Regular readers of Fearless Freedom Press will find the following entry somewhat different from the usual – it relates ideas not usually spoken of in today’s western cultural mythos and is quite ‘esoteric’ in its implications. Readers who are first visitors will perhaps find it odd, quirky, and a bit ‘off-the-wall’, but will have nothing to really compare it to in regard to this site so it will be their first impression – but it is something of a foundation on which to understand the rest.

This post is written in relation to an entry at Mondoweiss dated 27 March 2018, titled, Older Jews are officially terrified of young Jews’ views of Israel. The article written by Phillip Weiss is striking and more profound than most might understand, for it has deep and meaningful implications in a very broad historical sense. In order to understand how truly broad it is we need to examine a history which has been obscured for just over 2500 years. It is a history that has deeply affected the world throughout that entire time and led us to where we are today.

In writing about this history in this post sources will be scarce as this is a topic of a broad scope of research and literature since the 18th century – citing authors and scholars would become more of a distraction from the point than a useful tool for the reader. A synthesis, of sorts, of the most relevant research is presented here. In this sense it is somewhat abstract but this does not deter from the deeply symbolic and more profound meaning of the Weiss article.

So let’s begin this strange journey.

Scholars and historians who have delved into the realities and meanings of the biblical Old Testament have made, over the years, some very curious discoveries regarding its origins and prominent personalities. One of the most outstanding revelations regard the person of Moses. For instance, according to Egyptian tradition Moses is said to have been an Egyptian priest from Heliopolis named, Osarsyph. When he fled Egypt he took with him a group of people known as Hebrews. After having climbed to a summit, this Moses discovered a set of enlightened laws – tradition says that Moses had been given these laws on a stone tablet written upon by the very finger of God. These simple laws have been passed on through the years as the Ten Commandments. These ‘commandments’ weren’t much different than the ethical codes being practiced my numerous other more ‘civilized’ peoples throughout the world at the time. It is assumed that Moses gave these laws to the more-or-less un-civilized Hebrews in order to instill in them an enlightened code of conduct for their newfound free society. The circumstances of Moses’ death and/or disappearance have never really been discovered – some suggest that he was, in fact, assassinated.

Various scholars and historians make an interesting revelation regarding the tale about the two stone tablets, the two laws given by Moses. Those familiar with the biblical myth have known about it in its corrupted form: after having come down from the summit with the original laws Moses finds that the Hebrews had given themselves over to the worship of the ‘golden calf’ and all sorts of paganistic practices. In his fury, he smashed the stone tablets. Having felt remorse about this he ascends to the summit again and is given a new set of laws written on a second stone tablet.

But this is only the corrupted tale of the laws. The more authentic tale is the one with profound significance. The jews speak of this as the ‘second covenant’. The first covenant was that of the first set of laws given to Moses. The second covenant became known as the Torah. It was written by Nehemiah, and Ezra, and influenced by a college of scribes of the Great Synagogue during the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple post-Babylonian exile, circa 622 BCE. The tale about Moses having broken one tablet of laws then replacing them with a second is a fabrication – the second set of laws were imposed upon Judah long after Moses’ trek from Egypt. This New Covenant is referred to in Deuteronomy, or ‘the Fifth Book of Moses’. When these scribes declared the rule of the Torah, which included some thirteen thousand, six hundred laws and precepts meant to dominate the lives of all in every facet of their existence, the people – now known as ‘Jews’ – wept.

It is in the Torah where the once loving, but firm, Jupiter becomes the intolerant, jealous, angry, and malevolently violent ‘god’, Jehovah. The jews are declared this god’s ‘chosen people’ above all others. A racial religion is born where miscegenation was condemned before god and man – punishable by death and misfortune to the third generation. This Jehovah condemned all other peoples to destruction and annihilation – the Jews were commanded to not only kill the men, women, and children, but also their livestock and anything else living in the lands they would be sent to conquer. The jew was to become the ‘masters of the Earth’. Jehovah chose to reside on Mount Zion and Jerusalem would be its ‘Holy City’.

