There is something truly wicked happening in the world – right before everyone’s eyes – and it is so shocking and outrageous that it’s astounding it’s even being allowed to occur. Anyone with eyes to see should see it – but the people of the 21st century are, by-and-large, simply blind to the obvious. Perhaps it’s due to the ‘virtual’ nature of things in an electronic gizmo obsessed era where reality itself is becoming blurred by photo manipulations, so-called ‘fake news’, and the like.

Remarkably, the people most blind to this wicked phenomenon are those who are the being most affected by it, and while there are others who realize the effects – and actually celebrate it – they are blind to the inevitable consequences. It truly seems that the world is under some kind of horrid spell of mass hallucination – hypnotized by a force that overcomes the natural sense of reason and vision. When one considers the power of the media in all of its forms – advertising, film production, literature, marketing in all its forms including government propaganda, ‘news’, television programming, etc. – it becomes easy to understand how this spell is cast. Many intelligent thinkers – scholars and authors who study the cultural/political/social milieu – have for over one hundred years now written and lectured about how the power of media can shape a reality for the masses and by doing so become a dangerous force of control for any entity which has the power to manipulate it. George Orwell’s seminal novel illustrating this phenomenon in its most haunting display, 1984, has been a huge seller since its revelation in 1948, yet none seem to have taken it to heart.

The origin of the phenomenon – this shocking and outrageous process – which is being written about here is even older than Orwell’s novel. As a matter of fact, Orwell wrote about the phenomenon as one whose eyes were seeing this in its early development and cautiously used ‘fiction’ as way to speak of it without the dangers of social political fallout even back then. While Orwell spoke about a generalized environment of mental and physical control by an all-seeing force – control which even went so far as to determine to what extent love, physical contact, and reproduction were acceptable according to dictate – the process being referred to in this entry is specific. But no less monstrous. It is even more monstrous than that which Orwell illustrated in his prescient bit of literature.

While the process being discussed here is talked about in ‘academia’, politics, and various social circles, it is rarely if ever discussed in its truly catastrophic terms. It is, by-and-large, discussed as a natural phenomenon which can only result in producing a ‘better world’ – yet anyone who has eyes to see will realize that as the process goes forward quite the opposite are the effects. The world is not getting ‘better’, it is progressively becoming more violent and deformed in every natural sense. And the peoples of the world are becoming more enslaved and manipulated by the entity which drives this process.

The process being discussed here is the intentional and systematic destruction of the ethnic European people.

To demonstrate just how marginalized and trivialized this monstrous process has become it would be interesting if there was a way to gauge the number of readers who experienced a reflexive eye-roll after reading the above sentence. While people around the world show a concern for the existential being of the smallest tribe in the Brazilian rain forest, or the justified concern for the onslaught of injustice against the oppressed peoples of Palestine (as an example), there is no serious discussion of just exactly what the destruction of the ethnic European people means for the world at large.

Those who attempt to justify this genocide argue that it is the ‘white man’ who has brought every evil upon mankind. They do not point out that it is the ‘white man’ who had, for nearly half a millennia now attempted to right many of the wrongs made during the evolution of their people. For instance, slavery is often the biggest ‘sin’ held against the ‘white man’ – yet is was the ‘white man’ who first eliminated the practice in his society, while it is still very real and present in a number of African and middle eastern nations even today. One could actually argue that it is this proclivity to enforce a better sense of justice and equity that opened the door to the program of elimination of the race we see today.

It should also be pointed out that the ethnic European people lost control of their own destiny when an alien force took over their direction with the forced influences of eastern religion and the subversive power of monetary and financial manipulation. Also part of this loss of control were the introduction of pseudo-sciences and philosophies which have today become accepted as ‘facts’ when they are still merely ‘theories’ – creative practices of mental gymnastics.

The fact is, the ethnic European mind has been intentionally and willfully put into a state of confusion by the so-called ‘intelligentsia’ and ‘religious’ leaders since the dawn of the ‘enlightenment’. Abstract principles became the norm – the people became more and more estranged from reality and natural life. And here we are today – the ethnic European peoples around the globe are more estranged from reality and natural life than ever. So estranged that for the most part they cannot see, sense, or understand the calamity which they now face.

