignity and honor. Ask yourself, upon whom do you think those men would smile: this shameless and crass excuse of a ‘man’, or one who goes about the business of life respecting the Noble Spirit of his ancestors.

As has been said, the greatness of the modern European era was accomplished not because of christianity, but in spite of it. The further we moved from the primal connection with our native spirituality, the further we devolved into what we see today. This decline is evident in everything around us today – the more christian the Europeans became, the more we lost as a people. And these horrid and deformed slaves of the semitic ‘god’ dare slander our ancestors as ‘degenerate’ ‘barbarians’. Nothing could be more degenerate or barbarian than the world we see today – and we see it because simpletons like this ‘Fash_McQueen’ denigrate our people and their history and do nothing to preserve that which is the best of our Race, but instead imitates the foul god he worships.

No. The times for ‘tolerance’ are over. It’s bad enough that we have this imposed upon us by the enemies of our race from outside – it’s worse when it is expected by those undeserving of it on the ‘inside’. Those faithful to the Spirit of our Ancestors can no longer ‘turn the other cheek’ – neither to our external enemies, or the enemy from within.  These servants of the roman beast must be exposed for what they are – destroyers of our Kind.

In closing, these are the words of David Lane – the Man of true Aryan Spirit who gave us the 14 Words – the wisdom of which you won’t find anywhere in the semitic ‘bible’.

14 words

…it has been Christians who for centuries have been giving the White man’s food, medicine, wealth, technology, and education to the colored races. It is the CRAP [Christian Rightwing American Patriots] who now surrender the last of the White man’s women, power, and territory to the colored races.

White Christian Civilization is a catchy and idiotic phrase used by the CRAP. It was the Christians  who destroyed our indigenous civilization and brought on the dark ages. It was the Christians who persecuted all men of science, philosophy, and reason for many centuries.

“Oh, that was those OTHER Christians,” the CRAP declares. It was the Christians who slaughtered each other in the Catholic versus Protestant war, including the horrible Thirty-year war.

The Inquisition, with people torn to pieces on the rack. It was the Christians who burned at least tens of thousands of White women at the stake as witches. It was the Christians who hanged nineteen women as witches in Salem, Massachusetts just 84 years before the American Revolution. It was the Christians who persecuted, tortured, and murdered all followers of our native indigenous religions, especially Odinists (Wotanists or Wodanists). It was Christians who forced our folk to profess literal belief in supernatural myths, which deny the laws of nature, knowing full well that when the gates of the mind were opened to the first irrational premise, then there are no barriers to a flood of insanity.

So now our folk are literally insane. Suicidal insane.

Two-thousand years ago, Julius Caesar said that as long as he could invent an enemy of the Empire, he could remain in power by employing calls to patriotism. The CRAP are so insane that they still fall for the same game as they go off to kill and make hundreds of millions for the Judeo-American/Judeo Christian empire.

Yes, these are the people who dare call our ancestors ‘degenerate barbarians’ – the semitic filth that just keeps on giving.