Editor’s Note: The following is a comment written in response to an entry posted at The Unz Review on 1 August 2019. The entry was written by ‘The Saker’. The first few paragraphs can be found following the comment. To access the post in its entirety click here.

As I read this post I wasn’t sure if I should laugh-out-loud, or simply spit.

While I can agree that the age of western ’empire’ has indeed run its course, the author’s suggestion that the time of ’empire’ is now over is so utterly absurd it’s laughable. European occupational ’empire’ is surely being dismantled, but there is more to ’empire’ than an occupation. In fact, what is now developing between the non-‘anglo/zionist’ empire is an altogether new from of empire. One that challenges the currently fading one.

An empire is simply an economic/political force – a dominant power. Since Russia and China share a common interest in minimalizing the ‘anglozionist’ dominance, they have formed a coalition. But to imagine a world utopia following a collapse of the current dominant western regime – where every nation follows its own course in a world of mutual respect of nations – is simply absurd. In fact, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so very dangerously naive in its assumptions.

One could explore this point further, but a good deal of space would be necessary. Still, anyone with any sense of reason would come to understand it after a bit of thought.

A final point to make is this: the entire representation of the growing White European interest in National Socialist Germany is completely false – to be polite. It either comes from a complete ignorance on behalf of the author of this post, or simply due to his general hostility to White culture in general. The latter can be read ‘between the lines’ – in fact, it’s the general theme of his post.

The Saker equates the ‘anglozionist empire’ with White people themselves – he never mentions that everything that once was true of White culture was usurped, appropriated, and destroyed by the very same ‘anglozionist’ regime he abhors. In fact, that very regime has set into motion the entire collapse of the dominant peoples of the west that has led to its decline.

While it is true that the power of the west was handed to the zionist overlords, its not true that this was done by the peoples themselves. It was done by the traitorous ‘elites’ who surrendered the nations’ wealth to the international financiers in order to satiate their greed for power and self-satisfying opulence.

This is why White Europeans’ interest in NS Germany is growing – not only was Adolf Hitler the only ruler in the west who pointed this out, the State of NS Germany proved that there was another way.

While The Saker obviously would like to see the entire collapse of western culture, there are yet those who hold on to the idea that there is still a lot worth attempting to save. And the interests they hold dear won’t come through an imaginary world utopia governed by a benevolent China/Russia accord.

The level of absurdity in this post is breathtaking. In fact, it’s offensive to anyone with any sense of reality and an understanding of human nature.

The Last Western Empire?

“Missing the forest for the trees” is an apt metaphor if we take a look at most commentary describing the past twenty years or so. This period has been remarkable in the number of genuinely tectonic changes the international system has undergone. It all began during what I think of as the “Kristallnacht of international law,” 30 August September 1995, when the Empire attacked the Bosnian-Serbs in a direct and total violation of all the most fundamental principles of international law. Then there was 9/11, which gave the Neocons the “right” (or so they claimed) to threaten, attack, bomb, kill, maim, kidnap, assassinate, torture, blackmail and otherwise mistreat any person, group or nation on the planet simply because “we are the indispensable nation” and “you either are with the terrorists or with us“. During these same years, we saw Europe become a third-rate US colony incapable of defending even fundamental European geopolitical interests while the US became a third-rate colony of Israel equally incapable of defending even fundamental US geopolitical interests. Most interestingly looking back, while the US and the EU were collapsing under the weight of their own mistakes, Russia and China were clearly on the ascend; Russia mostly in military terms (see here and here) and China mostly economically. Most crucially, Russia and China gradually agreed to become symbionts which, I would argue, is even stronger and more meaningful than if these two countries were united by some kind of formal alliance: alliances can be broken (especially when a western nation is involved), but symbiotic relationships usually last forever (well, nothing lasts forever, of course, but when a lifespan is measured in decades, it is the functional equivalent of “forever”, at least in geostrategic analytical terms). The Chinese have now developed an official, special, and unique expression to characterize that relationship with Russia. They speak of a “Strategic, comprehensive partnership of coordination for the new era.”

This is the AngloZionists’ worst nightmare, and their legacy ziomedia goes to great lengths to conceal the fact that Russia and China are, for all practical purposes, strategic allies. They also try hard to convince the Russian people that China is a threat to Russia (using bogus arguments, but never-mind that). It won’t work, while some Russians have fears about China, the Kremlin knows the truth of the matter and will continue to deepen Russia’s symbiotic relationship with China further. Not only that, it now appears that Iran is gradually being let in to this alliance. We have the most official confirmation possible of that fact in words spoken by General Patrushev in Israel after his meeting with US and Israeli officials: “Iran has always been and remains our ally and partner.”

I could go on listing various signs of the collapse of the AngloZionist Empire along with signs that a new, parallel, international world order is in the process of being built before our eyes. I have done that many times in the past, and I will not repeat it all here (those interested can click here and here). I will submit that the AngloZionists have reached a terminal stage of decay in which the question of “if” is replaced by “when.” But even more interesting would be to look at the “what”: what does the collapse of the AngloZionist Empire really mean?

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