This is getting pretty sad.

In the video posted below, Russian Insider contributor, Tom Luongo gives his opinion about donald trump’s embarrassing failures in light of the G20 Summit.

Luongo is talking as if there once was a point where trump was his own man. That he was somehow corrupted by insiders after his appointment to the throne. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Luongo, like so many other trump believers, still can’t face the reality that trump was a shill from the start. That trump NEVER had any control of the process. That trump took the ‘alt-right’ for a ride.

Today, it’s irrelevant to the powers behind the throne whether trump’s supporters are behind him – they’ve done the dirty work that was required with him as their public face. The only role trump now has is to play is the figurehead — as embarrassing as that is. And it’s okay with trump, because he never had much dignity to begin with.

Some of us knew even before the ‘election’ that trump was a shill, a stooge, a ‘patsy’. And we tried to tell anyone who would listen. Those of us who saw this coming down main street argued with evidence about trump’s suspect connections, as well as his past activities, that trump has no interest in anything he was claiming to care about. But we were assaulted with insults and worse.

Even now, when it’s patently obvious, people like Luongo still refuse to acknowledge that they’ve been had. They’d rather believe that trump really meant well, and that he has somehow been compromised after the fact.

In their most desperate moments the trump fans cite the jobs/wall street stats as trump’s great accomplishment. But deep inside they know that a buck and a job, and a $300 tax rebate, isn’t fixing what’s broken. That Wall Street isn’t part of their true interests. That trump is an international embarrassment whose every foreign policy move has been useless in terms of ‘making america great again.’ In fact, america’s weakness has never been more pronounced.

But they just won’t bring themselves to admit — they were wrong from the start.

Simply pathetic…and laughably absurd.

For the complete blogpost from Luongo, Trump Folds at G-20 on Everything – which describes why trump was such an embarrassment at G20 – click here.