All of this leads to the topic of the day: it hasn’t been enough that racial integration, massive immigration of non-European stock into European nations, and the systematic disenfranchisement of ethnic Europeans from their hard won wealth and properties has led to the dwindling numbers of the race – we now see an outright assault on the very cultural symbols of the people which have been a part of their identity for literally thousands of years. And what is most disturbing is that the ethnic Europeans, for the most part, show no concern over this at all.

In August 2017 news emerged about the order for the systematic destruction of newly found artifacts from the Iron Age and the Viking period by the the curators of Stockholms Länsmuseum in Sweden. It was reported that:

Coins, arrow heads, ritual amulets, weapons, jewellery and weights that were kept in the past are now directly dumped into metal recycling bins upon discovery instead of being treasured and displayed.

One would imagine that the same Hugh and cry would come from the halls of UNESCO and other culturally concerned world organizations that shout against such destruction in the lands of the Middle East and North Africa. It did not. This news came and went with no outrage except by the few who care about such things and they are far outnumbered by those who think it’s just fine. And who sits in the seat as ‘minister of culture and democracy’ in Sweden? A former television presenter named, Alice Bah Kuhnke.

Alice Bah Kuhnke
Alice Bah Kuhnke

Clearly this is not a person who could give a damn about Sweden’s ancestral Iron Age and Viking past. Her only interest would be to utterly erase it from history, and perhaps later claim that it was all actually part of her Gambian ancestor’s past.

Fast forward to today, 14 February 2018.

The 2018 Winter Olympic games in PyeongChang, South Korea, are just over the half-way mark. Germany leads in total medal count with 12 – seven of which are gold. Netherlands runs in a close second with 11 – five of which are gold. Clearly winter sport is in the blood of the European people. One would assume that this should be something which instills a sense of ethnic pride for the European nations – as it should. But are the European people allowed to celebrate that ethnic pride? Certainly not. And just how ugly this fact is can be measured by the ‘controversy’ created around the Norwegian team sweaters designed by Dale of Norway.

The knit sweaters feature a symbol known as the Tyr rune, which stems from Nordic mythology.
The knit sweaters feature two rune symbols which stem from ancient Nordic mythology.

Above the right breast is the ‘Man’ rune – or ‘Elhaz’. It is considered a ‘life rune’. Two traditional meanings of the shape include the elk’s antlers representing defense and protection, but also an image of a human with arms outstretched upwards, communicating with the Gods. Above the left breast is the ‘Tyr’ rune – or ‘Tiwaz’. It is associated with Tyr, the God of combat and justice. It has traditionally been associated with honor, loyalty, and self-sacrifice, and above all heroic glory – victory when all these qualities come to fruition. Naturally the Tyr symbol is quite appropriate as one associated with an Olympic athlete: the Olympics are designed as a celebration of competition and fair play. The athletes are expected to represent their native lands honorably. Their loyalty to their lands is also expected and no one questions the amount of self-sacrifice it takes to achieve the highest accomplishments as an Olympic athlete. Victory is the pinnacle of success for these athletes and the ultimate reward for all of the hard work and dedication put in to becoming the best.

But all of this didn’t matter to those who seek the destruction of the ethnic European people. As a matter of fact, this ‘controversy’ throws incredible light upon just exactly why the enemies of the European people aim to destroy every last vestige of the people and their culture. What these runes stand for is what the European character has stood for for thousands of years: honor, loyalty, self-sacrifice, hard work, and a personal and meaningful relationship with the Gods of creation – not as ‘fallen’ creatures, but loving partners in the journey. These character traits are not acceptable in this debauched and irresponsible world – those who possess them are an unacceptable reminder of what it truly means to be human in a progressively un-human world.

It’s unclear how this ‘controversy’ came about but one of the earliest reports of it came, unsurprisingly, in a post by The New York Times on 30 January 2018 – one month before the start of the event. Apparently a published author on Norwegian knitting, Margaretha Finseth, objected to the Tyr pattern as she ‘did not want to give knitting ideas to white supremacists’. The Times does not present any actual sources of how it came about, they merely ‘report’ about a Tyr controversy:

…the presence of the Tyr rune on the team’s sweater design was enough to raise alarms. Norway’s security police have warned of the rise of a small but politically extreme and potentially violent group called the Nordic Resistance Movement, which uses the Tyr rune in its branding.

