From a very very early age I took an interest in…everything.

I don’t recall ever learning how to read – it seems I always knew how. Because of this, the entire world of ideas was open to me. When I was guided to the public library and given my first library card, I couldn’t get enough…knowledge. Children’s books were of very little interest to me – adventure novels, scientific explorations from the atom to the far reaches of space, even books about flight and instrument flying captured my attentions. These and so much more reflected the curious nature of my mind.

Watching television was the same. I had not so much interest in any type of ‘entertainment’ fare as I had an interest in…learning. Educational public television provided me with many ideas – to the annoyance of my siblings who preferred more fictional fare. But I also took an interest in sport. Not being content with simply the competitive ‘gaming’ aspect, I borrowed books on the rules, as well as the ‘science’ of the sports. For me, baseball was by far the most scientific, the most beautiful of all sports. It was math – geometry, physics – governed by sensible rules. Needless to say, I developed a rapport with the boys and earned my way first onto the asphalt diamonds, then onto the park fields.

I had every chance of being the first girl in my state to play in Little League. But this was not to be. And the reason wasn’t because I was female – it was because of other females’ obstruction.

You see, this all happened when those of my age were making the discoveries of pubescence. Particularly the discovery of the ‘opposite sex’. While I too developed the natural ‘crush’ on a boy or two who appealed to my girlish imagination, I never let that become a ‘thing’ in my love to play ball. But this wasn’t how my peers operated. Long story short – my female peers saw my popularity on the field as a competition for the males of their fantasies. They threatened that if I were allowed to play, they too would join the team. Never mind that none of them had any practiced skills in the sport, nor any knowledge of the game rules. Because the league saw only a diminished integrity of the sport if this were to occur, I was denied a place on the field. A few years later, when girls were in fact allowed into the league, a mother of one of my former sporting cohorts took a pause at a community gathering to say to me, ‘Aren’t you the one who tried to play in Little League…? I wish you could today because the girls are just awful. You could inspire them.’ Needless to say, things have changed and many females are genuinely skilled and deserve their places on the field.

This isn’t about females in sport – it’s about the astonishingly wicked nature of female ‘competition’. It’s about the power of illogical female emotionalism. Only another woman who has experienced this stunning force of hate can speak about it with any authenticity. Males try to understand it, they attempt to explain it from their external observations – but for them, it’s either a complete mystery, or something to fear and/or abhor.

As a female who has experienced this, many times throughout life, I can say with absolute certainty: the capacity of female vindictiveness, whether valid or not, is bottomless. At the ages of 12-13 years, these females possessed a stunning conniving ability. Their capacity to scheme against another who did nothing to warrant their hate, except play a game close to their objects of lust, seemed unfathomable. As a youth, I could only see it as ‘evil’. And the term ‘lust’ is used in the very real sense. While my ‘crush’ was spirited by a ‘higher’ romantic imagination, my female peers had no similar sense – seeing their blatant promiscuous activities in park bushes and other otherwise public places made me shake my head. I thought to myself with youthful innocence, ‘they’re not kids…they’re like monsters.’

If this were the only moment of this experience it could be ticked off as just one point in ‘growing up’. But it was not. Being a spirited youth with an ingrained sense of honor and dignity I always stood up for the other youths who were menaced by bullies and brutes. If I saw violence perpetrated against another I would jump in and put a halt to it. I could fight – but I didn’t like to.

Because of this, the ‘popular’ peers took a general dislike towards me. But they knew that they couldn’t attack from the front – so they did so, again, through scheming and conniving. And it wasn’t the males who committed the most astonishing acts of hate – it was always a ruthless gang of female miscreants.

It was in my last year of grammar school when I learned just how wicked this female vindictiveness could be. Rather than relate the sordid events, suffice it to say that one would be astonished at the high level of planning and patience that went into the scheme laid against me by a clique of emotionally unstable females. This scheme was so outrageously clever that it caused even the school staff to view me as the instigator of all the troubles. My denials of guilt were seen as denials of responsibility. I was marked as the ‘bad’ kid. Ultimately I was denied a place during the end-of-year school trip which I worked very hard to afford monetarily. After graduation the staff threw a party to send us on our way. Each student was given a humorous ‘prophecy’ as to their future lives. While the other students were given charmed days ahead, the staff chose to only mock my very existence. I looked around and saw in the darkened auditorium the grinning and laughing faces of the same wretched clique whose plans were darkly satisfied.

Why is this relevant today?

Because we are all living in a time of female ascendance in the social and political spheres of power. And this is a cautionary post.

It is no coincidence that ‘female empowerment’ arose analogously with ‘liberalism’, marxism, ‘socialism’, and, to a significant extent, ‘christianity’. All of these social/political ideologies appeal to the emotional…the, very often, irrational. The female ‘sense’ is natural in these types of environments. With these environments creative ability, genuine capacity based upon true intellect, and strength of character are all put aside and replaced by emotional hysteria. And who is more apt to step into the forefront of such a milieu than the female cliques possessed of the same maddened and scheming minds as those related in this narrative?