Fast forward to 66 CE – The Roman Empire ruled a vast expanse in the known world, including Palestine – they installed protectorates in the various areas and often allowed tribal leaders to govern based upon Roman law. The Jewish leadership, having exclusivity in their blood, rebelled against Rome. The first Jewish-Roman war took place between 66 CE and 70 CE – it culminated in the Roman destruction of the second temple. The radicals who instituted the rebellion dispersed to various other areas. In 132 CE, another rebellion was forged – between 132 CE and 135 CE, the second Jewish-Roman war occurred. The result was the now famous ‘diaspora’ – the jewish leadership, and all who chose to follow them, were expelled from Jerusalem after a resounding defeat. It is important to note that this was not a ‘state’ known as ‘Israel’, and the jews were expelled from the capital city of Jerusalem where many tribal peoples existed – they were not expelled from Palestine, en total. Also, many Jews chose to continue to live in Palestine accepting Roman rule and law. It was mainly the rebellious jews and their followers who chose the ‘diaspora’ as punishment for their exclusivist rebellion and open war with the Romans.

Now we fast forward to the late 19th century.

Some say it was due to the industrial revolution – the sea change in Western Society’s cultural ethos. The change from the agrarian/township way of life to the mechanized/city life. Some say it was due to a more esoteric change of the ‘Age’ – from the Piscean age to the new Aquarian age. Some believe it was a combination of both. The fact is that beginning in the late 19th century something profound began to occur. A great conflict of previously unknown levels began to brew – the conflict between Zion and the West.

From August 29 to August 31, 1897, the first Jewish Congress was held in Basle, Switzerland. It was attended by 208 delegates and 26 press correspondents. The congress was convened and chaired by Theodor Herzl – the man now said to be the founder of the modern Zionist movement. During this congress a zionist platform was developed which became known as the ‘Basel Program’. It was the beginning of the movement which would shake the Western world to its very foundations.

At the same time, in the center of Europe, but also scattered in various other areas of the West, a new esotericism began to rise. A new search, a new spirit, took hold in the more philosophical thinkers’ conversation – a search for origins. It seemed as if the nearly 1800 year daze imposed upon the European peoples by semitic Christianity began to fade. The ancient Aryan Kristos mythos began to reenter the Western consciousness. With this numerous groups and organizations took shape – they focused on ancient myths from both the East and the West. From these researches came a new, yet very old, understanding of the cosmos and the origins of ‘race’ and ‘culture’. Of all the groups involved with this research it was those of the Germans who took it most seriously. Not content with the more philosophical aspects of thought, the Germans sought hard evidence as proofs of them. A number of these thinkers set out to investigate these origins – expeditions to the ancient sites were made, amazing facts were discovered.

Rather than relate these things, as that would be a topic which has taken volumes by other authors to produce, we can settle with a simple fact. What was discovered about origins, ‘race’, history, and philosophy, so deeply inspired the thinkers who, in turn, inspired the peoples of Germany that an entirely new, yet very old, society arose around it. A society based upon integrity, honor, community, self-sacrifice, and meaningful work. The ‘modern’ world of selfish finance and debauchery was shunned. Health and constructive building towards a new world became the common goals which transformed a people from utter defeat and humiliation to the most successful and prosperous nation on Earth at the time – this was the Third Reich.

When the International Jews declared war upon Germany, only days after Adolf Hitler took the reigns as Fuhrer, the monumental clash of civilizations was set.

It has often been remarked here at Fearless Freedom Press that Germany’s loss of WWII was the loss of the West. Anyone who would be honest with him/herself, seeing what is occurring in Europe today, as well as in the US and all other European-based homelands, will agree to this. The point of this, in relation to the meaning of this particular post, is that the zionist war on Germany was only a prelude to the zionist war on the rest of the West as well as the Middle East.

The ‘second covenant’ – that law of maniacal exclusivity imposed upon the Jewish people by a strangely diabolical ‘priesthood’ – is now hitting home in a new generation of young Jews. It seems that, like the young Germans and others of the West who woke up from the daze of semitic Christianity searching for the soul of their People, the young Jews are now waking up from a nightmarish obsession imposed upon them for countless generations.

In Phillip Weiss’ article he writes that the, ‘[o]lder Jews are now officially terrified of young Jews.’ He asks, why? The answer, according to the article:

Because those young Jews are not persuaded of the value of the great Jewish project of the last century, Israel.

But this is only the answer as framed by the zionists themselves. Weiss quotes US Senator, Chuck Schumer:

The greatest threat to Israel in the short term is Iran, we know that…. But the long term danger for Israel is something we don’t think about enough. The young people in America do not know Israel’s story. If you look at the polling data, they don’t know what Israel has gone through, and their support for Israel is declining, in every part of the country, every age group [sic], even the evangelical young people’s support for Israel is declining.

On the contrary, the young people in America know Israel’s story. ‘Israel’s story’ is perhaps more prominent in these young people’s minds than America’s story itself. And there lies the rub. These young people are now given the option of comparing ‘Israel’s story’ as related in generations past, with Israel’s story as related by numerous other viewpoints in historical terms.

