His enemies relentlessly attempt to defame him – and his faithful Folk – but as time goes on more and more people are learning the truth about this Great Man. He gave his all in devotion to his Nation and his people. He could not be compromised – he could not be bought off. And he revealed the true enemy of mankind – as time marches forward his warnings are vindicated almost daily.

Wir feiern den freudigen Geburtstag des Führers – Adolf Hitler
20 April 1889

The Fuhrer - Stormy Beach

The following is a speech Adolf Hitler presented to an armament factory workers’ assembly mid-WWII – It has become known as, The Fight Between Two Worlds. The truths in these words are just as relevant and profound for today as they were more than seventy years ago. Adolf Hitler’s final words of this speech seem almost as a confident haunting promise – would be really nice.

What I’m planning today and what kind of goal I set up for myself is nothing in comparison to what lies behind us in terms of achievement and success.

It will be achieved faster and more securely than what has been achieved until now.

Because the way of the unknown nameless man to the Fuhrer of the German Nation was much more difficult than the way from the Fuhrer of the German nation to the designer of the later peace.

And one day there will come a time when we will trustingly fight again for the Great Reich of peace, of work, of well-being and culture, which we want to erect and which we will erect.