‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.’

There are two things certain about washington government:

1) The presidential election in 2020 will be more theater than substance – an ‘election’ isn’t even necessary at all. It will be business as usual with the true rulers’ agenda no matter the chosen figurehead.


2) The u.s. will continue it’s decline in world opinion – further establishing itself as the world’s out-of-step brutish pariah.

If Americans Knew posted the following video on 16 July 2019. Eliminating the disingenuous  qualifiers, it shows a number of 2020 presidential candidates’ responses to the question: ‘Do you think Israel meets international standards of human rights?’

What should stand out in anyone’s mind is the fact that these are candidates from the democrat party: you know, the ones who shout to the high heavens for ‘social justice’ and ‘compassion’. If anyone needs proof of whose agenda these hoaxster ‘humanitarians’ are more than willing to serve, this should make it obvious.

Quote of note: Neocon Richard Perle’s answer to the question, ‘If a politician would rise with his point of view that the united states should stop supporting israel, what would be the effect…?’

He’d lose the next election.

One could easily extend that effect to include anyone who will honestly set out to challenge the zionist agenda in both the u.s. and the rest of the world.

[Original video: New York Times]

via If Americans Knew Blog