As an individual who truly believes that race does matter, I pay a lot of attention to the discussion of this vital topic in various forums. What stands out the most is that racial awareness is at its most conscious level now than perhaps any time in world history.

In his brilliant 1930 treatise on the spiritual-intellectual confrontations of our age titled, The Myth of the 20th Century, German thinker Alfred Rosenberg wrote with an amazing prescience about this very topic. He noted that the post-WWI world had cleared the slate on all previous historical eras. Peoples who had no interest or involvement in world politics and social movement were now racially awakened, and as a result of their forced involvement in world events they were now emboldened to fight for their own interests. The Chinese were ready to throw off the horrid yoke of slavery and cultural destruction forced upon them by the greedy and presumptuous British and French who had, through the opium trade and financial manipulations, all but devoured its racial soul. The East Indians had found a new desire for independence from the British as well. And Rosenberg wrote about ‘the black awakening’ which he pointed out was still, at that time, ‘derided’ but he was quick to point out: However it is only short sighted people who do this. He quoted black pan-africanist and founder of the negro League, William Dubois:

However wild and horrible this shameful war is, it will be nothing in comparison to the struggle for freedom which black, yellow and brown mankind will conduct against the white, until disrespect, insult and repression have ceased once and for all. The black race will only permit the present treatment to occur as long as it must, but not a moment longer.

Dubois, unlike the american blacks who came after him, saw a racial homeland as a natural right. He envisioned the ultimate goal of the black race as being a reconquest of Africa.

What is right for the Whites is reasonable for the Blacks: namely, freedom and democracy. If the English have England, the French have France, the Italians have Italy, to which they admittedly possess a right, then the negroes demand Africa–and they will also be ready to shed blood for the sake of this demand. We will set up laws for all negro races and a constitution which makes it possible for everyone to shape his own destiny…

Rosenberg pointed out that while the blacks at the time did not possess a strong power, the Myth of the blood had already been awakened and ‘its strength will have swollen enormously within 50 years.’ He wrote:

The American liberal is bound and determined to force his ideas on America, for as a state, the antiquated Liberalism thumps the dub of Freedom on all citizens even if it must be beaten with rubber truncheons. The Black question stands at the head of all questions of existence in the United states of America. If the insane principle of equality and equal rights of all races and religions is one day finally given up, there is yet hope. Then the necessary conclusions with regard to the Asiatics and Jews will result in themselves.

If this does not occur, then the present day 12 million strong blacks will, in a short time, number 50 million. As the troops of Bolshevism they could deliver a decisive blow to white America.

In the most prescient point regarding this post-WWI racial awakening, Rosenberg wrote his observations regarding the quickly growing effects of Islam in the Middle East, Africa, and East Asia. He wrote:

…a violent intellectual mood arises in the Islamic world which is not sufficiently heeded by European nations today. Above all it is not understood in Cairo. Ancient El Akbar University is actively anti European and anti Christian in the modern propagandist sense. It trains a fanatical youth. From Cairo many thousands of religious works and hundreds of thousands of leaflets are sent all over the world to nourish the Moslem priesthood in Africa and East Asia with hatred. They preach an aggressive spirit of the sharpest kind.

Everywhere that racial mixings take place in European colonies, Islam finds enthusiastic adherents among the mixed elements. At the same time it promised Blacks their freedom through a common struggle against Europe. The Indian Vâsvâni writes: I say to you Europeans: Be on Your guard! Ancient Indian wisdom says: Guard yourselves from the tears of the weak! Already the weak in the east, the Hindus and Mohammedans in India, Egypt, Persia, Algeria and Afghanistan suffer under the rule of selfish aggressive imperialism of the west. Before this coming purified hatred of the black races and bastards, led by the fanatical spirit of Mohammad, the white races have more than ever cause to be on their guard.

For Rosenberg, and his compatriots in National Socialism, the answer to this racial awakening by the non-European races was not to set forth into full war mode against these angered people who had suffered the yoke of ‘selfish aggressive imperialism of the west’. The answer wasn’t to storm Persia, Algeria, and Afghanistan.

The question cannot be solved through ideas of the dishonorable rule of money, which, thanks to racial discord, builds its bank palaces. The honourless rule of money must, by necessity, strive for world rule creating world debt. A racially organic demarcation of the earth, however, signifies by necessity, the end of international gold currency. This would result in the end of Jewish messiahism that has nearly been realized through the rule of the world banks. It intends to perfect its ideas in the creation of a Jewish centre in Jerusalem.