In the past year, the group’s members have held rallies outside synagogues and in town squares in Norway and Sweden. One of the group’s slogans, “Enough is enough,” even showed up on a drum in last summer’s white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

On the 31st of January, FOX news referenced the symbol as being ‘associated with certain divisions of Hitler’s leadership programs during World War II, according to the Anti-Defamation League.’ While the Times article evaded this ADL reference and wrote about it in very vague terms, it seems clear where this ‘controversy’ began. The Times referred to it as ‘the issue which came to light in the national news media’ and reported the reuslts:

The Norwegian Ski Federation, which organizes the national teams, said each athlete could decide whether to wear the sweater — though it did confirm that it had organized a second photo shoot of athletes in Dale sweaters after the issue came to light in the national news media in October. In the second, many were no longer wearing the “Attacking Viking” design.

The athletes, asked which sweater they would be packing for the competitions, were reluctant to say.

Kristin Lysdahl, who will represent Norway’s downhill team, said she did not wear the “Attacking Viking” sweater herself — “and none of us use it in front of reporters.”

Jonathan Nordbotten, a member of the men’s World Cup team who will also be competing in the Olympics, was equally reluctant. “No one on our team uses that sweater anymore,” he said.

The dignified and proud Norwegian athletes were shamed into abandoning their ancient cultural past by a manufactured ‘controversy’ invented by the ‘national news media’. Try to imagine the actual controversy had this been perpetrated against any other ethnic group – say for instance a ‘controversy’ which shamed israeli athletes from wearing the ‘star of david’ because it symbolizes rabid zionism and the national tendency which ruthlessly oppresses the native peoples of Palestine.

But this attack against the ancient runic symbols of Europe isn’t exclusive to an Olympic sweater design. Twitter has now banned the use of runes in profile images as ‘hateful imagery’. On 11 February 2018 Twitter user @DefendEuropa posted this entry:

Defend Europa Tweet

The ‘Algiz’ rune is the same ‘Man’ or ‘Elhaz’ rune referred to above which is also represented on the Norwegian sweater. The rune representing a celebration of man’s connection to the Gods. Again, imagine if other religious symbols were banned at Twitter: the christian cross, the star of david, the star and crescent, the Buddhist lotus flower, the taoist yin yang, etc.. This would be utterly decried across the world – but this affront to the ancient religion of the European people goes unquestioned…and even cheered by those who are aware of it.

It isn’t enough to promote the genetic extinction of ethnic European people through non-stop interracial imagery, it isn’t enough to wipe out the thousands of years of ethnic culture and civilization in the European homelands through massive alien immigration, now those who seek the destruction of the Aryan People are even comfortable enough to ban the last vestiges of ancient European religious symbolism. Consider the following image – a Google top search for ‘white couple’:

Google White Couple search

If this doesn’t show with absolute clarity that there is indeed a conscious and intentional program for the destruction of the white gene pool nothing else will. The world never hears the end about the supposed planned racial genocide of the jew by National Socialist Germany. Despite years and years of this claim contrary to any genuine evidence the jews benefit from this tale more than any other race could possibly imagine for themselves. Yet here we have an actual and perfectly provable program of genocide being carried out before all the eyes of the world and not one thing is being done about it – even those of European ethnicity do nothing. There is a feigned outrage by those on the so-called ‘right’ but try to suggest fighting for the natural right of survival and no one runs faster from the possibility than the effete ‘alt-right’ and/or ‘conservative’ elements.

And who gains more than any other from this concerted program? The very element that put it into play beginning nearly 500 years ago: the international jew. They control all of the media mentioned at the start of this entry. They control the governments who are consciously implementing the program on the controlling jew’s behalf. They control international finance which, in these times of greed and vanity, force the hand of corporate, governmental, individual, and legal entities.

While the west bows their heads in respect to a people who claim to be the ultimate ‘victims’ – very few shed a tear or an outcry over their own very real enslavement and eventual demise.

Orwell’s monstrous nightmare of 1984 can’t hold a candle to the very real monstrous nightmare of 2018. And like the people of 1984, the people of 2018 are completely oblivious to the realities of the time – but unlike 1984, 2018 is happening in real time and in the real world. ‘Hate Hour’ occurs every minute of every day.

Still, the nightmare of 2018 does not compare to the nightmare of the future when every other race will have to deal with a world without White…a world of absolute domination by a heartless and ruthless overlord who by cunning and deception destroyed the one force which could have stopped that abomination from occurring. Perhaps then the other races will look to the stars and long for a return of the legendary White gods who once spoke of justice and fair play.