I am female. I am not a male whose former power structures are threatened by a female eclipse. In fact, the dreams related to my worldview have never been realized – despite the few attempts by those of like values, interestingly promoted not by females, but by males of the highest order with the support of wise and honorable women. In short, I have no vested interest in a ‘demeaning’ of ‘female empowerment’. I love being female. I despise the denigration of my gender by the confused and often emotionally unstable ‘female’ conspirators.

What my female peers acted out as youths – this focused scheme of concentrated unwarranted hate – is not at all dissimilar to the contemporary trend of ‘down with the patriarchy’. This ‘movement’ is not intended with a synthesis of ideas, a plausible alternative for social/political growth, it is only one of destruction and chaos. There is no constructive plan to build. It’s merely emotional hysteria centered on hate.

When I was a child I grew to love the sport of baseball. I studied the game and all its nuances. I became proficient in play. I qualified my place on the diamond not by demanding a change of the rules, not by asking favors so that I might be able to compete, I dedicated myself to being a ball player…period. The females who saw other reasons to want to get on the field had no true sense of the game – no love for the sport, no true talent or abilities. They wanted to get in on the action without any other reason than emotional satisfaction. And because I was a different sort of female, they despised me and ultimately destroyed my chance at fair play.

This is an incredible analogy in the greater field of social/political play.

To be honest, very few women are qualified to be truly great in the social/political sphere. This requires a dispassionate ability to understand and see real world necessity. It is not enough to say there is ‘injustice’, poverty, need – one must have the creative genius to step back and analyze problems and develop answers not governed by emotion but by rational thought. Very few women are capable as such. And it is horribly unfortunate that those women who are are almost always targeted by other females of the more hysterical emotional bent. These thoughtful women are maligned and cast into the dungeons as ‘slaves of patriarchy’ – as traitors to ‘feminism’. The irony is, rather than raise the honor and nobility of the feminine to true greatness of being, these irrational and unstable cliques merely denigrate everything that is truly…feminine.

A great feminine leader is one who recognizes her nurturing instinct wonderfully endowed by nature. She doesn’t destroy for the sake of destruction. If she fights it is to preserve that which is precious. If she sees a problem she goes about solving it with devoted efficiency – purposefully focused on useful results. Results that nurture for future growth. There is a thought of the future…in many ways a dream.

Today’s hysterical ‘feminism’ produces no concept of the future except in the most abstract conceptions of ‘equality’. There is no concrete plan for the mechanics of a sustainable and at all pleasant future society. What is presented is an abstract wish for a utopian land of equality for all. It is pure emotionalism with no concrete thought.

A good comparison between two examples of the female in politics can be found in the U.S. Democrat party.

On the one hand there is the bizarre phenomenon of Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez – a 29 year old inexperienced in any practical leadership whose lack of intelligence makes for some quite humorous internet memes, but is hardly funny in the real world. Her proposals for government are strictly socialist emotionalism. ‘Free’ everything for everyone – with no rational or feasible plans on how this will be provided in any foreseeable future structure. Her proposed ‘New Green Deal’ was so impossibly ridiculous in feasibility that even fellow party members cannot support it with any sort of consciousness. Still, this emotionally driven non-sensical mental midget is hailed in popular culture circles as a kind of political prodigy.

On the other hand there is the thoughtful, intelligent, articulate, and dignified Tulsi Gabbard. While Gabbard can be seen in a ‘liberal’ light due to her positions on various social issues, she presents a real world outlook based upon an articulated worldview that includes a solid understanding of cultural conflict in both the domestic and international spheres of politics. She is 38 years of age and first entered the halls of congress at 21. She earned the rank of Major in the U.S. Army and is a veteran of the Iraq ‘war’. Gabbard is the recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and Army Achievement Medal. In other words, she’s an experienced leader with real world knowledge of how systems work. Yet, with all these positive attributes, the Democrat party is already scheming for ways to marginalize her chances as the top candidate for presidential office in 2020. You see, Gabbard isn’t in the clique of emotional hysteria – she’s not driven by ‘feelings’ as much as intellect. And to liberal make-a-wish ideologues, there is no inclination to these types of female personalities.

This is not to read as a personal endorsement for Gabbard – although she appears to be a more rational choice if one could believe in any virtue in democracy. This is merely an example of contrast between two female types.