Rosenberg noted that, ‘[t]he era of boundless expansion has ended with a world war and with the rule of money.’ He appealed to all peoples with a hopeful vision:

Today we begin the era of inner concentration which will produce a racially organically sectioned state system. To grasp these ideas consciously, and to work for their carrying through, all philosophers, historians and statesmen of all peoples are called upon today. The folkish idea is falsified toady by the international capitalists. In that struggle between the states, every measure, indeed every idea, which can have a settling effect is suppressed.

Contemporary pacifism is revealed as completely untruthful movement, in fact, pacifism rests on democracy, that is, in practice, on the rule of money. Its prattling about world disarmament is a swindle designed to divert the people from the actual causes of their pustulent wounds. World peace will not come with the disarmament of armies and fleets, but with the complete destruction of dishonorable democracy and faceless ideas of the state. Peace will come when we can change the world economic system which is today undermined by finance in the name of the people. These things have brought about the decline of all states.

This new state system called for a racially based world policy which would include the independence and release of non-European nations from those who controlled them. Rosenberg noted that, ‘for a long time four fifths [of which] were under Jewish control.

The people of National Socialist Germany heroically fought and died for this principle of racial honor and freedom. They knew it could not be won without a fight – and they did so with everything in their being.

And here we are in the 21st century. The post-WWII world is now a frightful realization of Rosenberg’s deepest warnings. Every insight has proven stunning in their veracity. I often am quick to say that the defeat of National Socialist Germany was a defeat for the entire west. When considering Rosenberg’s, and by extension, the National Socialist worldview, it might be more accurate to say that Germany’s defeat was a defeat for the entire globe.

But we must get back to what started this entry at the beginning: the conversation about racial awareness.

To illustrate my main point I will refer to a post written by Greg Johnson at Counter Currents Publishing website titled, Whitopia. Johnson writes with a voice typical of many on the ‘right’ who see very clearly that whites in the US are under assault in the exact manner which Rosenberg foresaw as coming down mainstreet. Johnson’s answer is that white americans need, and should have, their own independent living space in order to pursue their own destiny in the manner fitting to the people. This is precisely what the White Race not only needs – but it is our natural right. Even the pan-africanist Dubois understood that. Johnson refers to this concept, as many do, as a white ‘ethnostate’. This is in fact what Rosenberg and the National Socialists fought and died for. Johnson posts seven points which he declares ‘White Nationalists need to adopt…to turn the United States into an ethnostate.’ To read these points refer to the article – click on ‘post’ at the start of this paragraph. When reading those points anyone who is familiar with the National Socialist program of the Third Reich will recognize them as coming right out of the playbook. This will be important to keep in mind as we go further.

Everything is going good with Johnson’s discussion of this topic up until this point. Then he falls into the very same game that got the white people into this problem in the first place. He writes:

All White Nationalist policies require government action. They are not going to happen simply by leaving people alone. The trends we are trying to reverse were created by bad government policies, and they can only be reversed by better government policies.

Johnson is, in effect, suggesting that this ‘ethnostate’ can somehow be achieved while using the same political system – pluralist democracy – that has opened the very door to white genocide in the US, as well as in greater Europe. But he doesn’t just stop there in his absurd naivety, he actually goes into the typically jewish mode of appropriation by defamation. Remember those seven National Socialist Third Reich policies referred to above? Think of them when you read his next comment:

Our enemies on the Right might even share some of our aims, but they will attack our statism, and they will do so by likening White Nationalism to the worst forms of totalitarianism: Stalin, Hitler, Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, etc.

Yes, Johnson lumps Hitler and his National Socialist State with the likes of ‘the worst forms of totalitarianism’ of Stalin and Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Not only is this joker a pacifist dreamer – even more ridiculous than the self-righteous liberals he claims to detest – he is defaming the very Man and People who continue to inspire those true White ethnic realists who struggle for racial preservation. My comment after his post:

All was going well with this analysis until: …likening White Nationalism to the worst forms of totalitarianism: Stalin, Hitler…

Everything mentioned in the [seven] points related in this article are imperative points laid out in National Socialism – and put into practice in NS Germany. National Socialism is only a ‘worst form of totalitarianism’ for those who really don’t want those aforementioned points put into practice. The continuous defamation of National Socialist Germany – as well as its determined leader, Adolf Hitler – by people who claim to want an ‘ethnostate’ is precisely why there never will be another for a long time to come. This kind of slander aimed at the last true bastion of Aryan independence just demonstrates the ridiculously naive and weak-kneed will of the soldiers-of-the-pen.

