One can post for days, weeks, months. One can reveal lies, deceptions, manipulations – all and every assault against Dignity, Honor, and Nobility. One can write on and on about the machinations of wicked powers and the debasement of everything Beautiful and Good.

But in a world dominated by crass, vulgar, beastly priests of greed, hate, violence, and war, those words, those revelations, fall on deaf ears.

In the end, only the touch of personal tragedy, of personal victimization, motivates the individual to take an interest…to sometimes take action. Eyes are opened – but no longer can the individual say or ask, ‘why didn’t someone warn me…?’ The ugly realities have been revealed for over a century – but individuals chose to turn away.

It is not only a struggle for the freedom and security of the German Nation, but a gigantic clash on the future destiny of Europe. Definitely of the civilized Western World.


The conveniences of the ‘modern’ world made it easy to shrug it off – to think, ‘that’s not my problem.’

But now, fewer and fewer find that so easy to do. The assault against decency is at their door.

What will come of all of this…?

Perhaps, the Human Spirit will again rise to face the jackals…