In light of the recent events regarding the ‘Trump administration’s’ self-created conflict within the United Nation’s, an interesting thought comes to mind.

Gary Gindler at the rabidly zionist website, ‘American Thinker’ *ahem*, shared his take on the 21 December UN vote regarding the international community’s stance on the question of Jerusalem. As one would imagine, this well-trained golem did what his masters usually do – he twisted the meaning of the vote to make it it into something it was not. Namely: an infringement on United States’ sovereignty.

What this vote really was, was a shared decision by several sovereign states to abide by international law and not recognize Jerusalem as anyone’s national capital until it has been determined in a peace settlement between the opposing groups which claim it as their own. In other words, they chose to be neutral in the conflict and not act as favoring either the Palestinians or israel. This Resolution is not binding either – it was merely a chance for UN nations to state where the consensus lies.

It had absolutely nothing to do with US sovereignty. There is nothing in the resolution which denies ‘trump’ any sovereign rights. Those who make this claim are disingenuous, to say the least. It’s like saying, ‘if you don’t go along with our decision and do as we do, you are denying us the right to make that decision for all of us.’

It’s simply arrogant and juvenile…and rather pathetic.

But here is where the interesting thought comes in.

After writing about all of the possibilities of ‘punishment’ the ‘administration’ holds in its hand, Gindler arrives at the trump card: a complete US pullout from the United Nations all together. And in actual fact, this isn’t a bad idea at all. For a few reasons:

First, seeing that the tradition of the US is to use the UN as an instrument of its own policies over that of all others, it defeats the entire idea of a United Nations based on mutual agreement and cooperation. The United Nations came into being as a deceptive vehicle for the ‘international order’ after WWII – and all its ever really done is strengthen the grip of that entity in every area of life for those nations which thought it benign, when it actual fact it was anything but. So, removing the US from the UN affords that ‘international order’ one less inlet into the actual sovereignty of all the other nations.

That’s a good thing.

Second, it would save US taxpayers money and remove those funds from being used in the interests of those who care nothing about that which benefits the taxpayers true interests. It will be less money being put forward in the service of an agenda serving a foreign entity – namely israel and the international financial ‘order’.

Third, while there are many people who go about doing charitable work believing they are doing that which is noble and good – it never comes with no strings attached. The aid that the wealthy nations provide to the poorer nations only causes them to become dependent upon them – they are forced to become satellites ceding their own interests to the hand that feeds. The fewer the nations are that depend upon the megalithic ‘international order’, the less power that order wields over their heads, the greater the opportunities for true sovereign independence.

Four, it’s clear that the US and israel are the odd ones out anyway – let them leave. Those who would decide to continue as nations whose intent is international  cooperation and the rule of International Law can continue to do so without the bully on the block. The opportunity to forge ties among each other for mutual good does not lessen one bit – as a matter of fact, it presents entirely new possibilities.

And finally, the reality of the world political situation is such that new alliances are being forged among nations that could never have been foreseen when the victors of WWII seized the opportunity to collectivize the world under its umbrella. The megalithic zionist empire via the United States is having to face the fact that there are new alliances taking shape which challenge its hegemony – it is the very essence of concern written about in the ‘trump’ regimes’ National Security Strategy. Trump’s recklessness with the security of the United States and its citizens lives – forcing US policies by the power of the sword instead of actual diplomacy between powers – is isolating the US all over the globe.

Shared economic interests between the countries no longer willing to cede their actual sovereignty to the bully for israel will soon no longer need that long outdated institution known as the United Nations. What the leadership of the current international order actually fear is the new economic order which is taking shape between its ‘foes’. They are losing economic power – and nothing frightens the banksters more than that. A number of countries are choosing alternate currencies for exchange – how long do people think that the dollar can hold on?

So, let the US depart from the UN – the world will not collapse. As a matter of fact – those sick of the zionist controlled ‘international order’ may end up better off. Such an act only isolates the US and estranges it from the world at large.

And here is the last point – perhaps isolating the US isn’t such a bad idea. The country will have the opportunity to become self-reliant. They will have the opportunity to go about their own interests, instead of the interests of that international clique which has been driving the nation to endless war and belligerent polices. Policies that have cost the people their wealth and the lives of the bravest and the best.

The possibilities are endless – yes, the US removing itself from the UN can actually be a pretty good idea.