Editor’s Comment: Things seem to get more interesting in the world of Jewish politics these days.

In the most recent previous post here at FFP, a somewhat deep commentary was made regarding Phillip Weiss’ 27 March post at Mondoweiss titled, Older Jews are officially terrified of young Jews’ views of Israel. In that FFP post we considered the profound nature of this phenomenon – of the fact that ‘Jewish millenials’ growing disinterest, and outright opposition by some, to the ‘state’ of Israel is causing distress among the old school zionists. It appears that a considerable portion of the younger Jews are moving out of the ghettos of their minds – that isolationist and paranoid nightmare imposed upon generations through a dominating priesthood created by men determined to rule through deception.

These Jewish ‘millenials’ can hardly be considered ‘fascist’, ‘alt-right’, or ‘nazi’ in any way, shape, or form – at least for the most part. Most of them are motivated by a more ‘leftist progressive’ sympathy more in line with the ‘brotherhood of man’ concept than the ethnic hierarchical concepts embraced by ‘fascist’ thinkers. But to the old school zionists, anyone or any thought which challenges jewish supremacy and the ‘state’ of israel are automatically lumped into the one great boogieman of the 20th century – the ‘nazis’. The thing is, that lie, that deception is about run out as a currency to the younger generations. A popular phrase going around the web these days is one that puts the fear of the gods into the old school zionists; Truth Will Out. And Truth appears to be making a huge comeback.

Today, American Free Press posted an interesting article in relation to all of this. It’s titled, SPLC Under Fire, and it’s one for the books. The post speaks well enough to the issue on its own and is published in its entirety below. The only point that should be made here is that this is perhaps the one and only time in this writer’s memory that the ultra-hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has had to redact an assault upon its otherwise unwitting victims. Perhaps it was due to the fact that these smear victims included Jews themselves – or, perhaps it was due to the fact that these are journalists who are currently more respected by the ‘millenials’ than the old school zionists, and the old schoolers ‘fear’ described in the Weiss article forced the SPLC’s hand. Whatever the case, this is once again a potent sign of change from the previous decades of character assassination terrorism which the zionists have been so successful with for at least a century.

In the SPLC’s ‘apology clarification’ they claim, ‘…neither we nor the article’s author intended to make any such accusations’ – everyone who knows knows that this indeed what they intended. Only this time it blew up in their face. A real ‘WOW’ moment for sure.

SPLC Under Fire
By: John Friend

Once again, the nation’s leading professional hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has come under fire, this time for unfounded smear jobs against a number of legitimate journalists. The hate-monger retracted its accusatory article. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an insidious, subversive, anti-free-speech organization masquerading as a legitimate human rights group, is under fire for once again smearing a number of legitimate, professional journalists as “fascists” and “racists” colluding with the Russian government to promote such views.

In a now-redacted article, originally published March 9 under the headline “The multipolar spin: how fascists operationalize left-wing resentment,” the SPLC attempted to portray a number of anti-war, progressive journalists—including Max Blumenthal, a Jewish journalist critical of the Israeli regime and its brutal occupation of Palestine—as pawns of right wingers and a broader campaign involving Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian regime.

Following publication of the article, written by Portland State University lecturer Alexander Reid Ross, Blumenthal and others expressed outrage that they were being falsely portrayed as stooges of the “alt-right” and the Russians. Roughly one week after the article was published, the SPLC took the piece down and replaced it with an apology note attempting to clarify the purpose of the report.

“On March 9, 2018, we posted an article on our Hatewatch blog entitled ‘The multipolar spin: how fascists operationalize left-wing resentment,’ ” the SPLC wrote in its apology clarification note published on March 14. “Shortly after its publication, we received complaints registered by or on behalf of several journalists mentioned in the article that it falsely described one or another of them as white supremacists, fascists, and/or anti-Semites, and falsely accused them of engaging in a conspiracy with the Putin regime to promote such views. Because neither we nor the article’s author intended to make any such accusations, we took it down while we re-examined its contents.”

The SPLC went on to apologize to the journalists and researchers they smeared, including Blumenthal, Ben Norton, Tim Pool, Rania Khalek, and Brian Becker.

Following the original article’s publication, Blumenthal and a number of other prominent anti-war journalists and activists, including Glenn Greenwald, criticized the SPLC for their blatantly dishonest and misleading report. Greenwald described the hit piece as a “scummy” attempt to “smear everyone who dissents from the NATO/neocon view of Syria as bigots and tools of Nazis.”

The latest controversy involving the SPLC comes at a time when the treacherous, un-American organization has been revealed to be a part of YouTube and other top Internet and social media companies’ “Trusted Flaggers” team, which polices YouTube, Google, Facebook, and other platforms for “hate speech” and “racism” by “flagging” content for removal and censorship. Given the SPLC’s clearly blatant bias against conservatives and traditionalists, many are calling for an end to their close relationship with YouTube and other Internet giants.

Trey Radel, a former member of Congress who has in the past been smeared by the SPLC as a “dangerous extremist,” called on YouTube to terminate its relationship with the SPLC in a powerful op-ed published on the conservative online outlet “The Daily Caller.”

“The SPLC is not a legitimate source,” Radel correctly averred. “The Southern Poverty Law Center is as much of a hate group as the organizations it claims to out.”

via American Free Press