Today is Sunday – the Sun’s Day. The day of Light – and no better day than this to bring some to a very darkened world.

There are many foolish things about the ‘modern’ world that would be considered simply laughable by the wiser of the Ancient World. For instance, the idea that this is an ‘evolved’ state of civilization. One need only channel-surf the magic-box to observe that to the contrary, there is no high-ground to be seen – merely a ‘culture’ of barbarity, debasing sexualism, gauche materialism, and empty ‘entertainments’  that do nothing for the mental or spiritual strength of the viewers. Chaotic lives are top-rated: ridiculous programs referred to as ‘reality’ teevee weekly focus on dysfunctional families, mates, and even couples separated by prison walls due to the breach of law. Artificial struggles for ‘survival’ weekly focus on contrived relationships that pit ‘teams’ and personalities against one another to see who can ‘win’ in the end – always dependent on deceptive schemes and selfish motives. Gangsters, drug-makers and dealers are glorified as champions who do what they must to come out on top in a dog-eat-dog world. And these only scratch the surface of the absurdity that is the ‘modern’ world.

Of course, this is all part of a larger scheme of mental manipulation that those who are in control use to further their enslaving agenda. Raising consciousness and the love of Truth and Beauty are items completely absent from their list. It is not their intent to evolve the individual or ‘society’ – their intent is to bring low the threshold – hence making the ‘masses’ easily controlled and not capable of Higher-Thought, atomized yet all part of a dumb herd.

But this post will focus on another side of the culture-kampf that has pervaded the social struggle for at least two millennia. One might easily argue that it is this very struggle that has led to all the nonsense we see today. It is the struggle of ‘religion’. It is the struggle of the ‘Old Gods’ versus the newer ‘God’.

The newer ‘God’ is the god invented and described in the hebrew ‘Old Testament’ and, by extension, the ‘New Testament’. The ‘patriarch’ of the ‘people of god’ identified in the both testaments is a man by the name of ‘Abraham’. It is this abraham who can be considered the patriarch of the three religions that dominate the world stage today: judaism, christianity, and islam. These religions differ from all others in that they have not arisen as the dominant religious cults due to the teachings of Beauty and Truth – they instead arose by deception and by the sword. The esoteric meaning of ‘abraham’ is lost upon these religions, as the judaic interpretation is merely an appropriation and corruption of something far more ancient.

The followers of the Old Gods were not evangelical – they believed that the gods are self-evident. No one needs to be ‘brought to god’ – god is everywhere, always present and knowable simply by observing Nature Itself. They were life affirming beliefs – not speculations about the ‘hereafter’ and the ‘beyond’. The old religions were a celebration of life and an acknowledgement of the awesome powers of Nature. Struggle is a fact of life – but human strength and an understanding of the gods make the struggles easier to overcome. The very meaning of life is to overcome – as well as to aid in the true evolution on Earth. This religious understanding was reflected in the lives of the people: from the individual, to the family, to the tribe, to the race. And none were more outstanding in their achievements than the Aryans – the Race that fostered what today is referred to as the ‘white’ race. These Aryans were the builders of the ‘Seven Wonders’ – and more – that ‘modern man’ can scarcely equal in anything of today. Many of their monuments still exist after thousands of years – where everything built today will scarcely be recognizable in as many years into the future.

What does this have to do with ‘religion’ today…? Time to clarify:

There is an account on the social network Gab called, King James Bible Verses. By the name it’s obvious that the user is a ‘christian’ cult member. On 13 November, the user of this account post an entry which illustrates the point to be made here. The Gab user’s entry featured the following representation:


It was captioned thus:


The image is meant to depict the banishment of the Old Gods into a dark pit, led by a winged figure one can assume is the traditional figure of ‘satan’, as imagined in the abrahamic religious cults. The Gab user – with ignorant and arrogant bravado – laughingly declares that this ‘jesus’ has ‘killed’ the Old Gods. Does this not depict the very mind-set that has corrupted everything Beautiful and True in these ‘modern’ times…?

What are the Old Gods but the magnificent Powers shown through Nature and all of the known Universe? From the smallest atom to the unfathomable stretches of the cosmos – there we find the Old Gods.

And this mental midget dares to proclaim that this creature of myth killed these gods.

This arrogant stupidity must be addressed – because it captures the essence of the same in every facet of life today.

If anyone has the ignorance to truly believe that the Old Gods are dead consider this: the fires that rage in California and elsewhere are the Old Gods, the hurricanes’ wind and waters that wipe out cities and towns overnight are the Old Gods, even the devouring force released by atomic weapons are the Old Gods – men who think that they control this force should beware: the Old Gods will devour them way before they can possibly recover.

The fact is, the Old Gods will still be here after the mental midgets disappear forever. Even if, by some catastrophic occurrence, the Earth blows up in one great burst, the forces that are the Old Gods will still remain.

While this arrogant and ignorant ‘christian’ cult member may laugh in its foolish way, those who are wiser can only laugh louder at the insolence. Let this jesus believer call upon its ‘christ’ to freeze the fires, calm the winds and the waves, halt the force unleashed by foolish weapons of mass destruction – we’ll see whose ‘god’ is dead…and which Ones are very much alive.

This post began with a synopsis of the ridiculous nature of the so-called ‘modern’ world. It ends suggesting a very important point: whether one believes in the abrahamic ‘god’, or no god at all, the powers of the universe – and the Wisdom found in its Nature – care nothing about it. Each reaps what they sow – and it’s far better to live in Harmony with those gods, than live in ignorant foolishness hoping for a ‘savior’ that stands impotent against the forces of Eternity.

The Sun still allows the mortals the energies that sustain their lives – the Light always burns bright, even when the blind no longer see it.