These sorts of theoretical discussions about what needs to be done to save the White Race always end with a sort of ‘this is what needs to be done, but we have to do it carefully’ – read ‘let’s not rock the boat’. National Socialism rocked the boat and the people praised the men who did so. Theories and discussion are for lesser men – action to duty and indomitable will are for the conquerors who still possess that noble and great European spirit which is the only thing that will save our people. Turning your backs on the brave and noble people of National Socialist Germany because you don’t want to offend lesser men is indicative of a spineless will that will never achieve the goal.

You people are a disgrace. I’m just so sick and tired of this panty-wasted ‘nationalism’ theorizing. There is already a blueprint left to us. There is already a tried and true form of an ‘ethnostate’ which was very real and present in modern history. All the questions are already answered. What is needed is the spine and the will to go forward. But I’m afraid that this necessity is all but gone for western man. Simply pathetic.

Johnson’s return comment:

Are you denying that our opponents link our ideas to Hitler, Stalin, etc. and characterize them as the worst totalitarians?

It is people like you who have led me to conclude that we can EITHER rehabilitate the historical reputation of National Socialist Germany, OR we can create a future for white people. I choose the latter. The movement has gone nowhere for decades, because it contains too many people who think the way you do.

The following comments were censored out of the discussion. Admittedly these comments are a bit spiteful, but I will get to that point right after them.

No, you’re wrong Mr. Johnson.

National Socialism has never been done justice because of those like yourself who misrepresent everything it is about. You take the ideas of National Socialism – i.e. your seven points – then you defame the very people who actually put them into place. National Socialism doesn’t need to be ‘rehabilitated’ – what a typical term that might as well be said by a member of the tribe itself – as if it’s somehow in need of such a thing. What needs rehabilitation is the white man’s mind itself.

When you say, ‘people who think they way you do’, what exactly do you mean? I’m assuming you mean people like me who perceive the real-world threat against the survival of the White Race. People like me who see there is a vital need for present action to stop the hemorrhaging of our people’s blood. And then there are people like you who can talk and theorize until there is nothing more to save.

What ‘people like you’ criticize about people like me is that people like me see the demand for action – and aren’t fearful about it. You may not accept this about yourself, but you are as useless to the White Race as are the ‘liberals’ and ‘socialists’ your type despises. You all just want to sit by the fire and sing kumbaya while civilization burns. Write books and go to the corrupt voting booths and do nothing. People like me…your grandchildren will some day wonder why there weren’t more, and they’ll curse people like you.

And one more note. You ask if I deny ‘our opponents link our ideas to Hitler, Stalin, etc. and characterize them as the worst totalitarians?’ Of course I do not deny that…of [course] they do! But does that mean that you should as well? That’s like saying, ‘our opponents say that the sun rises in the west, so let’s just agree with them. Maybe we can save our people.’

How asinine is that? Just one absurdity after another…

This ‘conversation’ is in direct relationship to Alfred Rosenberg’s point. If racial consciousness is alive and well in all peoples since 1918, and these peoples are ready and willing to fight for their freedoms to ‘shape their own destiny’, it’s time that those of the white race begin to fight as well. Nearly every comment under Johnson’s post struggled with the question: how do we ‘achieve a peaceful transition to white ethno-states.’

This is how poisoned the white man’s mind has become. This is suicidal pacifism. One can only lament that these are the descendants of a once great and formidable noble daring Race. Rosenberg’s vision of a new racially based state system may still come about – as a matter of fact this does appear to be imminent. The tragedy is there probably won’t be very many true Aryans left who will find any comfort in this because when it counted the most, their white kinfolk surrendered their natural right without a fight.

Rosenberg likened the world catastrophe of WWI with the Aryan myth of Ragnarok where ‘once again a time came when the Fenris Wolf broke his chains and he passed over a world with the stench of decomposition. The Midgard Serpent whipped up the ocean.’ But the heroic Spirit of the German People did not forget their Racial Spirit – Baldur was reborn from the ashes. In the post-WWII world, the Heroes of our Race are defamed and derided by their very own. Perhaps this time Ragnarok will only come to its end when the serpent swallows itself to complete destruction and the world will be born completely anew.