So, on 12 April 2018, Chicago’s WGN online published an entry titled, 41% of Americans do not know what Auschwitz is, survey says. What was really quite telling is that a considerable percentage of those polled were actually more accurate with their understanding of the number dead than the number which the New York Times still insist is the ‘actual figure’.

Though 96% of respondents said the Holocaust took place, 31% believe a maximum of 2 million Jews were killed, well under the actual figure of about 6 million, reports the New York Times. The percentage increased to 41% among millennials, defined as those aged 18 to 34.

You know, that 6 million.

That number was being used even before the German National Socialists took power in 1933. See here [Editor’s Note: since this entry was first posted, the original link has become dead, thanks to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine the page can still be seen – the Internet Archive is a very valuable resource for ‘lost’ media, supporting it is a noble deed] and here – just two places of many. But consider, the 6 million figure remains in the popular jargon despite the fact that even at Auschwitz the number dead has been significantly reduced from ‘four million’ to ‘about one and a half million’.

'4 million' Auschwitz plaque - 1948 until 1989
‘Four Million’ Auschwitz plaque – 1948 until 1989
'About One And A Half Million' -'4 million' - Current Auschwitz plaque
‘About One And A Half Million’ – Current Auschwitz plaque

Those ‘millennials’ are apparently doing their homework. This is just considering Auschwitz, it does not include the other claims by the ‘holocaust industry’ including the ridiculous scenarios of deaths by ‘mobile gas chambers’, ‘swimming pool electrocution’, etc.

But this is sort-of an aside from the actual point of this post.

After reading the WGN report, I myself made a comment on social media half tongue-in-cheek, but mostly serious:

Um, yeah…I suppose that next on the agenda will be a whole new slew of holohoax films, kids in schools will have to be reminded with holohoax curriculums, and a stream of miraculous survivors will go on tour with multi-media presentations crying, ‘never again, and by the way…give us money!’

It was only after making that quip that I looked to read who it was that actually took the survey – wouldn’t you know: The Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Study was commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

Seems there’s no limit to the amount of audacity and greed these jews have when it comes to sucking the German people out of their wealth. Adolf Hitler becomes vindicated more and more with each passing year – after all, this was one of his major problems with the jew even before he became Fuhrer.

But it’s not just Germany – it’s also the people of the US. Yes, the US – the country that facilitated the liberation of those ‘death camps’. The people of the US have been forking out billions of dollars to the jew for decades as well. And now New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who represents the 12th District of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, wants even more.

Just two days before this ‘survey’ conveniently appeared in the press, this Muloney character had already introduced yet another ‘Holocaust’ Bill to Congress: H. R. 5460. As Carolyn Yeager nicely explains:

The purpose of the legislation is to direct the Sec. Of Education to award grants for Holocaust educational programs AND to accept DONATIONS, as gifts or bequests, to be used as part of the Holocaust Education Assistance Program.

Yeager does a very nice analysis of this bill and readers should really check it out here.

Section 2, Paragraph 6, of this newly proposed bill gets to  the real heart of the situation.

(6) Today, those who deny that the Holocaust occurred or distort the true nature of the Holocaust continue to find forums, especially online; this denial and distortion dishonors those who were persecuted, and murdered. This makes it even more of a national imperative to educate students in the United States so that they may explore the lessons that the Holocaust provides for all people, sensitize communities to the circumstances that gave rise to the Holocaust, and help youth be less susceptible to the falsehood of Holocaust denial and distortion and to the destructive messages of hate that arise from Holocaust denial and distortion.

In other words: “Oy Vey…the TRUTH IS OUT THERE, and people are becoming more and more aware of it as time goes on…only ‘sensitizing’ *read: programming* ‘communities’ will sustain the con…and by the way, give us your money!”

With that kind of timing on Maloney’s part it’s real easy to make a ‘conspiratorial’ connection between the conference on jewish theft ‘material claims’ against Germany’s ‘survey’ and the bill. How infuriatingly predictable.