CLARITY is a new publication from ARKTEGEA Publishing. Its purpose is to shed light on various topics related to Western culture, history, politics, spirituality, and others.

The Inaugural issue’s focus is: Countering the Defamation of ‘evil’. In this issue, light will be shed on the true inner nature of Adolf Hitler. Also the reader will find words by an establishment zionist/communist that confirms – by the jew itself – every argument Adolf Hitler presented to his people regarding catastrophic jewish influence and dominance in the German State.

Readers can download a free pdf file by clicking here: CLARITY. It’s designed for print in 5.5 X 8.5 format. Readers are allowed by the publisher to print and distribute only on a non-profit basis. This format works for those who like to print out booklets using the least amount of paper and ink – it’s a ‘zine’ format.

For those readers viewing in a pdf reader, e.g. Adobe Acrobat, it’s recommended to view the pdf as a booklet. To do this: Click ‘View’ on the top menu, ‘Page Display’, ‘Two Page View’, ‘Show Cover Page In Two Page View’ – otherwise the cover page will appear on the left in Two Page View and the pamphlet won’t read as was intended.

Those who wish to print the file as a booklet, choose ‘Booklet’ in your print settings.

CLARITY Cover Image