Weiss quotes David Harris of the American Jewish Committee – a ‘man of nearly 70 who makes upwards of half a million a year’ – standing at the pulpit of a Westchester synagogue ranting:

Every time I hear in a Jewish meeting concerns about our children and their lack of interest in Israel, their apathy about Israel, their hostility to Israel… to me it’s extraordinarily painful, and I ask myself, Where did we go wrong? Where did we go wrong?

What is it that brings shame among some? What are we doing wrong in our homes? What are we doing wrong in our schools?

It is quite astonishing that these zionist ‘leaders’ don’t understand what they are ‘doing wrong’ – what ‘brings shame among some’. When people of conscience, old or young, see what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people – the torture and oppression of particularly women, children, and the elderly, the inhuman denial of the basics for survival, the illegal land-grabs denounced by the world – they of course find it ‘wrong’. But most of all, the young Jews will find it a source of shame.

The most telling quote mentioned in the article is made by Ron Lauder, head of the World Jewish Congress:

An increasing number of Jewish millennials — particularly in the United States — are distancing themselves from Israel because its policies contradict their values. The results are unsurprising: assimilation, alienation and a severe erosion of the global Jewish community’s affinity for the Jewish homeland.

This is the essence of the ‘problem’ – the result of Jewish millennials’ distancing themselves from Israel isn’t that of ‘assimilation’ and ‘alienation’, the Jewish millennials’ distancing themselves from Israel is the result of ‘assimilation’ and ‘alienation’. For centuries the jewish priesthood held the minds of the Jewish people in the thralls of fear and obedience based upon the exclusive dominance of the wrathful and destructive ‘god’, Jehovah. The ‘second covenant’ enslaved the entire mind and spirit of the Jewish people. In our time we see the ‘fulfillment’ of Israel in Palestine – and it is far from ‘divine’. It is malicious, violent, destructive, and filled with all of the annihilation directed by this ‘Jehovah’. In many ways, this ‘Jehovah’ reveals itself in this torturous and rogue ‘state’.

Some say that Hitler’s role in the ‘new age’ was to reveal the true ‘enemy’ once and for all – that this enemy which was ‘hidden’ among many civilizations over the span of thousands of years had to be exposed so that a new age could be born. If the horrors which the German people had to endure after WWII couldn’t expose this malignant force because of the controlled information since, it now seems that the ‘state’ of ‘Israel’ itself is doing so. And it is apparent even to the Jewish ‘millennials’.

Weiss ends his article writing about a somewhat laughable irony. Referring to the international Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement which is having some success despite attempts to make it illegal in the US in particular, he notes that Israel’s ‘ministry of diaspora affairs has lit on a new way to counter the boycott movement — by watering down the influence of American Jews!’ Weiss notes that Israel is now mining Jews in other countries. Quoting Noa Landau at Haaretz:

A committee appointed by Israel’s Diaspora Affairs minister says that there are some 60 million people around the world with an “affinity” to Judaism or Israel. The committee says that among them there are communities that could be brought to Israel and converted to Judaism. The committee’s recommendations call for reaching out to these communities and introducing them to content related to Israel and Judaism…

The Strategic Affairs Ministry would also be involved in cooperating with such communities in its battle against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

It seems that the racial exclusivity of Jehovah’s promise has been lifted. In the ‘Reformed Law’ it was written, ‘Proselytes are as harmful to Judaism as an ulcer is to the human body.’ Now that the fulfillment of ‘Israel’ is being seen for what it is, the zionist leadership are apparently so desperate that this maxim can now be tossed to the wind.

The subject of ‘race’ is very real – what was at stake in the war of wars was a question of which racial meaning would ‘win’ in the battle. One which was fabricated through deceit and a resulting enslavement, or one which embraced a true historical spirit of ancient origins. The True lost that round. The irony is that while the people of the West have fallen into enslavement and deceit, the revelation of the ancient enemy has opened the door to freedom for the tortured Jew. Perhaps this is what is meant by the remnant of ‘Hitlerists’, who survive to this day, when they say, ‘Hitler had to lose in order that he would eventually win.’

When the Jews themselves realize that they’ve been duped, it won’t be long before the West will find itself having been duped as well. When the people of the West realize this it is quite possible that the whole zionist charade will go falling down, and with it the entire destructive financial/cultural domination of selfish greed. Could this all be leading to the dawning of a truly New Age? It is an interesting thought indeed.

‘It is necessary that I die for my people; but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right.’ – Adolf Hitler