There is no doubt that the U.S. in particular is experiencing an ascension of the female in power politics. What concerns women like myself is the knowledge of the female capacity of hate when it is driven by illogical emotionalism. The capacity to tear down with no attended ideas on how to build based upon concrete reality. The lack of creative will supported by rational thought. This is not an attempt to paint all women with an all encompassing brush – there are women who have and had possessed these abilities of true leadership. But they are rare. Whether one wants to acknowledge this or not, there is a true feminine nature. That nature is one of strength and compassion, of nurture and growth, of teaching and…love. Female nature is the conscience of Life. When women betray these aspects of our nature, when they allow themselves to succumb to dark emotionalism based upon envy and lust – be it for naked power or naked sex – they are no longer ‘feminists’. They are anti-feminism.

Because of my interest in all things, and my desire to participate, I’ve had many experiences in the once male dominated world of activity. Of course, I’ve experienced the often ugly face of male defensive posturing. I’ve always looked at it as a challenge to excel – to prove my abilities. More often than not, I have indeed earned the respect of otherwise reluctant men. In that sense, I feel that I’ve been a good representative of my gender – I’ve opened doors and minds. Other females that would follow had a standard – recognized by both male and female. While these activities didn’t change the world – they contributed to others’ lives in a small but significant way. I’m proud of that.

In none of my life experiences have I met the kind of wicked-natured vindictiveness among men that I have among females. Men are capable of terrible cruelty. They are capable of being real assholes. But there are few men who possess the capacity for the raw emotional madness of women driven by nothing more than envy and personal desire. When men do move towards these kinds of dim-witted emotional spheres, one will always find a female at the core – as well as a more feminized male nature. In fact, the enemies of honor, dignity, and social order have made it an intrinsic social policy to feminize male character – but that is a topic for a different discussion.

The bottom line, the point of this post, is to present a cautionary note during this time of major social change: Because men have stupidly raised a society based upon selfish greed and personal gain, liberal capitalist western states face the disintegrating results. In place of communities based on shared values and hereditary mores, all that remains is a drive of every man and woman for themselves. The gaps between the rich, the poor, and the struggles of those who strive to lead productive lives have caused genuine feelings of despair, anger, and hostility in society. There is much to challenge regarding such a system. Women now rise to positions of power as the men of common means settle into the role of accommodating cohorts. The ultra-wealthy observe the chaos in their country mansions and their penthouse apartments high above the decaying cities. Creative intelligent foresight is what is needed if this period of violent change will turn itself towards a more reasonable and productive future for the peoples of the west. As women rise to power, their roles regarding the future are vital. Women of character, of wisdom, of noble honor can make incredible contributions to a future world of communities based upon shared responsibility and the dignity of life. Or…they can rage full mad into an unknown future possessed by blind emotion and a drive to power only for power’s sake, uncreative, malicious, and lacking rational thought. And the word of caution is this: if the madness of men has led to this breaking point in social/political history, the madness of women can make the ‘patriarchies’ of the past appear as idyll moments in social/political development, despite the eternal struggles for justice known throughout the history of civilizations. It is said that hell has no fury like a woman scorned – as a woman I can only feel nervous as I observe the majority of women rising in the political sphere. I know what these types are capable of. I know what drives them. I know the distortion of their natures. And it can be vicious and truly barbaric. Women of character need to step up and become the alternative to the emotional hysterics who seek nothing but destruction and selfish revenge for slights imagined or exaggerated.

There is no doubt that women have been denied respect. That women have been abused and used by a host of lecherous, depraved, and generally insane men. It sickens the guts of any thoughtful being to see the horrors imposed upon women and children throughout centuries of male leadership. But this not a fair depiction of men in the main. Most men of European roots have worked hard to secure the well being of family, community, and nations. They’ve struggled to provide the best that they could. In many ways, the majority of these men have been used and abused by the very same creatures that used and abused the women and children of the west. This is not a time for blind ‘revenge’ – it is a time to focus on issues affecting the very real lives of very real people. A time of determined thought regarding the future of civilization. It can be a time of profound cooperation and change, or a time of quickened decline and chaos. Would that the women rising to power take the greatness of true feminine soul and guide the children of the future into one of thoughtful realizations of the human spirit and potential.

German philosopher Alfred Rosenberg once wrote that ‘man and woman are the poles producing the electricity of life.’ That the ‘architectonic and lyricism of existence is a dual chord.’ ‘Woman belongs deeply to the total life of the people.’ He observed, ‘(t)he lyrical passion of woman which, in times of privation, can become just as heroic as the formative will of the man.’ While Rosenberg stressed the importance of the woman’s role in the preservation of the German ‘folk and race’, his appreciation of what is vital in the female essence, as well as the male/female polarity of life, is valuable for all peoples in all times.

If that heroic lyrical passion is guided by the divine feminine essence of Wisdom, woman can become an astonishing force for renewal…not simply a destruction of past social/political systems. Woman has the chance to ennoble the female. To renew her place of dignified femininity.

Only time will tell which path will be chosen for the road towards the future.