Editor’s Comment: While the following entry by Brandon Turberville is excellent in its analysis, there is one point that can be challenged. He concludes with this thought:

In 2018, Americans are told to be ready to risk a third world war to protect al-Qaeda.

The unfortunate truth is that the world-at-large cares nothing about what is happening to Syria, Palestine, or Iraq via the zionist american bully in the Middle East. Even Russia, which claims to be Syria’s ‘ally’, has done nothing to stop the israeli air assaults which have repeatedly occurred since the zionist american embassy move to jerusalem – air forays which even hit targets near Russia’s own installations.

Some may ask how is this ‘unfortunate’ then, if it averts a third world war? Simply put, standing up against this monstrous assault against decency would not lead to a ‘third world war’ if the world’s conscience would act – it would be folly for the united states of zion to challenge such a front. But what is definitely taking shape is the absolute dominance of the Middle-East by an arrogant and enslaving evil – an evil which already has its tentacles firmly suffocating the peoples of the West into submission. One can no longer assume that Russia stands as a bulwark against this Middle-East takeover – as a matter of fact, it’s now a pretty fair assumption that Russia itself is in the game for a place at the table in a most deceptive and despicable way. Even China is not immune to this criticism as its alliances with Russia for Middle-Eastern resources precludes any protest on behalf of decency.

What is occurring before the eyes of the world is actually a virtual ‘third world war’ – the tragedy is, this war is being waged against the simple peoples of the planet by a cabal of criminals who spare no shame in their quest to dominate and enslave the world. And there is no alternative force.

That was seen to in the years of 1939-1945.

What was America’s plan [for the region]? The plan was to create venomous, evil, and destructive groups, such as ISIS, to divert nations’ attention from the occupying Zionist regime and not to let them think about the Zionist regime…

They claim they were involved in the destruction of ISIS. This is a lie. The policy of the U.S. is to keep ISIS, but under their own thumb. Of course, ISIS, and other such groups, are easy to create for the U.S., but difficult to handle. They want to keep calling the shots with ISIS. Beside the fact that the U.S. is not able to make the region secure.

21 March 2018
Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

us-uk-isreal axis

Brandon Turbeville
28 May 2018

In an apparent attempt to remove all pretense that the United States is nothing more than al-Qaeda’s Air Force in Syria, the American government is warning its Syrian counterpart that, if the SAA moves ahead with its upcoming southern offensive to remove ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists from its southern borders, the U.S. will take “firm and appropriate measures.

In other words, the United States is telling Syria that it had better not attack ISIS forces or else. Indeed, American “Firm and appropriate measures” seems like a very thinly veiled threat of military action particularly since the United States seems incapable of taking any “measures” that aren’t “kinetic” in nature outside of its borders.

After liberating the Yarmouk camp south of Damascus and quickly liberating a stretch of territory between Homs and Aleppo, the Syrian military is building up forces in the south of the country in a much anticipated move to liberate Daraa and the surrounding areas bordering with Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan.

Of course, while no one who has been following the Syrian crisis would be surprised that the nation who funded, organized, trained, armed, and directed terrorist forces in Syria (including ISIS), would do whatever it could to protect its proxy army, it is rather surprising to see the U.S. government so openly state that ISIS terrorists are “off limits” and to do away with even the formalities of pretending that it wants to see Daesh destroyed. As al-Masdar News reports,

The US State Department issued a statement late Friday saying it was “concerned” by leaflets, which were reportedly dropped by government aircraft in the province of Daraa.

According to reports circulating among pro-opposition monitors, the leaflets called on the militants to stop fighting and reconcile with the Syrian government, otherwise they would allegedly “gamble their lives” and head to “inevitable death.”

“We also caution the Syrian regime against any actions that risk broadening the conflict or jeopardize the ceasefire,” said spokeswoman Heather Nauert, noting that the ceasefire had been reaffirmed by Washington and Moscow last November. “As a guarantor of this de-escalation area with Russia and Jordan, the United States will take firm and appropriate measures in response to Assad regime violations,” she added.

The fact is that the United States is watching its plan to destroy the Syrian government fail before its very eyes. Now, it is moving to enact “Plan B,” aka the “federalization” of Syria into “microstates” to the benefit of Atlanticist geopolitical goals and the regional positioning of Israel. In order to do so, it is necessary to keep as many terrorist elements inside Syria as possible in order to keep the Syrian government under constant pressure and ensure the delineation of ethnic/religious boundaries. The presence of ISIS in southern Syria also gives the United States a reason to remain in Syria since it claims its presence in the country revolves around the destruction of ISIS. Of course, even that reason would not change the fact that the American presence is entirely illegal.

As the US becomes more and more desperate to overthrow Assad and/or partition the country, its military action is becoming more and more reckless and its public statements are becoming more and more open as to where its allegiances lie.

But speaking of lying … It is unfortunate that the average attention span of the average Westerner is so short. If it were longer, Americans might remember when the US government told them:

  1. The US opposes all terrorism and is engaged in a war against terror.
  2. The US wants stability in the Middle East.
  3. Assad is a brutal dictator who kills his own people.
  4. Syrians hate Assad.
  5. The “rebels” were all democracy loving peaceful protesters.
  6. The “rebels” were violent only in reaction to a horrific crackdown by the Syrian military.
  7. The “rebels” were democracy loving freedom fighters. There were no terrorist elements.
  8. The “rebels” were overwhelmingly democracy loving freedom fighters with some jihadist elements who had infiltrated their ranks.
  9. The “rebels” were Syrian.
  10. The “rebels” were mostly jihadists but had moderate elements.
  11. The “rebels” were jihadists but better than ISIS.
  12. The US is not involved in Syria.
  13. The US is not supporting rebels.
  14. The US is in Syria to “defeat ISIS.”

Now, we have come full circle and the United States is openly threatening conflagration in support of ISIS/al-Qaeda, the very terrorist organization which was used to justify the elimination of vast amounts of civil liberties for American citizens domestically.

In 2001, Americans were told to shred their constitutional rights and accept a police state due to an alleged attack by al-Qaeda. In 2018, Americans are told to be ready to risk a third world war to protect al-Qaeda. It appears the State Department is now reading George Orwell’s works as a script writing model.

(via Activist Post)