Well, we all already know how the ‘trump’ administration embarrassed the US in front of the world beginning on 10 December 2017 when ridiculous israel u.s. ‘ambassador’ Nikki Haley starting her shilling for israel with the claim that moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was the ‘will of the American people.’ On 20 December 2017, this embarrassment went full steam with Haley distributing a threatening letter to other UN nation’s representatives telling them, in effect, I’m telling daddy on anyone who would vote in favor of a draft U.N. resolution which called on all countries to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions in Jerusalem. And then all dignity was lost when trump came out with his own threat suggesting that the US would cut off financial aid to countries that voted in favor of the same draft resolution. The childish bully on the playground’s threats did nothing but humiliate the United States – on 21 December member states voted overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution: 128 in favor, 9 opposed. It should be pointed out that those in favor were US allies which included the UK, France, and Germany – who in the past have abstained on measures relating to israel. The UK Guardian’s subheader read:

The United Nations body’s debate and vote highlighted for a second time in a week the international isolation of the United States over the Jerusalem issue

The drama continues – as well as the embarrassment. On 17 January Reuters reported the start of the latest round of trump humiliation with the headline, Trump denies U.S. embassy to be moved to Jerusalem within a year.

President Donald Trump denied on Wednesday that the planned relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would take place within a year, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he expected the controversial move to happen by then.

Reversing decades of U.S. policy, Trump in early December recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and set in motion the process of moving the embassy from Tel Aviv, imperiling Middle East peace efforts and upsetting the Arab world and Western allies alike.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said last month the embassy move was “probably no earlier than three years out, and that’s pretty ambitious,” a timeframe that administration officials have attributed to the logistics of finding and securing a site as well as arranging housing for diplomats.

It didn’t take long for the zionist-in-chief to heel to netanyahoo’s demands. On 19 January CBS news announced, Trump speeds up move of U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. The new date isn’t within a year, but it’s pretty damn close.

The Trump Administration is speeding up its plans to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, with plans to open the new diplomatic post in 2019

White House adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, U.S. Ambassador to Israel and former Trump bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman, as well as Mideast negotiator and former Trump lawyer Jason Greenblatt are said to have pushed for the accelerated timeline.

To understand just how truly pathetic trump is in all of this just consider – his jew bankruptcy attorney was in the gang of zionist’s who put him into place. This sorry excuse of a ‘man’ is now not only an embarrassment to the United States, he’s become an buffoonish embarrassment to himself. On 8 November 2017 Russia Insider published a post, 10 Ways Donald Trump Acts Like Bibi Netanyahu’s Prison B*tch. Michael Bowman wrote:

From Middle East policy to Russia policy, and just about everything else, like a trained monkey, when Israel says ‘jump!’, the Donald rushes to oblige.

Apparently trump has no dignity left to save – he’s now simply a full-blown whore for his masters, and he doesn’t even care how it looks.

Still, there is a silver lining to all of this. The entire planet sees the ‘trump’ administration for what it is – a threat to peace on behalf of the rogue ‘state’ of israel. It’s nice to know that the ‘administration’ is where the world places the blame for this incitement to violence, and not the people of the US.

The following is another post from Russia Insider, this time published by Louis Heyward. It’s regarding video of asinine Nikki Haley pandering to the jews gathered together for their annual supremacist orgy hosted by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) on 17 March 2017. Haley is just so full of herself and gleams with joy about how she’s going to kick some ass at the U.N. for israel. The events which occurred in December of 2017 must have greatly disappointed her masters.

Embarrassment indeed.

And just think of this: this dolt who is the current US ambassador to the United Nations but is completely clueless as to whom Professor Richard Falk is – an American professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University, an expert in the field who has authored or co-authored 20 books and the editor or co-editor of another 20 volumes, and served a six-year term as U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories – is actually seriously considered in Republican circles as a good possibility for president of the United States.

The absurdity just keeps coming…

The level of insanity has reached an all new high when your diplomatic representative to the rest off planet Earth makes it clear that she is in fact beholden to a foreign government.

israel ambassador nikki haley

Watch as she panders to the Zionist! She goes the extra mile to make sure that they understand that serving Israel comes first, everything else is secondary.

She is an embarrassment to her country.

via Russia Insider

The video was published on YouTube by, If Americans Knew. The following links were posted with the video:

Read the retracted U.N. report on Israel’s practices of apartheid against Palestinians: http://iakn.us/2nLKj0u

Read the response by Professors Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley to Ambassador Haley’s actions: http://iakn.us/2qnyDpf

More information about AIPAC and Haley is at the If Americans Knew Blog: http://iakn.us/2r0fW7g

Politico reports that Haley’s name “is often raised in Republican circles as a potential future contender for the White House or other high-profile roles in government.” Haley denies any such aspirations. http://iakn.us/2pgKMw6